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The Link Between Gut Bacteria and Anxiety

Updated on January 20, 2015

We are all starting to realise how important food and nutrition are for our health. Now new research seems to confirm what many people have long suspected. There is a link between the state of your digestive system and your mental health.

Research at Oxford University shows that taking a prebiotic can have a positive effect on stress levels.

Prebiotics are foods with natural fibre that encourage the good bacteria in the digestive system. By taking a prebiotic these good bacteria multiply and this will often lead to the levels of less healthy bacteria reducing leading to a more healthy digestive system.

The research asked 45 adults to take either a placebo or a prebiotic for three weeks after which they tested how positive they were by asking questions and assessing results. The results showed that those given the prebiotics were noticeably more positive than those who took the placebo. Those who took the prebiotics also had a lower level of cortisol which is a stress hormone.

Prebiotic supplements can be bought, however you may prefer to take it as food. Good sources of prebiotics are onion, jerusalem artichoke, leek, asparagus and linseeds.

In addition, of course, a healthy bowel can help a wide range of conditions. There is plenty of research out there on the link between a healthy gut and better health.


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