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The Magic of Drinking Water

Updated on September 29, 2012



What is water, we may ask? Why should we treat its consumption with such importance? We have taken in water after every meal all our lives so what is new? Let us begin by defining water. Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen. “Oxygen is the greatest supporter of combustion in life” according to one author.


If there is not enough water, in the body it means that the blood is thick and therefore it takes a longer time for the heart to pump it through the body. The immediate result is that various parts of the body are denied of the energy they need from oxygen. The heart gets tired and so does the brain.

A tired heart can cause many problems including a heart attack, and a tired brain starved of oxygen works less efficiently and some of the brain cells can die and this can affect a person’s movements depending on the extent and location of the damage. It has been proved that newborn babies who do not get enough oxygen after birth live the rest of their lives crippled by brain damage.

The muscles of the body also get easily tired especially when one is engaged in activities like climbing stairs, sports, etc. One can easily get dizzy or fall when walking. Other people readily develop muscle cramps and if it happens when the person is swimming alone, the result is always fatal.


It has been established that with the exception of pure air, there is no other element in nature that is so important for sustaining life. A person can live for about a week or more without food but may die if he/she is deprived of water for a period of time. I have read of a man who decided to go without food and water for 30 days but he could not make it and died – that is unfortunate.

It is very important that all organs in the body perform their functions well so that life is sustained and it is the presence of water in the body that enables the organs to do so. The circulatory system is especially dependent upon water. This is because with the aid of water, nutrients enter the blood and are conveyed to critical areas of the intricate human mechanism where repair and growth are needed. Water circulates through the most delicate capillaries without friction and even passes from membranes into parts of the body that are not accessible by natural openings.

Drinking enough water about 8 glasses of water is very essential for the body to function well and for life to be sustained because it has been observed that every movement we make destroys a tiny portion of the living tissues. These tissues finally disintegrate or become dead and must be removed form the body otherwise, they would have poisonous effect on the body. Some of these dead substances may be found in the bile, gallbladder, urine etc. They must be eliminated as quickly as possible and water plays a very important role here. It dissolves all the poisons whenever it comes in contact with them. Then after being brought by the circulatory system to the proper organs such as the liver, skin, kidneys and the bile, the poisons are expelled.


The average person does not drink enough pure water. We are here referring to pure water as one that has been filtered. Water obtained from our taps may not always be as ‘pure’ as it should. At least six or eight glasses must be taken daily. One could take in more depending upon the kind of food eaten. e.g. people who eat a lot of meat, salt, spices and condiments. However, folks who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables may not need too much water.

When one takes in this amount of water the blood and tissues are “bathed’ and purified, thereby being cleansed of all waste matter. This water also aids digestion so that the nutritive material could be carried to various parts of the body to repair and build tissues. Every mucous membrane of the body is softened and friction on their surfaces is avoided

The more water we take, the better our body temperatures are regulated. Water is even more important for the body as we grow older and this is because the kidneys of older people do not conserve enough fluid and this often leads to constipation and the formation of kidney stones which can only be removed through a surgical operation.

It is therefore imperative that we consume enough pure water especially as we grow.


One can drink water that is slightly warm or cool but not ice-cold water. This is because ice-cold water in the body shrinks the blood vessels that come into contact with it. Their ability to carry blood is then temporarily reduced and your heart is forced to work harder which is not good.


Drinking enough pure water can accomplish some amazing results with the least expense-to the patient’s vitality. Drinking plenty of pure water is more effective in helping to overcome constipation without causing any unpleasant symptoms such as those caused by use of certain purgatives. Water decreases the temperature of sick folks quickly and is more effective and harmless than some drugs. Some warm water and a warm bath will soothe and relax an extremely nervous person and help produce restful sleep instead of sedative drugs.

Drinking several glasses of tepid (lukewarm) water will induce vomiting when there is an urge for this during sickness (explain further). This is more effective than any drug. Drinking a cup of hot water and a short hot bath lasting for five minutes or less is a very efficient stimulant. It will stimulate the circulation and increase the pulse from 10 to 150 beats within 15 minutes. Water used properly will increase all the vital activities very quickly and powerfully and restore normal tone to the body. When combined with a cool bath, it is the best tonic for the body. Water is diuretic, i.e. it promotes the production and secretion of urine, which is one method of secreting undesirable waste from the body.

Water prevents dehydration. This is a result of starving the body of enough water. If we get thirsty and do not drink enough water or there is no water, one can get dizzy or hysteric and may collapse and die. We should not take thirst lightly. Taking enough water can prevent skin diseases like pimples and other blemishes. It would also help to reduce wrinkles on the face.


Many people have used water to flush out of their bodies many health problems. A man who used to have malaria often decided to try what is known as water therapy. He drank a lot of water on waking up and during the day (about 2 litres) and for a whole year he never had malaria. A lady who was often plagued with pimples and boils practiced water therapy and her problems were solved. A man had gastritis (i.e. a sickness in which the inner layer of your stomach swells and becomes painful) for a period and was introduced to water therapy and he was greatly relieved.

There are people whose breath are foul and have used spiced chewing gums etc and not achieved much. Those who have tried drinking lots of water ate more fibre and fruits and vegetables have solved this problem. Most of the problems are from their stomach and when both the small and large intestines are flushed of waste material with the aid of lots of water, the problem is resolved. Some people prefer enema to flush out the system and though this could be helpful, it must be noted that it is only the colon that benefits. On the other hand, lots of water works on both the small and large intestines.


Water has been used from time immemorial for remedial purposes and it is a known fact that Hippocrates the learned Greek who is known as the “father of modern medicine” wrote much about the healing properties of water. He used it both internally and externally.

It is also a known fact that when water cannot be consumed, it could be applied externally. For example, pains in the body could be alleviated either by hot or cold applications of water to the affected areas. One could also relax in a tub of warm and cold water and that would be very good too because water would be absorbed. Bathing was very important for the Israelites under Moses and so was it for the Egyptians. There are other religions in the world who have copied this instruction from Moses and today there is an adage that states, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. This stems from the fact that water does not only purify us internally but it does so externally.

History has it that there was a time in France when public vapour baths were recommended for patients both in and outside hospitals. There is a story of an Austrian, Vincent Priessnitz who suffered a severe injury, broke his ribs and got severe pain in his chest. He had previously cured a crushed finger by holding it in cold water until the bleeding stopped and the pain relieved. He therefore decided to treat his chest etc in the same way. He took in deep breaths while leaning over a chair to expand his ribs and used cold water continuously until he was healed. He used the method to treat others but he was not well educated and therefore could not document some of the methods used.

These methods became so popular that even doctors in Vienna and America took a cue and began applying it to their patients. Water could be the elixir (liquid used as medicine) that people are searching for as a simple cure for many diseases and it is both effective and cheap.


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    • jennyjenny profile image


      6 years ago from Somewhere in Michigan

      Wow! What a great hub! Thank you for sharing! :)


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