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The Key To Success-Do Not Look For The Weaknesses Of Others, Look For Advantages

Updated on September 22, 2015
Look For Advantages Rather Than Weaknesses
Look For Advantages Rather Than Weaknesses

Many people are very easy to find mistakes, errors and shortcomings of others. We tend to identify more negative things than positive things. This is because our minds and brains are programmed in such a way. Look carefully at the below picture, what do you see in the picture?

Look Carefully!
Look Carefully!

Most people will say the black dot in the middle because that's negative and that's what we saw on the fly. Just look carefully at the box. Is not there such a vast white area around the small black dot? If we tend to limit ourselves, we will see only black spot and if we are self-excellent, we would have spotted the white area is so vast and positive.

Our attitude, which is always looking for a negative, will be carried away in ourselves and in our relationships with others. Thus we often see a situation where a person was condemned and denounced for small infractions. That person may perform many times over many virtues but all is lost from sight and memory with the emergence of a small mistake.

Don't Be Hurry To Find Mistakes Of Yourself Or Others

People who self-excellent will carefully deal with such things. He will not be in a hurry to find fault of others or himself but will look for lessons from those events. In fact all that happened was a mistake to bring a sense, a lesson that will advance our lives. If we do something wrong, life is not necessarily over. Problems will arise whenever in life but we have to lead ourselves and find the best solution. If the problem cannot be solved at all, learn to live with it. For example, there was a man who had an accident and lost a leg. All of his family members were weeping and mourning non-stop because of the accident. The man who has this self-excellence, awaken his family, of that he had trouble losing a leg but his life is still there. He and his family cannot restore the original one by being subdued and sad all the time. He took himself very well and continue to live in the best way he could.

People whom limit themselves will always condemning others whom doing something. There are whom condemning while in face to face, eyes to eyes, but more people do it behind the back, expressing negatives to others. When people whom condemning other people's doings, is given his own responsibility to do something, he will almost certainly reject it by a thousand pretexts. People whom limit themselves, not only been caught in a self-limiting situation, but preventing even the good that was done by others.

Let Us Imagine For Ourselves, How Joyful We Are Once Complimented By Others

Outstanding and excellent people, on the contrary, will recognize the efforts of others. If others already made a good effort but failed, positive people will congratulate them, whom have tried their best. People who’ve explored his excellence, will not be stingy to compliment himself or others for efforts done. Each time he make an effort, he compliments himself and often also complimenting others. Let us imagine for ourselves, how joyful we are once complimented by others. Similarly, the feelings of others. They also want to be complimented, just like us. Try to answer the following questions:

When is the last time you complimented someone outright?

When is the last time you criticize someone in a negative?

Try to compare the frequency of both in the last two months.

If you’ve complimented others a lot, you already have the characteristics of an excellent attitude, but if you criticize others negatively more, you need to change your attitude. Changing the attitude does not mean giving compliment to others by forced or contrived. People will know that a lot from our facial expressions and body gestures, either it is a sincere compliment or not.

There is another attitude which limit our self-excellence, which is giving insincere compliment or to make a fool of others. If this is what you want to compliment, it is better not to give the false compliment because such behavior will only annoy others.

Strength In Weakness


Do You Always Complimenting Yourself And Others When Good Efforts Were Done?

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    • profile image

      Kathleen Kerswig 2 years ago

      I remember my family members often saying that I could catch more flies with honey than with vinegar and this article reminded me of that common phrase. I have learned over the years that if I need to criticize someone in order to feel better about myself, then I need to re-evaluate my actions. Thank you for sharing these ideas here. Blessings!