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The Magic Of Black Nutrition

Updated on May 10, 2011
Black pepper
Black pepper
Black Sesame Seeds
Black Sesame Seeds

Colourful fruits and vegetables are healthy, but these “black” foods pack a nutritional punch too. Make them part of your diet!

1. Have BLACK PEPPER instead of white pepper

To: Protect against type2 diabetes and improve digestion

According to researchers from India’s Central Food Technological Research Centre, black pepper contain the active ingredient piperine which stimulates as well as hastens digestion

Black Tea
Black Tea
Black Rice
Black Rice

2. Have BLACK SESAME SEEDS instead of white sesame seeds

To : Raise your intake of antioxidants and calcium

Chinese and Canadian studies confirm that the pigment in a black sesame seed’s hull is rich in antioxidants. Plus, 1 tbsp of black sesame seeds provides 88mg of calcium, compared to 37 mg in 1 tbsp of white sesame seeds.

3. Have BLACK TEA instead of green tea

To: Ease stress and protect against Parkinson’s disease.

Drinking 23 cups of black tea a month cuts the risk of

Parkinson’s disease by 71 percent, states a recent study.

Black tea also markedly lowers the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

4. Have BLACKBERRIES instead of strawberries

To: Boost your antioxidant intake.

Out of 1,500 foods recently tested at the University of Oslo,

 blackberries contained the most antioxidants per serve.

They may also be helpful in fighting against both skin lung cancer.

5. Have BLACKRICE instead of white rice

To: Increase levels of “good” cholesterol and protect

 against cancer.

South Korean studies reveal that black rice, being rich in fibre,

raises HDL (good cholesterol) levels. The anthocyanins – pigments

that give this rice its dark hue – may also inhibit production of cancer cells.



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