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The Lifestyle of The Healthy Wealthy and Happy!

Updated on November 5, 2015
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Bronson Wilks is a partner in National Staffing Solutions, a registered nurse, internet marketer and passionate about personal development.

The Chemical Response of the Human Body to Stress.

First I would like to introduce a perspective you may not have heard before. A connection between circumstances and physical health, mental health included as well. Have you ever wondered what happens inside the human body when presented with a stressful circumstance? I still wonder what happens when presented with a joyful, spiritual or peaceful situation.

There are very complicated associations between education, economic status, social class and one’s health and life expectancy. The higher up the ladder an individual is, the lower the risk of multiple diseases such as hypertension, various cancers, accidents and malnutrition. There are literally thousands or millions of factors that play into the overall status of an individual but we can pick out a few patterns that release people from at least a few causes of stress in life.

Stress is a divine gift, a chemical and physical mechanism that connects the emotions to the mind and the body. When triggered by some knowledge or situation the adrenal glands release cortisol which helps the brain make more efficient connections therefore allowing you to acutely focus on tasks or thoughts, to work out solutions quickly and accurately. Cortisol enhances your response systems and abilities. The catch however, is that when the problem is solved, stress is relieved, the cortisol goes away, but for those under constant stress due to economic status, or health and social circumstances the cortisol levels remain high for extended periods of time.

When cortisol levels remain high in the body for extended periods of time they have almost the inverse effect on the body. The brains pathway connections are interrupted and illnesses increase dramatically. Those under such unfortunate circumstances become prone to higher rates of terminal diseases as well, such as cancers and heart defects. While eating right can solve some health problems this is a completely different look inside the body and cannot be cured by exercising and eating healthier meals.

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The Top 5 Regrets in Life By Those About to Die.

1) I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me
2) I wish I didn’t work so hard – I missed my children’s youth and my partner’s companionship.
3) I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings
4) I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends
5) I wish that I had let myself be happier


Three Categories of Success.

The three key principles are: Health, Wealth and Happiness (or Joy).

Life is full of distractions, actions and reactions. It often seems like a person can't find a moments peace. It is a crazy world but to those who find success in these three significant areas, life almost seems peaceful all the time. There are some very key principles leading to peace and success in each principle, each one important, and all three principles are intertwined.




Wealth can be described in many different ways. The typical first thought is with regard to money and material. For the purpose of this article lets stick to that. Wealth cannot and will not bring you health nor joy.

As a nurse I worked with many wealthy people who had all the money in the world to pay for any treatment available, and still my assistance was required in order to keep them alive and "well". However, if you have the stress free option to buy healthier food, work out physically in your preferred way, rest and sleep sufficiently and live in a cleaner environment, your chances of maintaining your health are dramatically increased.

"Money can't buy happiness, but it sure does make it easier" the old saying goes. True money cannot and will not buy you happiness because material never made anyone truly happy. However, if you have the stress free option to spend quality time with your family and occasionally make a wonderful memory together on a nice vacation or service project your ability to create cherished moments and build quality relationships is dramatically increased.


The health world we live in.

One day someone has the newest make everything better, make you live longer and feel younger pill, and the next day it causes cancer. We live in a world with confusing media and sales around health. The idea that thin is healthy and fat is unhealthy. Well yes being overweight has health risks and physical limitations, but just being thin doesn't equal physical health either.

Everybody is a unique body. However, everybody needs similar nutrition, exercise and rest. Some are big some are small, some are short some are tall. You need to get to know your body. How do you feel after you've been eating a certain way. What activities help you sleep and when. Most average Joe's could afford to lose a few pounds (cut down on the treats and wheat products), exercise more and eat lots more vegetables.

Your body needs 90 essential vitamins and minerals. Is it getting all of them in correct portions? Remember your body needs certain fats to break down other fats, to lube your digestive system much like a car engine and to maintain vascular health, learn which fats are healing and which ones are killing people all over the world. Most people get more valuable sleep before midnight but common practice is to go to bed after it's already to late. Cardiovascular exercise helps maintain functioning cardiovascular and respiratory systems common practice is watch Biggest Loser and eat ice cream every night possible.

Let Us Hear Your Opinions and Insights.

This article merely touches the surface of many principles surrounding the lifestyle of the healthy wealthy and happy. Following articles will have much greater detail, and will focus in on one or two topics. Come back and find out more. Become an active part of our community and share your knowledge and studies with the wrest of us. Lets read the best books, have great conversations, and build the life we want. Thanks for reading. Best wishes to all.


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