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The Law of Attraction - 7 Amazing Reasons Why a Vision Board Works

Updated on April 14, 2012

There is a great program out there called “The Secret” by, Rhonda Byrne. It talks about the Laws of attraction, and how it can work in your life to help you define and reach your dreams. The law of attraction as a very specific format and if your thoughts and actions are not focused on the result, in a positive way it can be hard to realize those dreams. However, there are some things that will help you achieve the steps to the laws of attraction.

Many seem to have difficulty with the laws of attraction and wonder why they do not work for them. The laws of the universe have not changed they always were always will be.

The 7 Crucial Steps to the Law of Attraction

Here, is the base list of all 7 laws of attraction. It is crucial that not one be left out. If, one is left out then you will not get what you really deserve.

1. Define your end goal

2. Believe and Trust in the Laws

3. Experience feelings of Happiness and confidence of the outcomes

4. Live in today like you already have what you desire. It is already yours

5. Take a positive course of action when the universe is nudging you.

6. Enjoy and be appreciative for all the great things happening in your life.

7. Show humbleness and thankfulness in everything, in your life

Just these simple 7 steps can help you achieve the future that you are searching for. There is literally no limit in what you can do and accomplish in your life if you follow these basic steps.

The Law of Attraction loves Passion

The idea for love and passion in what you desire should be manifested in your life. Once you have a passion about something the universe will respond accordingly to those desires. Holding thoughts of doubts and fears the universe will pick those up too and act on them. So, the universe is only going to attract like for like. So, start thinking positively and acting on those thoughts in a positive way and the universe will bring you those desired rewards. If, your thoughts are negative the universe will only bring more negative things into your life.

Have you Tried to use the Law of Attractionin Your Life?

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What if nothing changes?

When you are trying to change your life in a positive way you place your thoughts and goals out there, and the universe tells you that nothing is changing. What do you do if nothing you are putting out seems to work?

How can you remain confident in the law of attraction if all the positive feeling you are placing out there never work. Why are you still experiencing the phases of doom and gloom you have been trying to get away from?

Why isn't The Law of Attraction working?

The universal law of attraction never stops acting on your thoughts it’s the law.

The law of attraction is there all the time. The law is there for your neighbor, your kids, your coworkers and everyone else. It is constantly scanning the earth for every individual thought that someone is thinking about or putting out and then acting on those thoughts it puts out.

Think of it as a mirror image of whatever you are thinking about. So, when you are thinking about a positive or negative thought it is going to throw more of those same thoughts right back at you. If, the same positive or negative thought is being thought of the day in and day out that is what you will get until you change your thought. So, the secret behind the secret is to think of something that is positive not negative. Think about something that you want and are passionate about, act as if you already own it, or already have it available to you. This promotes the collective thinking in your head to truly align the thought to what you are most passionate about.

A shortcut to your hopes and dreams

So, you are not having too much luck in life at the moment. You may feel that you are cursed and that the luck you have is bad. However, now you realize it is not down to luck at all it is all about the way you think.

The law of attraction works best when you think of your dreams, aspirations, hopes, and other positive things. When you think of those things, constantly that is what the universe will send to you. If, your thought process is stuck on negative things like, your marriage ending, not having enough money to buy food, or some emotional turmoil that is negative. Guess what? The universe will only send you what you want. So, what exactly are you suppose to do at this point if all of your thoughts are based on fear and doubt? How is this as easy as you say when all your life you have only seen thoughts like the ones you have?

One of the best ways to project and expose your thoughts in a more positive direction is to bring them alive.

How do you bring your thoughts alive? You bring your desires alive by using a Vision board.

The idea of a vision board is that you are able to not only visualize what your hopes and desires are, but you manifest those thoughts into reality. So, when your thoughts are starting to turn negative you can change your thoughts by not only visualizing but also seeing them in front of you. Once your mindset is shifted from the negative to the positive then the universe will respond in like.

Making a vision board is not hard. It is basically a wall of photos of your dreams. It could be a picture of that new car, nice home, new job, money, or anything that you desire. The visualization and the reality of your thoughts and dreams come manifested in your sub conscious. When your sub conscious is continually bombarded with more and more positive thoughts your conscious mind will flow with those positive thoughts, and in the end, the universe will respond in like!


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  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 

    6 years ago from Hamburg, New York

    I love your hub. Great choice of video to illustrate your writing.

  • tabocob profile image


    6 years ago from Costa Rica

    Good article. We must have clear that the Law of Attraction is not about good or bad feelings or thoughts. It is about positive and negative feelings. Thinking positive attracts positive realities to your plane


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