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Mango - The King Of Fruits

Updated on April 17, 2016
A Glass of Fresh Mango Juice
A Glass of Fresh Mango Juice | Source
Sindhri, famous mango variety from Pakistan and Among the Best Tasted Mangoes of the World
Sindhri, famous mango variety from Pakistan and Among the Best Tasted Mangoes of the World | Source

Eat Mango! Stay Healthy!

Summers means the arrival of 'The King of Fruits - Mango'. It's flashy, yellow color and irresistible, sweet and delicious taste invites all of us towards itself. Along with the taste it also serves us with many health benefits thus, many people crave for it.

Today, let me share some benefits served by the 'King of Fruits - Mango' :

1. During summers, it helps you cool down your body temperature and prevents you from heat stroke and loo.

2. It's often used by ladies as a body-scrub (mashed mango, honey and milk), making your skin smooth and tender. It helps you unclog your pores, keeping your skin fresh as it is applicable to all skin types.

3. Mango is rich in vitamin-A. A cup of sliced mangoes prevents night blindness, dry eyes and it also helps in maintaining good eyesight.

4. Mango is a sweet fruit but still it is low in calories and healthy for human body. It is also a very good source of fiber, it improves heart related problems, it regulates digestion, low cholesterol, maintains weight.

5. Mango is rich in iron and beneficial for women's, it fights Anemia. It increase the level of iron and calcium in women at the same time.

6. Consumption of mango helps children to gain concentration, keeping the cells alive and boosting memory.

7. Mango leaves are healthy for diabetic patients as it helps in regulating insulin level. For instance, boil some mango leaves and soak it whole night. Drink the filtered decoction in the morning.

8. As mentioned earlier, Mango is low in calories and rich in water and food quality, it is very beneficial in maintaining healthy weight. It is filled with vitamins and nutrients and while regulating digestion it burns calories and thus helps in weight loss.

9.Through various studies it has been proved that, Mango being rich in anti-oxidant compound protects against leukemia, prostate cancer, colon, chest. Antioxidants are necessary for a healthy-longer life and it reduces aging process.

10. Mango is rich in vitamin-A, vitamin-c, minerals. It maintains skin, bone, immune system. It helps pregnant woman's, growing children, muscles and growth, recovery of damaged cells, etc.

Partially ripened Banganpalli mangoes being sold on a Bicycle at Guntur City, India. These are available from the middle of May to June of the summer season.
Partially ripened Banganpalli mangoes being sold on a Bicycle at Guntur City, India. These are available from the middle of May to June of the summer season. | Source

Mango is good for Diabetics In Controlled Portions

Attention all Diabetics!!

Good news!

Research and studies states that now the Diabetics too can have mango, as the solution lies in "portion control" and not abstinence. As we all know, Mango is an excellent source of vitamins A & C, potassium, copper, magnesium, pro-biotic fibers and tons of antioxidants. Simultaneously, it works wonders in satiating the sugar craving. If eaten twice a week in limited portions, it will do more good than harm.

Cereal with Mango
Cereal with Mango | Source

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Yummy Mango IceCream

Your Favorite Mango

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    • livehightech profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thank you for liking this article :) Mangoes are indeed delicious and healthy :)

    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 

      4 years ago

      Absolutely fabulous article on delicious mango. Up, interesting and useful.


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