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The Major Types of Mental Disorders

Updated on August 15, 2015

A mental illness can cause much suffering to a person. It may even hinder him to function fully as a human being. And through the years, many types of these illnesses have been discovered or diagnosed that the list of mental disorders is still growing.

It is also identified in different ways: psychological disorder, mental disorder, or psychiatric disorder. What is important is that doctors are now able to treat patients using a number of different therapies. Some of these are: art therapy, group therapy, equine-assisted therapy, music therapy, psychotherapy, and even through massage.

So to help you be better informed, I’ve listed here some of the major types of mental disorders:

1. Drug Addiction

There have been many lives and families destroyed because of substance abuse. Often people suffering from this addiction think that they are just doing it for recreational purposes but in reality it is already consuming them and wrecking havoc to their minds. The person abusing drugs often denies they have a problem. Aside from the mental problem, the patient’s body is also gravely affected; with continuous use it worsens the physical condition of the person.

Some of its common symptoms are: confusion, violent episodes, missing work or school, neglecting to eat, and lack of care on physical appearance.

2. Alcohol Addiction

A person suffering from this addiction has uncontrolled alcohol drinking habits. It reaches the point wherein the patient starts to have problems with his family or relationships aside from the physical effects that alcohol has to the body. Liver failure and heart disease are just some of the illnesses common to alcoholics. An alcoholic often fail to distinguish the line between social drinking and alcoholism.

Some of the common symptoms: obsessing about when to drink again, needing greater amounts of alcohol, nausea, irritability, and depression.

3. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

People suffering from this condition have, once in their lives, experienced a traumatic event. This is common in people who survived a disaster, a crime, or even war. Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD can manifest at different times for different people. It may even take years before its symptoms show.

The common symptoms of PTSD are: flashbacks, difficulty sleeping, depression, angry outbursts, and having nightmares.

4. Eating Disorders

We are naturally conscious of our body; our appearance and how other people see us. This is why there are individuals who are suffering from eating disorders. Either they eat a lot on a regular basis or they are avoiding food at all. The types of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. Any of these conditions can be dangerous to one’s health.

The usual symptoms are: obsession with eating or detoxing, bingeing on high caloric food, under or over eating, not recognizing signs of hunger, and vomiting after eating.

5. Depression

This is characteristic of a persistent feeling of sadness and the loss of interest to do the usual daily habits. Depression can occur to any person, even someone like Robin Williams (a comic genius) even suffered from it. A person suffering from it can feel exhausted most of the time and just getting through the day can be overwhelming for him. This should be treated as soon as possible as there are many cases of people committing suicides because of it.

The common symptoms are: lost of interest in daily activities, little or too much sleep, feeling of hopelessness, always feeling lonely and sad, having negative thoughts, and loss of energy.

Find help immediately.

If you suspect someone you know is showing any of the symptoms mentioned above, talk to that person and try to find what is going through his mind. Even better, convince your friend to go see a psychiatrist or psychologist so he can be professionally diagnosed.


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