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The Law of Nature by a Naturalist

Updated on September 3, 2013

Perhaps you can become a naturalist. But I was born one

Blood is thicker than water. My pappy made me sleep under the stars at least 100 days a year. Go think about that. I have a brother who sleeps outside still for about 180 days a year.
Blood is thicker than water. My pappy made me sleep under the stars at least 100 days a year. Go think about that. I have a brother who sleeps outside still for about 180 days a year. | Source

Do you even know what a Naturalist is?

I am a naturalist. Botany and flora and fauna are just subjects. Geology is a pass time. There is a time and place for that and society and the environment. There is a time to hunt -- I suppose. There definitely is a time to pick nuts and berries and gather the wheat of the field.

No. Us folks are different.

Can You fathom a man under a cottonwood reading a book and Identifying plants all around. He has eaten crab apples, watercrest and dandelion and some beatles. And some black walnuts. And a snake crawls across his leg - just a baby rattler.

You see there are men - and women who just grew up in the woods. Then they go and get a degree or so. And they just know nature.

We just love a spider

I cannot tell you what it is like for me to have hiked over 2,000 miles in the Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon and all above Sedona and Vietnam and the countryside of Mexico and France.

But I do not just walk. I sit down with a leaf and explore. I pick a blade of grass and study. A bug on my arm is not a nuisance but a chance to see more clearly. Microscopes and magnifying lenses and saline solutions and terrariums and aquariums and late nights watching one ant. Spending 8 hours tracking one hawk. And learning the one coyote by sifting his crap every day.

These are things we do. We hunt a single squirrel for a day just to learn what it eats. We wait and watch for a month for a cicada to emerge from the ground after ten plus years. A fish is caught examined and healthy released. A bear scat is like a treasure.

Different animals react different. The tide can vary 15 feet. You are over 90 percent water. kicky backy and think of that. What is your tide like?

Baby cakes did you know I can lay in the grass and smell you a mile away??

Most men and women eat meat. If I get my place just right and lay still I can smell you almost 100 yards away. I can scope you 1 mile away easy. I do not hunt,, but I hunt. I hunt that which is natural and you are not. And so if you think you belong in my space. Cool for you.

Ya see a country boy slows all those senses down. What you walk by we marvel at. You walk along a country path and brush by things we see and know. A country boy sees a forest like you see a board room. There is judgment out here.

I can lay still in your lawn and find 10 species of bugs

In your home I can find at least ten species/classes of bugs. It is who I am. We are naturalists and no one gives a damn.

Have you ever sat with you feet in a mountain stream and let an hour go by? Have you ever spit in a stream and watched how it flows? Of course not. Why would you waste your time watching how the leaves fall to earth? Why would you ever care to plant your foot on an ant trail just to see how they get around it?

I do not touch the sky though I try.

Let me leave you with some thoughts I have taught my children as we watched life pass us by.

Do not interfere

Get excited over a bug

Let a butterfly land on you - do not chase it.

Water from a mountain stream is best drank by doing a push up and soaking your head in it.

Our little creatures help make up or big ones

Dang it stop, shake your head, slap your face and see the little things -- please

Harmony is not turning on our stereo, it is sitting quietly and hearing the rhythm of nature

kNow this my child, I have fought wars and conquered nations I have made millions but my child I cannot make the life that is abundant around us.

Live not well but live in respect for all creatures.

Know that within you is the power to create or destroy -- you must decide not I

I have been given the authority and gift to teach, so I say thank you, now please teach me.

We are not above anyone. We must accept being one with all. I am one tough son of a bitch and I have found that life does not want me to walk ahead but beside. Oh I reckon many say I am a leader, but they are wrong. I am a servant and always shall be. That is just the way I am made.

Think thusly: if you have read this, I hope I have served you. If you read this and think I taught you, let us try again. I am not someone who tells you what to think. I am someone who invites you to sit at the head of the table and tell me how to think.

Now do not respond here --- Go to others and debate my notions- Nameste!


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Truth that

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      "Let a butterfly land on you - do not chase it." Not commenting, just posting the principle I like.