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The Key To Success-Giving Effective Feedback

Updated on September 19, 2015
Giving Effective Feedback Is One Of The Keys For Success!
Giving Effective Feedback Is One Of The Keys For Success!

Do you feel satisfied after doing a task or taking any action? What is playing on your mind after successfully doing those? What was the thinking when it fails to do something? Is success led to the end of all your efforts? What's next after successful? There are people whom find frustration after successful because he felt he had no other purposes. This is a self-limiting mind that when it is successful, everything is finished. People whom behave excellently will enhance the goals to a higher level when it is able to reach the desired level. He will be satisfied with his success, giving compliment to himself and moving towards a more challenging need.

What about your situation when you’ve failed? There are people whom limit themselves, continue to be disappointed by the failures and many are behaving extremely such as suicide. They let negative energy taking over them and this negative sentiment, is coupled by a family members, friends and others who also have such negative attitudes.

No Human Being There Having Only Grief And Sorrow Throughout His Life. In So Much Trouble, There's A Chance For Happiness
No Human Being There Having Only Grief And Sorrow Throughout His Life. In So Much Trouble, There's A Chance For Happiness

As excellent mind, you should not be disappointed when facing a failure. There are numerous examples of personalities who initially failed but ended up being a very successful, for example the late Steve Jobs. He was dropped out while in college, but now known to be a great figure and icon, who had established Apple Inc. in which currently worth of 700 billion dollars. So what is the secret of their success? They lead themselves and cope with the trials and challenges that negatively interfere with the comfort for a while. No human being there having only grief and sorrow throughout his life. In so much trouble, there's a chance for happiness.

As excellent mind, you have to deal with the failure of yourself and others in the best way and positive. Try to identify the cause of failure and seek the best solutions. Again, all of this require a focused and targeted thinking to figure out the problem.

The Success Of A Person Maybe A Failure For Others

Success and failure are relative terms. The success of a person maybe a failure for others. In a contest for an example, one side will be victorious and the other will fail. Failure in one aspect does not mean a failure in all aspects of life and this failure will not last forever. An excellent mind will understand this and help the people who are trapped in the failure and disappointment. Simply find a weakness in his behavior and noted that the weakness is in his actions, not because he himself failed or weak. Give positive feedback although what happens is negative. For example, the death of someone loved. Me as an author, found that many people make things worse by probing the events experienced by the deceased that can be disheartening to family members whom lost their loved ones. One should advise the families of the deceased that what happens is that the destiny of the Almighty and encourage them to pray for the spirit of the deceased to be blessed by the Almighty Creator. There is belief or practice of certain groups of people, which rather negative. Upon death, the visitors will cry worse than the family members of the deceased and this aggravating the situation. Ironically, the family cried and grieved with genuine sadness, but that these visitors were only acting for a while. This negative practice makes losing a loved one is a deeply painful thing.

An excellent mind will also not giving any response when he felt he was in a rage. Any feedback that is given while in anger may be a form of negative and a threat to the receiver.

Positive Feedback Is Identifying What Went Wrong And Encouraging The Offender To Come Together And Explore The Cause Of These Problems

Positive feedback is identifying what went wrong and encouraging the offender to come together and explore the cause of these problems. When the cause is clear and the person realizes his mistakes, he will try not to do it again. If you could, show how to solve the problem or help to provide guidelines to avoid such problems. The positive feedback will be pleasing to all parties; giving, receiving and listening.


Think A While, Do You Practicing Effective Feedback In Your Life?

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