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The Maintenance Myth - Create or Disintegrate

Updated on October 24, 2013

Castles in the Sand

A few months ago, we took our son across the street to the beach with us as we enjoyed the sunrise and had our morning coffee.

He loves to play in the sand and immediately set up his "construction zone" at the water's edge. He dug a big hole and used the sand from it to build a barrier wall between the incoming tide and the hole.

Every now and then a wave would breach the wall and fill the hole behind it with water, and pieces of the wall would be washed away.

Once the water receded he would rebuild and reinforce the areas of the wall that had been eroded by the water.

This went on for some time and we delighted in watching his industry. Then, as most kids do, he got distracted and went off to do something else for a while.

While unattended, the rising tide continued to eat away at his wall until large sections collapsed and fell apart.

When he returned, the wall was nearly gone and he had to rebuild from scratch.

How Many Times?

If you had to guess, how many times have you attempted to release your excess weight and get healthy?

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As we watched all this, it occurred to us that Josh's sand wall was a great metaphor for the way the vast majority of people go through life.

There is a basic tenet of life that says that nothing can stand still - there is no such thing as being static. We live in an "ocean of motion" - everything in our world is, at its most basic level, ENERGY - molecules in a high speed of vibration.

Even the most inanimate object in the room is, in fact, under an electron microscope, very definitely in motion. A corpse in a coffin is actually vibrating - how else would it turn to dust? Our bodies, although they look solid enough, are, at best, sieves.

We are, at the core, energy and we are very definitely in constant motion.

Because of this "law" that states nothing can stand still, we must ask a fundamental question - if we are in constant motion, what are we moving toward?

Are we "creating" or are we "disintegrating?"

In other words, are we living our lives in ways that move us toward our goals or away from them?

Creation occurs when you are focusing your attention on building something (like our son and his sand wall) - your body, your health, etc.

You have a goal that you are moving towards - something that is big and beyond anything you have been able to do before.

You have no idea how you are going to achieve it, but you have a burning desire for its attainment and you work every day on taking the next baby step toward it.

Disintegration occurs when we let life happen to us - when we take our eyes off our goal and allow ourselves to be held prisoner by our circumstances, our self-imposed limitations - when we don't have anything that we're working toward that inspires us.

Think about this in relation to your weight control efforts of the past - you have the very best of intentions each and every day, but every day something seems to derail you from the straight and narrow and you eat something you shouldn't or you don't go to the gym, or whatever.

Or, worse yet, how many times do you actually get so close to your goal that you can taste it, but then you slowly lose interest or slip back into old patterns of behavior?

Your Homework

Yes, my Hubs come with HOMEWORK!!!

Your exercise this week is to create a picture in your mind of your ideal physical body - what do you want to look like?

Go to magazines or the internet and find pictures of people or situations that bring this image to mind.

Cut them out or print them and put them some place where you will see them many times each day - begin to inundate yourself with the vision of what you want.

This doesn't have to be a monumental undertaking.

Just take a few minutes each day to find images to add to your vision board - the things that you REALLY want.

And then LOOK at it - as often as you can. See yourself as the person in the picture, the runner in the race, the person on the scale seeing her perfect weight...

In fact, every single minute of every single day we face a choice, live or slowly die.

That sounds harsh, but if you think about it, you will see the truth of it.

Every day we literally trade our lives for what we do.

Put in those terms, you have to ask yourself: Is that circumstance that I am faced with (the happy hour, the chocolate bar, the drive-thru window, the TV show instead of the treadmill) worth trading my life for?

If you can honestly say "YES," congratulations, you may stop reading now. However, if you answer "No" or "Yes, BUT" you probably find yourself feeling dissatisfied a good amount of the time.

Here's the good news! Dissatisfaction is the higher side of your personality seeking expansion and fuller expression. Dissatisfaction, itself, IS a creative state - it is urging you onward and upward.

So, what are you creating in your life from a health perspective? What are you giving energy to? The only thing that will ever grow is that which we give energy to.

It's your choice - you can create big, beautiful pictures of what you want to be, to do or to have or you can create more of what you currently "are stuck with" by focusing on your present results and circumstances.

I encourage you to go create something magnificent!!


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