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The Joys of First Pregnancy

Updated on October 31, 2013

My pregnant wife (7months)

Pregnancy - Decision or Fate

When a lady learns that she is pregnant, some takes it with great joy while others takes it as the worst nightmare of their lives. It is that time when reality dawns on them that they will now cross another ridge of being called a mum while at the same time having to leave some lifestyles which they used to live. While to some it's a lifetime achievement, some tend to turn the other way round and evade the responsibilities and decide to do away with it by having an abortion. After a successful abortion, they will take it as a norm and so they won't get afraid of doing it over and over again, where quite unfortunate some end up not being able to get pregnant when they need the baby later in life. What a pity. I salute all those ladies, even after their men denying the responsibility, stands up tall and decides to walk it all alone by taking the whole duty responsibly. God will always reward you for that.

My Wife and Our First Pregnancy

When we started living together with my love, we decided that it was now time to add icing to our love life planning on how she was to get pregnant. All things went on well and as she missed her first period, that became the start of another chapter in our lives. she had to go and confirm it by having a test done on her which came out to be positive to our greatest happiness. This was barely 3months after we had started living together. we all agreed to walk in that path worth 9months endurance hand-in-hand to accomplish our mission.

First Trimester

My wife was very much excited such that she started her clinics on the start of her second month. The nurse she met laughed her off telling her that it was too early to start it and so she sent her back home and gave her a later appointment. This was a period i knew i had to understand my wife and brave myself for some changes in her body. She used to frequently visit the washroom which according to her it was quite uneasy. The difficult part came on the third month when I had to be in the kitchen and do the cooking as at times she could not withstand the smell coming from the kitchen mostly from any fried foods. She used to throw up a lot not to mention the morning sickness which seemed the order of the day. Despite all this, joy was still within us as we knew it was just a passing cloud and a normalcy in the process.

Second Trimester

With the start of this part, things had started to get back to normal and so my kitchen duties had reduced as she could not throw up frequently. She was also able to get a good night sleep as earlier on she used to wake up quite often to visit the washroom. I was very anxious to see the bump in her belly as i longed to be touching it quite often. It was also in this trimester that my wife was expecting to experience the first kick and so it did in the sixth month and she could not afford to hide her joy. She was so much longing for it. By the end of this month i was also enjoying moving my hands around the belly so that my presence could also be felt inside. Friends had also started to congratulate and wished us well as my buddies who had done it before me welcomed me to the club.

Third Trimester

These are the last three laps to go before the baby is born. We are in this stage as I write this with exactly a month to go. My wife at this time looks very worked out with her protruded belly. I have to make sure that she does some exercises even if it means taking a walk to better her health. She also has to limit her duties as at the moment we don't have a house help and so I have to do some of the chores and thanks to my sister who stays near our hood as she sometimes come to chip in. The anxiety is building up as each day passes. By now the baby kicks so hard such that the impact can wake me up at night when my hand is placed on the mother's belly. We are waiting for that day when the selected names will start to be in use. It will be a great relief as at that time I will be at home on leave and so I will be able to be with her all the time. We are trusting in God that He will give us an early Christmas and that everything will work out well in His name.

2 months pregnant


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