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The Law of Attraction Guide - The next step

Updated on February 25, 2015
The law of attraction
The law of attraction | Source

Law of attraction is a universal law; every man on this earth must follow the law because we cannot deny it, just like the law of gravity, if you jump from the two storey building, the law of gravity will work and you receive the impact, and so does the law of attraction, what you attract will come to you without permission. If you have not heard about the law of attraction before, I suggest you to read the introduction.

Many people find it’s quite difficult to do; they do what they know from the internet or friends and still get no result. For example, you want to attract a lot of money, so you think about it and visualize, but what do you get? Still have to pay ever increasing bills, no improvement salary, and even experience any unfortunate event that cost you a lot. So what’s wrong? Many people will stop here and call the law of attraction a bullsh*t. In this Law of Attraction guide article you will find out what is the most important aspect in order to successfully apply the law and some things that will blow your mind.

Think and visualize

Many people think that by doing those two, think and visualize, all your wishes will be granted. Actually not quite so, practically yes those two things will help you attract what you desire, but if you do it without any further understanding, nothing will happen and even worse the opposite will come. And even if you know how to do it correctly, maintaining the proper way also tricky sometimes. I will tell you the proper way based on the ‘ask and it is given’ book. It is your EMOTION. Your emotion is everything; it tells you whether you do it correctly or not. If you feel happy, hopeful, and positive it means that you are doing channeling your vibration correctly, and if you feel negative such as, anger, jealous, ad doubt you can say that that you are channeling the wrong vibration, or you can say it’s about in alignment or not.

In the law of attraction there are three steps:

  1. (you) ask
  2. (the universe) respond
  3. (you) allow

The first step is asking, you tell the universe what you want, a car, money, a beautiful relationship, a job, anything you want. How to do the asking? Think and visualize. Most people only do the asking part; they increase the amount of them without doing the next step they have to do.

The 2nd step is the universe responding. It grants all your wishes, you do nothing here.

The third step is allowing. You tell the universe what you want, universe responds and give it to you, and you receive them. It is simple right? Yes it is, but the problem is you often do not allow the universe to give all you want unconsciously.

Gratitude is crucial in the law of attraction
Gratitude is crucial in the law of attraction

So what should I do now? Based on the ‘ask and it is given’ book, you have to be in alignment with the universe, and the most ‘visible’ sign is feeling happy. Be happy! You can be more grateful because you will concentrate on what you have and your current condition that pleases you. But I don’t have enough money; I live in a small house with so many people in there. Well you have money and a home! You live with so many people in your house, great! You have a big family! So it’s just a matter of perspectives. The universe will respond to your emotions, if you channel the joy, happy, and positive emotion, the universe will give you more of them.

So the most important thing you must keep in mind is pay more attention to your emotion, the bad feelings are the sign of vibrationally un-alignment with the universe.

If you have any difficulties on channeling the correct vibration or controlling your own mind, you can try to meditate.

What can you do with this law?

It seems that you can do almost anything as long as you are in alignment and receive anything you asked, but there are some things that maybe just unbelievable for us and something that you never thought that it can be a reality.

- You can create your future

If I can do almost anything, this one seems possible too right? Yeah, based on the ‘Process #11 Segment Intending’ you can create your future. You channel your thought every time you are going to enter the new segment. If you are reading book, and the telephone rings, you enter a new segment. So if you are already in particular segment, let’s say watching television and someone knocks your door (you enter a new segment) you can set the intention to be fun and excited because it’s your girlfriend’s knocking, and because you already have the positive vibration flowing, the next segment (open the door and greet the one who knocks) will also be positive, fun, and enjoyable. It is like you are pre-paving your future.

- Heals any disease

That’s right! Stage 4 cancers? Gone, HIV? Poof... gone. Seems impossible? Of course, no wonder why Abraham told this in the book ‘And he asked, “Then why aren’t people growing new limbs?” And we said, because no one believes they can.’

Well it seems that I was quoting too much from the book, but it will absolutely blow your mind if you are really into the law of attraction, well actually I was writing about some parts of the book, if you want to know more about the law of attraction I highly recommend reading the book because it really helps you and answer all your questions about law of attraction, or at least mine. So keep in alignment with the universe and thanks for reading.


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      Ana 2 years ago

      I'm starting a buiensss during the summer where I get the job done with kids individually or during a camp. I was wondering how I could start a internet site for my clients parents to check out during the summer..

    • PaganCalling profile image

      Mario 2 years ago from Indonesia

      Thank you!

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      Amelia Griggs 2 years ago

      I believe and practice the Law of Attraction. Voted useful and awesome!