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Law of Attraction Real or Fantasy

Updated on July 18, 2013

Dr. Wayne Dyer says we create what we are


Law of Attraction and what you are attracting

Dr. Wayne Dyer has said that “You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are”. These are such powerful words. This concept of the law of attraction has rolled on peoples’ tongues, both the pro and con of it. It is an intriguing concept. We are a society that wants now what we want. The fast pace of life is a by-product of this very attitude. Waiting has become obsolete. We have become spoiled in getting the biggest, brightest and latest thing. This overt need drives people to the latest notion to try, in effort to obtain that new shining car, bigger house and the latest toys available for both children and adults. The gleaming banners, which mesmerize you, tell you that you can have what you want. This calls to you. You are obsessed in getting the latest, and greatest shinning possession. They have to feed their hope that one day soon they will be in possession of their wants. This Hub will not provide this information. It though will provide the truth of manifesting. Manifesting is a true community. It exists. No one is excluded. You were born with this ability. You just have not understood its ability, though you use it daily.

Law of Attraction is it real?

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?

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Being Yourself is Creating your Reality

The Law of Attraction is Born within You

You possess now the element of the law of attraction. Every day you are shinning it outwards. Your beliefs are what directs it. This most likely is not a new concept to you. Actually believing this though might be hard. This theory on the intellectual level might sound good, however the knowing of its truth is obsolete. Intellectual awareness does not carry the weight in application of this information. One has to experience it, which leads to knowing. Knowing goes through the layers of our being, and creates the fertile ground of change. Listening and reading these concepts will remain on the papers your read. If you apply the instruction than you become active. Experiencing the results leads to the knowing that this truly exists. Have you reached the part of knowing?

It does truly exist. You are at this moment attracting what you are. If you are begrudging others for their attainment, you are attracting more moments to begrudge. If you are thinking you are not good enough, you will attract more opportunities to prove you are not good enough. If you believe you will always come second, you will attract this in the future. Those deep rooted beliefs that you obey by are controlling your yesterday, today and tomorrow. It cannot alter, unless you dig them out and create the change. As long as you keep in your possession those beliefs that limit you, you will always attract the circumstances to prove you right. How would you like to change this? Is it possible? The possibility of change is borne within you. You can change. When we set out to change our own personal paradigm, we have to let of the instant gratification. It takes time, because you have weeds in your brain garden. We know weeds love to come back. To eliminate those weeds, you have to become aware of them. Awareness is the tool to dig out your weeds.

Dr. Wayne Dyer on your thoughts

Dr. Wayne Dyer on thoughts

This is a short video that you might enjoy. It gives a brief explanation on his beliefs.

Changing our brain comes through awakening

What is the brain garden?

You will find this brain garden in your subconscious. This is the part that holds all your memories and beliefs. The subconscious is the prototype of a computer. It only has two function; input and output. What you feed your computer brain is what determines the output. This garden was planted upon arrival on earth; your birth, though some scientist are claiming this starts while in the womb. I am not a scientist, but do find this intriguing. Either way, our garden has been plowed our seeds planted by those who were raising us. Does this sound discouraging? Do not let this dishearten you! Our brain is such a unique instrument, and it can be altered. We can override those seeds planted in us, and create new ones. We just need to become observant regarding our weeds. We keep pulling them out, and one day the concept we are weeding will become obsolete.

Our mind is pliable, and it can be reprogram. This is a process, and calls for constant vigil, however the results are outstanding. You cannot reach these result though if you excuse your behavior and belief patterns on those who helped to mold you. You cannot achieve this if your tool for progress is blame. These two methods will only provide manure to continue with the growth of your weeds. They were responsible for you as a child, however you are now responsible for yourself. Only you hold this responsibility. It cannot be shared. It cannot be neglected. You are currently in charge of this responsibility. It is up to you to pull out those weeds or to let them grow.

Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Bruce Lipton

Video on Healing

This video gives a glimpse into these two Drs. Their knowledge is worth listening too, and you can find more videos on this topic on You Tube.

Not going back

Has your metaphorically speaking house burnt down?

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Why some will shift their consciousness and others don’t?

I had a conversation last night with a group of people on why some people will shift their consciousness and others do not. I wondered what makes person A change, while person B does not? What is the element that some people hold, and others do not? The answers were not forthcoming. This morning, after reviewing in my mind the conversation, the element unveiled itself. Though this is not a criteria, for many people it took enormous amount of pain and suffering to bring on a shift of consciousness. It was during a period of being driven to the pits of hell that caused them to let go and surrender. Surrender in this context is not secluded to only a God principle. This is not a necessity. Instead, it was the realization that their habits were not working for them, but against them. As a metaphor, they had realized that they escaped out of the burning building (their ego), and to go back into that burning building made zero sense. This metaphor clearly shows it was best to stay outside, not carrying anything from the house, (their subconscious), and start anew. This starting anew is frightening, but they had to surrender that they would be guided. The old information, old programs, old beliefs that have controlled them, and caused their home, (foundation) has burned down. It is not going to serve them anymore.

Is your home burning down? Are you tired of experiencing disaster after disaster? Have you been creating hell for yourself? Are you willing to take the responsibility for creating today? Will you be the one who will change their personal paradigm? It is solely up to you. Everyone can, but will you?

It is a hard proposition. I was faced with it. I have changed my life. It was done through building a new foundation to place the house I was building. The burning house was never reentered. The subconscious computer in my brain has a new garden. Today, I am still pulling weeds, but not as many. It can be done, and you do not need to be at the gates of hell. You can start today. I hope you do.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you MsDora. Dr. Wayne Dyer is among many people who talks about making a shift of consciousness. I find it of value to bring it forth as well.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      5 years ago from The Caribbean

      I like Dr. Wayne Dyer. Thanks for presenting these interesting facts on the law of attraction. You explained the "brain garden" very well.


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