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The Link Between MS and Vitamin D

Updated on September 25, 2012

If you have multiple sclerosis, you know about all the random things that can be affected by your illness. You've probably got extra fatigue, maybe muscle spasms, and bladder problems. A deficiency in vitamin D is one of those things. Actually, some doctors suggest that our deficiency made us more likely to get MS in the first place.

A large percentage of the US population are likely deficient in vitamin D, but those people living with MS are at an even greater risk for it. You get vitamin D from the sun, and MS affects more people in the northern regions of the world....where people are inside more and there's less sun shining! It's all related, no?

Vitamin D helps keep the bones strong as well as (more important for the purpose of this article) keep the immune system strong. It's very important that you take a vitamin D supplement after consulting with your doctor. Do this especially if there's holes in your nutrition! You can get tested for vitamin d deficiencies; just make an appointment with your doctor.

In addition to taking a daily multivitamin, I also take 1000 IU of vitamin d daily. I think it's really important and I wish I would have known about the link between the two earlier. I know that I will definitely encourage my children to drink plenty of milk as well as spend the recommended 15-20 daily in the sun! I actually just saw my doctor and I was complaining about my fatigue and asking what I can do about it. He asked what vitamins I'm taking and I said something like "Well, I'm taking a multivitamin and vitamin d even if I don't know if I'm deficient or not...haha...." Dr. said that was probably a good idea for me whether it be the MS or just because he understands the importance of d. Who knows?


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