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The Long Walk

Updated on March 20, 2011


A long walk down the street, past the park, across the railroad tracks and out into the country is just what is needed. Winter has been long and cold. The snow has covered the land then covered it again…and again. The time it takes to bundle up enough to go outside without freezing to death is more than getting outdoors is worth. It is time for spring.


Spring is on its way. The temperature is climbing above freezing during the warmest parts of the day and patches of bare ground are appearing everywhere. Soon it will be warm enough to take that long walk. The sun will be shining and the smell of new life will permeate the air. Tiny leaves will begin to pop out on the trees and the grass will turn green. A careful observer will spot the occasional honey bee gathering nectar. The neighbors will begin to emerge from their long hibernation considering a long walk of their own. Lawn mowers and backyard grills will be gone over and readied for the coming season. Flower beds will be prepared to grow the flowers that will provide rich color to each home.


The long walk will continue out of the village into the farm land. The farmers will be plowing and readying their fields for planting. There will be young farm animals all around from cute little calves just learning to walk to tiny chicks saying “peep peep peep”. They may want to follow on the long walk but, alas, this is not to be. While they may long for the freedom to join in the long walk, it would not be appropriate. Someone enjoying a long walk with calves and baby chicks trailing behind might be considered just a little bit strange.


The mind will begin to feel refreshed during the long walk. The cares and worries that have accumulated during the winter will begin to float away on the warm, delicious breeze and be replaced by excitement over what might be accomplished and enjoyed during the spring and summer. So many ideas appear and all are clamoring for first place on the agenda. Perhaps a camping trip or maybe a cookout will be first. How about a long ride on that bicycle? Hmm. Well, for now, the long walk is just the thing to let the mind relax and think on the less stressful things.


The long walk is no waste. Although there is usually no accomplishment of destination once finished, the advantage of a long walk is measured in the change of outlook. Why not take good long walk of your own. A tired, depressed mind is somehow refreshed with nothing more and the exercise is a nice bonus. Don’t wait until you have time. Make time. The long walk is worth it.




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