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The Key Success of Running for Weight Loss

Updated on April 4, 2016

When people talk about losing some pounds of fats, they must not only consider controlling their calories intake. Instead, they should focus more on the fat burning process which will mostly include taking some vigorous exercises. Running is probably on the top list of the best fat-burning exercise. Countless men and women have proven that it is possible to shed excess fats by running. Although running seems like a simple exercise, when you aim to burn calories, then there are many things which you should put in mind. You have to follow the structured running program, or else running will not be effective to shed your fats and even only push you to gain more calories! So, if you don’t want your efforts go in waste, you can check and follow these guidance below about the effective running for weigh loss!

Eat Considerably

In order to shed more pounds quickly, people get more vigorous running. However, the more we run or exercise, then the bigger our appetite will grow. By then, most people will try to compensate their exhaustion by eating more foods after having their running exercise. And this is where the mistake lays on! The suck fact is that running will never help you lose some weights if you don’t combine it with healthy diet. Running for weight loss will only work for you who burn more calories than you eat.

Healthy eating takes the key role of your success to lose weights by running. The tips for healthy diet which can be applied by the runners include consuming more whole grains, vegetables and fruit. If you want to eat your favorite high-fat and high-calories food, make sure you only take it in the smaller portions. Besides, you have to make sure that the portions of calories you consume every day consist of 60% – 65% carbohydrate, 15%-20% protein, 20% - 25% fat.


Make a Regular Schedule

If you want running for weight loss, it won’t work if you do it just whenever you want. You need to have consistency with it, as it is obviously a wishful thinking to hope for weight loss only by a one exercise. Beside, running in irregular basis will offer too many temptations for you to stop anytime. Having a regular schedule is therefore very important to always motivate you running. It will hold you not to skip or postpone running due to laziness. In this case, the easiest way to create the schedule is by planning for at least 3 – 4 times running per week.

If you want more thorough goals, you need to make more meticulous schedule on what you should do every day and each run which depends on your capacity. These are some examples for the beginner runners:

- Running one mile for 4 weeks

- A 30 minutes running habit for 3 weeks

- 5k run/walk training

The benefit of sticking up with a regular running schedule is that you may avoid the injury of boosting your mileage too quickly.


Workouts Combination

Running only is not the best method for losing some weights. In fact, if you want to burn more calories in the quickest way, you should combine some workouts together. Aside from its efficiency on burning fats, it enables you to avoid monotone exercise which will only bore you. Here are the tips on running for weight loss combination exercise:

- First Step: Longer not Faster

The first tip to shed more pounds quicker is by running for a long duration than the fast pace. Study said that body burns fat the best when running at a speed which match up to approximately 65% of the maximum heart rate. In the other words, if you are going by estimation or feel, it accounts to a 5 out of 10 (an all-out effort) on the effort-level scale. This allows you to save extra energy to run longer, instead of using up all the energy at once. If you want to maintain your effort to run in longer duration, make sure you don’t take sport drinks or energy gels during this process. The carbohydrate content in those drinks will only reduce your muscles’ reliance on the body fat for fuel.

- Second Step: Sprint

Sprint or fast running is a brilliant key for weight loss. You can shed more fat for a longer period for the afterward time by having sprint. It is highly suggested to take uphill sprinting as it can get your heart rate soaring. Hence, uphill sprinting will pamper your joints and muscles better than sprinting on flat ground. You can try an eight-week running program which involves 30-second uphill sprint.

- Third Step: Strength Training

Running will take the role to melt away the excess fat from your body. At the same time, getting strength training will help burning more calories as well as preserving muscle mass. During your diet, you consume 300 – 500 fewer calories than usual. Hence, not only the fats which you will lose, but also muscle! This is why strength training couple times in each week is an important supplement for the running for weight loss program. You are able to perform the training either at the gym or simply in your house. The tip is to focus on the bodyweight and weight-lifting exercises, for examples squats, lunges, pushups, dead lifts, planks and shoulder presses.


If you really want to burn some calories, then you have to take running for weight loss seriously. Following the steps above will bring a huge impact for your weight loss program than just a free-style running. If we can summarize, the success key for this running program is the planning. Understand your capabilities and limits then set up your progressive goals in advanced, so you will get the meticulous list of exercise which you have to do. After that, you should consider to take a day off from exercise to get some rest. In the mean time, you can just walk instead of run or try a gentle exercise such as yoga.

© 2016 Apriyanto


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