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The Journey to Health... The Beginning

Updated on July 1, 2010

The Beginning of my Journey to Health

In the beginning, there was man.... Just kidding! I wanted to jot down what I'm doing to get started on this journey to health and wealth. It all starts with health. After all, what good is anything else without it!

There are a few things that I must discuss to get ready and I believe they are very important. I want this journey to be "it." I don't want to do start this journey like the ones I've done before where I lost weight, felt good and then gain back the weight again because I went back to my old routine. I want this to be the final change and then keep it off for the rest of my life!

First off, let me just describe myself. I'm 44 years old - 45 in late July - and I have always gone up and down on my weight. I am fairly athletic - always have been. However, I've also been a very good cook and love to eat what I cook. I have never been really lean, but have been in good shape. I'm on the stocky side. They call my body type endomorph, which to me means the type of body that has a hard time losing weight, but gains weight easily.


I believe the most important part of this journey starts with the change of attitude and more importantly, a change of mentality. Just from experience, I know that when I start on my exercise and diet programs, if I go at it halfway I end up just gaining it back very quickly. I noticed that the times that I really kept my weight off for an extended period of time, were the times that I really put my mind into it. However, there was still something missing, or else I wouldn't have gained it back again.

Therefore, if you're going to follow and join me on this, be mentally prepared to do the things that are necessary to keep your weight off for the rest of your life. We are going to have to be very discipline and be mindful at all times on what we eat (which is 80% of the battle).


This part plays a big part of my struggle and I think it does for most of us. There are just so many things that can pull us away from working out. It could be our job or something that needs to be done at home, etc. Therefore, I'm going to force myself and make it a habit to get up 1 hour earlier and get my workout out of the way. There have been some studies that show people who workout first thing in the morning tend to stick with their routine better and also stick with their diets better. Maybe they're more mindful of what they eat because they don't want the workout that they did in the morning to be a waste - I don't know, but I'm going to do it.


I bought a couple of pairs of running shoes and a pair of cross trainers. I bought a super lightweight, Nike Air Edge, which I had before, but I wanted to get a new pair, since my old ones are worn out - not from working out, mind you, but for everyday wear (shame on me!). I'll use these for my aerobic workouts and when I lift weights.

It is very important to have good support for your feet and you'll feel it more the older you get, believe me! I will also be incorporating some running into my routine. I wanted a couple of running shoes - one for indoors and one for outdoors - just to add a little variety! I went with the Asics Gel Kayanofor my outdoor runs and the New Balance 993 for my indoor pair. The reason why I went with these is because I have wide feet and they come in different widths - thank God!


I think it's going to be very, very important to know what I'm doing why I'm doing them. I mean, I need to know more about how my body really response or reacts to different types of workouts and the type of food I take in. I will be purchasing a few books on the subject and possibly some of these workout routines we see on TV. But for now, I bought Dr. Agatston's Southbeach Diet book - just to get started. I'm planning to buy The Diet Solution Program after I read the Southbeach Diet book. I'm going to also start looking at some workout programs and will report my findings to you.

So, for now, let's get in the right frame of mind, make sure you set aside time to workout at least 4 days a week, if not more, get the right gear for what you want to do and read up on the subject. The more you know the more motivated you'll be - I know I will.


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