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Lucid Dreaming Tips

Updated on April 10, 2011

Lucid dreaming happens when you are aware that you are in a dream state. You may experience lucid dreaming from time to time but if you want to have a regular occurrence of this skill, it would take a lot of practice and dedication to achieve it. Once you manage to keep on lucid dreaming, the next step would be prolonging the dream and controlling certain aspects of your dream.

You can now start flying, visit exotic places, and do whatever you want to do without any social constraints or any law of Physics to bind you. If you are interested and want to experience sheer ecstatic bliss, then here are some lucid dreaming tips that can help you begin.

The first lucid dreaming tip you should do is prepare yourself mentally. You should review your belief system and exterminate any fear you have of lucid dreaming. You should commit to this all the way by developing a positive mental attitude and no hesitation.

The following tips may be not your garden variety lucid dreaming tips but this has been proven effective by lucid dreamers. Your mind should always be clear and relax at all times so to avoid distraction stay away from television. You can try eating some almonds and drink a warm glass of milk. You should also avoid caffeinated drinks because they have a tendency to keep you in a light sleep stage.

Making your sleeping area very conducive to lucid dreaming is the next lucid dreaming tip that you should consider. You can put some herbs such as chamomile or lavender on a heat pack and place it over your eyes. Sprinkle some meditative oils like sandalwood, tangerine, black pepper and juniper, under your pillow. Your senses would be relaxed and you would have a calm and meditative state.

The next lucid dreaming tip is listening to binaural, monaural, or Isochronic tones while trying to doze off since this will help you break mental barriers and proceed to lucid dreaming. The common lucid dreaming tip that you would encounter is keeping a dream journal where you write your dreams, emotions, anything that captivates the senses the moment you wake up.

Your dreams should be repeated in your head so that the conscious state would be aware that it would be just a dream if it happens again while you are sleeping and you can control and alter parts of it.

You would be lucid dreaming in no time if you keep on doing the following lucid dreaming tips.


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