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I Am Affirmation

Updated on July 18, 2013


How the words I Am affects you?

We use the words I Am throughout each day. At the end of your day, you have accumulated many mentalsheets of I am. Now take in a deep breath and review your mental notes for the
day. How many were I am tired, poor, unloved etc. etc.? How many were I am
energized, loved, blessed etc. etc.? Looking at these two piles which one is
the tallest? After you finished this exercise gently remind yourself that the
pile with the most is your creation for tomorrow. Tomorrow, I am using
figuratively, but do note that it will come be it in a day, a month or year
from now. The other pile will not have a chance to create, because it does not
have the fuel to get it off the ground and running

Our beliefs become our reality


I Am has been stated by many writers, mystics and teachers to contain a magical component. What we state after the ‘I am’ must come to being. This of course is accumulative over a period of time. There are days where we might take a negative approach to the ‘I am’ module, but if the majority of our days are in positive thought, these negatives cannot put a dent in our optimistic expression. Having a week or two of hope will not put a dent into one’s negative rock they have created. You can move a mountain, but you best take the right mental equipment. The thought is the only tool you need, and that thought needs to be consistent.


When people become aware that they are literally creating their own reality they become exited. In their minds they can see endless possibilities. There is truth to the endless possibilities, but first one needs to shift their negative affirmations into a positive. This can become overwhelming, especially when a person discovers how negative their daily self-talk has become. In reading this you might feel discourage. You might even ask if there is a way through all this. Most likely you have heard about positive affirmations, and even perhaps tried to incorporate them to no avail. Positive affirmations at the point will be useless. They cannot make a dent to what you have already come to believe about your reality. The reason is because your pile of I am (negative) expression is so much taller than the positive I am expressions. You cannot switch over from a negative to a positive affirmation until have made a dent in your belief system. The negative reality, which you are presently living in, has been created by your repetitive beliefs towards yourself, others, community, government, bosses, and any area that is providing you with negative results.

There is a way out of this, and the rest of this hub will focus on this. It is not as overwhelming when you use these simple steps. These will help you to chip away your blocks and to plant new seeds to grow. It is important to become aware of your self-talk, especially what words follow the I Am. As mentioned earlier these two words are what creates those words that follow.

Our Brain

What Limits You?

Step One: Deleting the Word that Describes how you feel.

I am tired. I am broke. I am sick. I am depressed. These are a few examples to aid you in discovering how you speak your feelings into tomorrow’s existence. I would recommend that you seek only one self-expression at a time. To try to delete more than one will become self-sabotaging. An example of this saying I am tired all the time. Your mind will respond to this, and create the physical conditions that coordinate with tiredness. It cannot do otherwise, for you are programing your mind through the term I am.

Deleting the word can be done through a simple, yet powerful suggestion. Stop! This word puts your brain on pause, and then you can say delete. At this point, I would not suggest adding a positive affirmation. The reason for this is you will be rather very busy saying stop and delete for a while, until this word is finally deleted from your brain.

Focusing on Positive I Am

Step Two: Inputting a new word into your brain computer

There will come a time when you will want to replace a new word in the empty space that now is in your brain. This is how you add input into your brain computer. This is done through a meditative mind-set. You do not need to meditate to accomplish this, though I recommend it. If meditation is difficult for you, choose to do this during those moments when your mind is relaxed. This usually occurs right before awakening completely, doing household chores or even walking. You will want to first think of something that is opposite of the word you deleted. An example of this was when, I ask myself what would awaken me. I do remember going outside in a blistery cold winter to feel that waking surge go through my body. This became the mental picture I would flick on constantly. Instead of feeling tired all the time, now I was feeling the wakefulness surge. This procedure is how we add input, and eventually it creates our tomorrow. I rather be creating tomorrow through a dose of energy then being lethargic.

Enjoying the Process

The I AM Affirmation

Are your statements after the I Am usually positive or negative?

See results

Step Three: Deleting negative self-talk about lack.

We all feel lack from time to time. It becomes input when our self-expression believes it all the time. Lack covers every area within our life. The lack of money, lack of love and lack of confidence are a few examples to get you started. This is your bigger mountain, which you can climb and overcome every time you say to yourself I do not, you are using I am affirmation and declaring action for your tomorrow. . I do not have enough money to feed my children will create scarcity for future reality. If this is your present reality, I am sure you can review your history of thoughts and see the connection. I will never find the person of my dreams is another example.

These types of self-talk are so ingrained in you that it will take more effort than saying stop. Stop though is still the first step you must take. This has a two-fold remedy, 1. Makes you hyper-sensitive to your words, 2. You are programing your brain to delete it from your brain computer.

Stop is essential, and how you follow up on it is even more vital. Visualizing what you want will not put a dent through your old belief. We are now dealing with old beliefs, which many have been learned from childhood. Now is the time to delve deep into why you believe you cannot, and see these answers. Your answers are delusions, yet you hold them tight to your heart. This is the part of climbing the mountain. You have to discover why that belief is an illusion and how it serves you. Not an easy task, but necessary. I cannot stress the importance of this. If you try to go around it, you will fall off that mountain and back into the repetitive reality you have been existing. This is your starting point, and there are a vast amount of books, articles and blogs written on this. I myself have written blogs on this, and can be easily found in my profile.

Reprogramming the brain takes time, and you are worth it

If you follow the above steps you are in the process of reprogramming your brain. You can start this today, as you get ready for bed. Think back on the day and see which pile of I Am is higher. I suggest you do this regularly for a good month at least, to get an accurate account. This will be the tool you will use to see where you need to reprogram. To help you gain more insight, I am going to end this hub with an all-powerful visual. May your journey of reprogramming your brain be interesting, exciting and beneficial!

I AM is a magical wand and it must deliver what you connect it too for your life. It has no choice but to obey you. This wand will complete a solid mental thought, not a vague thought. You have been carrying this wand since your birth. You have magically been using it up to today. The wand must create what you feel, think and visualize for yourself. It must obey.


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    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 4 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks Savvy. I do have to laugh this hub I was planning on editing tomorrow. It is nextt on my list. Thanks for commenting:)

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 4 years ago

      Hi Renee, I had never thought of an "I Am" pile. What a good idea! Oh boy, I may have my work cut out for me. I do try to delete negative thoughts, but no doubt, they creep in all day long. I'm going to take your advice by trying to make a higher pile on the plus side of life. It is true, we really do have to be aware of the things that come out of our mouths. Words have awesome power to bless or to curse, at least, that has been my personal experience. -Savvy

    • moneyfairy profile image

      Money Fairy 5 years ago from New Woodstock

      Great hub!!!great remeinder too of what it is we focus on throughout the day.

    • profile image

      Virginia Hagerty 5 years ago from San Diego, California

      Very good!! I'm going to start working on this NOW!!!!