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The Key To Dieting: Healthy Eating Tips For Busy People

Updated on September 26, 2012

Are You Serious?

There are a lot of people that would say that they want a "better body". But for most of them there's numerous road blocks impeding their progress. The most common one, undoubtedly, is time. How many times have you heard someone say, "I don't have time to workout", or "Eating right takes time; it's so much easier to just pick up fast food!"? If you're like me, you've heard those very statements about a million times, and maybe you've made those statements yourself. I don't usually refer to those kind of statements as "excuses". They are, after all, true. It is hard to find time for fitness, especially if you have kids, work a job, go to school, or any combination of those things and probably more than that. However, you've got to realize that your body doesn't make any distinctions when it comes to your schedule. You'll never catch your metabolism saying, "Oh wow, he sure is busy! With homework piling up and work too, he probably doesn't have much time for healthy eating. I'll just burn those extra calories real quick and give the guy a break." That would be nice, for sure, but that's not reality. Reality is if you put trashy food into your body, you're gonna put on extra weight. No exceptions. And therefore no excuses. Sorry, I know you don't want to hear that, but it's the truth. Now you have to decide how serious you are about your goals. If you really want to make that change, you've got to make it a priority and endure not because of your surroundings, but despite them. Unfortunately, that's the way it is for many, many people. Are you serious? Well here's some ways to get you on the right track.

Two Kinds Of Food...

You might've heard that there's a million different kinds of food from supplements, to carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc etc. But in my book, there's only 2. That's right, 2: food you prepare, and food that's prepared for you. You see, when you eat food fixed by somebody else (usually a restaurant), you don't have as much control over what you get. Oh, you'd like to think you do, after all, you're paying money for it right? And don't play the "Oh I always order from the 'healthy menu' card". Let me get this straight, you go to a steakhouse and order the grilled chicken instead of the evil, fattening steak, but what do you eat with that chicken? Yeah, the fries. Oh, no, wait, you get the baked potato! Wow, good for you. You'r not consuming a fried, fatty side dish, you're eating a gigantic starchy one. See my point, it's really really hard to actually eat healthy at most restaurants. And fast food is pretty much always unhealthy. "Oh they have yogurt! Yay!" Yes and there's a reason it doesn't taste like horse poo. That reason is that it's flavored with "fruit" containing enough sugar to render a small child comatose. Or how about this one, "I'll have the grilled chicken sandwich, beef's too fatty". Okay, that's 6 ounces of chicken, encased in a white, starchy bun, smothered in mayonnaise and drenched in a some kind of sauce that's comprised of 95% high fructose corn syrup. Ah, yet another "healthy" fast food option. Do you see my point? It might not be impossible to eat decently healthy at a restaurant, but you've just about got to go back in the kitchen and make the food yourself in order to get it without tons of fat, sugar, starch, or preservatives. Hopefully, thinking about the kind of food you actually get from restaurants will prompt you to take the time and make the effort to prepare more food at home (in a healthy fashion of course).

Another thing to consider is how much you pay. We all tend to think of fast food as being cheap, right? Well I do anyways. But just last week I got 6 pounds of chicken for barely more than $11 at Sams. Meanwhile, I'm thinking of a very popular fast food restaurant that sells a chicken sandwich combo for just over $6. There's maybe 6 ounces of meat in that bad boy. So, we're eating a starchy bun, sugary drink, and starchy fries (non of which will help us in our fitness goals) and then getting 6 ounces of chicken with mayo. For $6. That's over half of what I paid for 6 pounds of chicken breasts, which is almost 100 ounces of pure chicken. Now that's cheap. My friend, if you're still fighting the "fast food is cheap" battle, you're losing. You see, when you buy food from the grocery store, you're paying for the food (we'll just overlook shipping and stuff like that, because you pay for that at restaurants, too). But then at restuarants, you pay not just for the food, but for the preparation and often the presentation of the food as well. Still think fast food is cheaper? Of course you're paying more. If you didn't, how would the restaurants stay in business?

You don't hav to dread eating...

Be creative. You don't have to hate eating. You can eat healthy and delicious, they do coincide. But you have to be smart and put some time into it. For most people, that means making time for it. Instead of eating that greasy "grilled" chicken on the starchy white bun with mayo and sugary sauce, grill your own chicken, toast a whole wheat bun and put some lite mayo on it or something not so unhealthy. I've found that putting a little olive oil with herbs and spices on sandwiches can really make them tasty. Try to avoid carbs late in the day, don't get crazy with breads or pastas at dinnertime. Just remember that for busy people, eating right and exercising has got to be a priority, otherwise it'll never get done. I've actually found myself cooking food for the day (or even week) early in the morning before work or school. It's not easy, but it is worth it; find the motivation and get started eating right today.


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