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The Joy Of Sobriety

Updated on November 2, 2010

Have you ever wondered if an alcoholic can remember what being clean and sober felt like? Have they ever missed the joy of sobriety and what it was like to have a clear mind 24/7?

During the years of drinking alcohol in my life, everything sometimes was a blur and I had a hard time focusing on what I really wanted out of life.

It seemed that alcohol came pretty close on the top of my list, and I almost lost everything due to drinking alcohol.

Being clean and sober now is the greatest joy of my life now. I have seen that there is a life after an addiction and that sobriety has changed my life so much.

I just wanted to share my thoughts with so many people that are addicted to alcohol and to tell them that there is indeed hope for all to find sobriety again.

The big trick to this is that you must want to be clean and sober in order to find lasting sobriety. it will not come to you. Everyone has to finally admit that they have an addiction and must and I repeat must surrender to their inner demons. Once you have taken this first and most important step is when you will find peace and sobriety in your life.

I must say that it is a very hard decision to make for one that has lived with an addition for so many years. We wonder whether we can survive in the outside world without our crutch. This is a very scary thought to those that have in their minds that they would love to be sober, but are afraid to go for it, due to the fear that they would not make it out of their box they live in.

You are controlled by your addiction and your inner demons and it is a very difficult thing to break away from, but it is truly possible only if you want it to be possible. It's all in the hands of the alcoholic or drug addict.

You have the final say on what goes on in YOUR LIFE, so make every decision count for the better of your life, your families, your bodies and minds.

So, for anyone out there that has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, just ask yourself if you really want to live the rest of your life being high or drunk and miss out on all the fine things that life has to offer including living longer and enjoying your life with your families and friends in a sober state of mind.

Take time out of your life, and weigh the pros and cons of drinking alcohol and doing drugs, and see how these horrible addictions are effecting not only yourself, but anyone that loves and cares for you. If you feel you can't do it for yourself because of fear, get out of the fear you live and do it for your spouse, your children, your parents and all your friends. You owe it to them!

Always remember there are so many things in life we can do being sober. I always thought that you couldn't have any fun unless you were drunk or high and ever since I found my sobriety I found out different.

There is a huge world out there to explore and enjoy and we all can do it being sober. So, as I said take that look into your life and think of which way you would like to live and your answer will direct you to the right path in life and hopefully your answer will be the same as mine and that was, " SOBRIETY IS MY DESTINY IN LIFE NOW".

Be strong and determined to make a change in your life. Think of what dreams and goals you would like out of your life and what you would like to accomplish and simply go after it and conquer what you might of thought was the impossible.


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