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The Life of Mohandes Ghandi

Updated on April 4, 2013

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Mohandes Gandhi was a remarkable political and spiritual leader. He developed thoroughly as he protested against British rule. He proved that non-violent action can cause greater reactions sometimes than violent ones. He also was a great figure in Christ beliefs and dealt with situations as so. Gandhi was a great man all together.

Gandhi’s constant action to become free of British rule will be remembered by many Indians. One instant that made Gandhi try even harder to redeem independence was when he was younger, and was thrown off the train. This inequality showed him that even though the country completely outnumbers white people; it is still ruled by them, and it should not be. Another would be when he travelled India and saw all the poor people. This created a deep sense of compassion for the greater good, which he struggled to achieve until his death. Each and every time Gandhi was thrown into prison added to his want to get rid of the rule of Britain. Through much turmoil Gandhi prevailed and continued to find freedom.

Gandhi’s explanation of Hinduism as, ‘a search for truth through nonviolent means’ shows how much faith he had in justice. Gandhi and other Indians proved this statement true in many ways. One way this was shown was through the men who wanted to stop the salt production. Another was when Gandhi made salt at the river. The British government responded with acts of violence to both nonviolent actions of the Indians. Gandhi also protested the Muslim and Hindu riots by fasting; and by fasting, almost dying. These nonviolent actions showed the truth of the matter and who was truly in the wrong (British) through nonviolent means.

Gandhi’s actions and beliefs can easily reflect Christ. He showed compassion to those who were poor, not believing in the caste system, and tried to help them. He even started to dress like them, and wove his own clothing. He dealt with matters in a perspective way, always looking to the good, and never dwelled on the negative. He always humbled himself, and would refuse to look at himself as higher than anyone else. Gandhi also believed in the basic principles of a Christian life: the commandments, doing good deeds, and the beatitudes. Gandhi was a great model of Christ-like life.

Through the life of Mohandes Gandhi he achieved great success. Though he did not believe he had achieved it, he had. He was truly miraculous and changed many lives. He freed India from British rule. He used nonviolence to protest and gain freedom. He was a great Christ figure. Mohandes Gandhi was an amazing man.


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  • peachpurple profile image


    5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

    yes, during my school days, i was taught about the brief history of Ghandi. He is indeed a special man, like a saint sent to us by GOD. Wonderful hub . Voted up


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