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Can You Hair Me?

Updated on January 26, 2016

Beautiful soft hair is but a dream

I am a cosmetologist. I did hair from the time I was a kid, so, the challenges I face with my own hair leave me a bit mad but, also, I see the humor.

I remember when I was 17 my hair was long and beautiful, shiny. Healthy. I'm not sure when that relationship ended I know it's been at least 2 years. It's like my hair and moisture had the world's worse break up and won't even look at eachother anymore. I use Paul Mitchell's Marula oil, followed by a leave in argon oil, and sometimes forever blonde spray (because fake blondes and curly hair need moisture !) My hair still looks like pine straw. I use pm shines (a demi permanent shine color) my hair looks healthy for like 2 days. I guess I should just be happy I even have hair from the way it sheds.

My hair sheds more than a husky. It literally gets tangled up in my laundry, we have to sweep the bathroom floor everyday. When I take a shower, clumps fall out. .. therefore the drain gets clogged, a lot. Luckily, I have super thick hair! I just pray it stays that way.

Head sores, are also a real thing, my friends. I get them, all the time... no hairspray for me! It's like my head has the plague. They are barely ever noticeable, but sometimes they are in the front of my head where I can show people -they are usually in the back.

My career with hair, it really upsets me when people ask about my hair career and why I'm not practicing right now. Besides the fact that no one wants a hair stylist whose hair looks like crap, lupus as affected me in other ways too.

  • Sometimes after a consultation, I will completely forget what the client and I discussed. -sometimes this is from my hypoglycemia, when my sugars are low from not getting to have a break, which is just the salon world.

  • My wrist will start to kill me in the middle of a clients haircut, or blow out.

  • Highlights/ foil work may be the death of me. They were and are still my favorite thing to do, but omg... I am too tired to stand for 3 hours straight doing a full head of highlights. Inhaling the harsh chemicals, which generally end up giving me a headache.

  • My knees and joints already kill me without standing on my feet 9-13 hours a day. My limbs may have all quit if I continued that lifestyle.

I remember the most recent job I had in the hair industry, during training week, i was being tested for kidney failure (kidneys =fine! Whoot!) But we were standing for 9 hours a day and I was feeling sick, not too bad of flares but dizzy spells and joint pain. I needed to sit down so I told the trainer about my lupus, she said "I don't know what they is!" I told her " well, it's an auto immune diease" and she said again "I still don't understand" there are things I don't expect people to know or understand about lupus, there are things I still do not understand. It's a complicated diease, heck, it took doctors nearly 5 years to diagnose me! It would however, be nice if people at least recognized the diease and knew SOMETHING about it.


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