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The Journey: Losing Weight – Gaining Happiness

Updated on March 3, 2016

You will experience many things on your journey to weight loss. You will definitely experience: Hate, resentment, fear, loss, separation etc. – towards going back to what you were AFTER losing it all. Once you’ve lost that belly, there will be NO separation anxiety, NO feeling of displacement, and most importantly you’ll feel happy.

The road to losing weight is not often an easy one. Put this in your head; there WILL be PAIN. There will be days you just won’t want to go to the gym and escaping through the hole of a jelly filled donut would seem like the perfect idea. But you can’t do it. You have to stay steadfast. First you must beat the fear of failure – by failing. We might think failing is bad. But in truth ‘failing’ is where you’re building the most. When you’ve pushed to the point where you can’t push anymore – that means YOU pushed yourself to the brink of your body’s prowess; every gram of work you put into your body after that point – is pure success.

Blood, sweat, tears ladies & gentlemen. That’s what it’s all about. But beyond despair there is hope - this is the promise of hard-work. Once you’ve passed your initial hurdle – it’s all fun and games baby. Mental strength is WAY sexier and STRONGER than any physical strength you could require – and THAT will increase strength tenfold.

Here are a few things you might experience on your journey:

Lack of motivation:

Motivation can be a real pain in the a**. This is a powerful thing that exists outside the boundaries of today and well within the realms of tomorrow. This phenomenon is also known as procrastination which can take a form, presenting itself as laziness, being a sloth, or being devoid of all energy. You can’t leave things for later. Don’t think. Just do. Hit the gym. Put in 2 minutes, if you were intending on 10 – but just go.


Your first couple of days – full of pain. The first week might even hurt more than anything you’ve ever experienced. But there’s a promise in that pain too. It’s the sweetest feeling of pain, knowing that you’ve put your body through all this – it’s still alive, it’s broken, but it’s alive – and getting better.


Once you’ve got your motivation down and your body is screaming in pain but you’re still going back for more? Probably means you’re on your way to forming another magical thing called: a routine. The routine is your best friend. Make peace with it, and feed it daily because when the routine doesn’t get what it needs, it falls, it dies – breaks. You can’t drop the ball. The routine will require regularity for more than 60 days. If you manage those 60 days – you’ve started the best part of your journey.


Please understand. Weight loss is not an instant process. By now you must have realized that there is a lot of pain and patience involved on the journey. It’s called a journey for a reason. Not to say that all bodies WON’T see a difference. Some bodies can shape up or lose weight faster than others – but not often. You will most likely start seeing results by the 2nd month. You will notice tone. Your face will have slightly sunken – and at this point, MORE MAGIC. You will feel the magic of Confidence!


This baby here. This is what it’s all about. This is what you started your journey for. CONFIDENCE. This is the thing that’ll carry you on. The confidence in self, the routine, the plan, and the will to see the journey through. But this is not the end all know all of the journey. There’s more.


Confidence is security. Being secure and comfortable in your skin – means happiness. We put in all the effort to lose weight. The blood, sweat, and tears, the hours in the gym, the pain and suffering, wanting to give up and oh man – THAT DONUT. But why do we do it? We do it for one thing, and one thing only – to be happy. Being fit doesn’t just make you happy aesthetically, It makes you happy on the inside – your body can’t deny it because it shoots the endorphins it needs to BE happy. The endorphins are shot every time you do a nice a work out. All the pain and suffering you felt – that was actually happiness. You were GAINING Happiness and LOSING the Weight through your entire journey.


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