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The Killing Coronavirus Essential FAQ

Updated on March 2, 2020

The corunavirus (COVID-19) is a flu-like virus with very similar characteristics with the common cold and typical flu in its early stages. People can be infected with it, yet show no signs or few mild signs and infect others through contact, sneezing, etc. The source of it remains uncertain with two theories:

1. It originated from the Chinese Wuhan market from bats or snakes and mutated to humans, and\or,

2. It came from the level 4 biological lab in Wuhan and unknowingly, infected personnel went to the market to buy food and spread it.

Regardless, since its release into society, it has quickly spread into a pandemic across the globe. Since December, medical experts have studied it revealing facts that everyone should be aware of.

According to experts in infectious diseases, the virus hijacks the target cells and reprograms it genetically to make more copies of it in the host. During this stage, the host may not have many, if any, symptoms.

What Is Discovered?

After studying some 45,000 patients in China, 81% of them only had minor problems similar to the common flu. Some 14% developed into severe problems, and 5% were in critical need and about 2% died.

The virus targets the lungs. As the host becomes more infected, the body tries to fight the inflammation causing difficulty in breathing. Damage occurs as the immune system fights the virus when fluid leaks into lung tissues. This is shown on a x-ray as a white spot or area. Eventually, the patient will fall into pneumonia from it.

The key difference between regular flu and this is breathing problems and fever. Compromised immune systems will cause the patient to have shortness of breath and low oxygen levels in the blood. This means many patients had a breath rate of 30 breaths per minute. Normal is 12-20.

The virus also can target the kidneys. If bad enough, can impact their function and fail to remove waste from the blood allowing toxic levels in the body. If the infection is bad enough, the virus can cause inflammation throughout the body causing a chain reaction of failures, or septic shock.

Target Groups

The virus is most effective against patients with compromised, weak, immune systems. The fatality rate is 2% of the 45,000 patients studied. It was 8% if the target was 70-78, while 15% if above 78 yrs. old.

Oddly, children, toddlers, infants, seem to be safe. Studies show that under age 10 children had no deaths. This is unlike normal flu which can cause death in the age group. Anyone from 11-70 is subject to the more serious results but the virus seems to target the old. Even in families with adults in their 30s-40s and kids between 11-18, the virus was just a mild case of the cold or flu. Naturally, there are always exceptions as a younger person can have a compromised immune system from other causes. But, if you have a healthy immune system, most cases are just either mild or worse like the common cold and flu.

If you have been coughing for 5-7 days, have a fever, and\or breathing problems, go to a medical facility! Wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough. wearing a surgical mask is not necessary as the virus is so small, many masks will not stop its penetration.


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