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The Mammals Of The Deep Blue, Brilliiant, Charming World Of Dolphins

Updated on February 27, 2016

Swimming with the Dolphins

Vacationing In Hawaii, The Excitement Of Interacting With The Bottlenose Dolphins

One of the most fascinating moments are those when you can connect, touch and swim with these incredible smart dolphins as they interact and playfully nudge you. This video was taken in Hawaii.

Dolphins are astonishing mammals, humans love interacting with. The have never failed to amaze us at their compassion towards humans as well as their intelligence. There are 43 breeds of dolphins inhabiting the world today. Out of the 43, 38 are sea water, the remaining five are fresh water dolphins. The one of the most loved dolphin and most popular is the Bottlenose. One of their characteristics that creates that immediate charisma as you look at their face, it appears that they are always smiling, because they possess an upturned feature on their face. A look that curves upwards on both sides, resembling that similar look to when a person smiles.

The full sized dolphin’s body can grow up to 10 to 14 feet in length. It is possible that a dolphin can also weigh as much as a whopping 1,100 pounds. But the average dolphin is more in the range of 6-1/2 to 12 feet, and weighing from 330-440 pounds. Actually the size of what a dolphin will be, and will differ because of the cold or warmer waters that they inhabit. Studies reveal the larger sized dolphins live in cooler bodies of water. The lovely, glossy, aerodynamic body design of these remarkable mammals, helps them maneuver and glide through the blue waters with ease.

A dolphin’s skin is glossy and it feels similar to rubber to the touch. What is a truly unique characteristic about them is that they are able to shed their old skin cells quickly replacing them with new ones. But what makes this process unique is how fast they perform this. They actually have the capability of attaining new skin cells every couple of hours. It is hard for a person not to be intrigued with a dolphin’s captivating nature. These mammals are recognized for bursting out of the waters. They are capable of going a remarkable span of up to 16 feet, then strike the water’s surface. The bottlenose dolphin is noted for their extraordinary brilliance. Possessing these traits, make them effortless to teach while in captivity. Also, these dolphins have been employed in multifarious operations by the armed forces that are military missions that are water affiliated. These special op tasks would be for instance, a situation such as detection of mines.

What is so fascinating is that dolphins are second when it comes to their intelligence only to human beings. While being studied MRI have been performed revealing that these magnificent mammals are consciously aware of their environment, and their feelings. People involved in the field undertaking creative scientific research work, determine are particularly susceptible to physical as well as psychological pain. Just recently, studies have divulged evaluating dolphin’s brainpower measuring just after a person’s. They signify keen abilities and perception formerly assumed to exist only in humans. It is riveting to learn that a dolphin’s brain size is four to five times large-scale in proportion to their body in contrast to another animal of comparable size.

Size is not all that is important, there are two additional different qualities of the dolphin portion of its brain involved in more elevated sequence thinking and series of actions, of how emotional intelligence is well-thought-out are amazingly enlarged in dolphins. Behavioral observations supervised with a number of highly respected specialists indicate that these incredible mammals express human-like cleverness. An example of these, include such actions as mirror self-identification, civilizing learning, understanding and communicating of intellectual impressions.

A force of nearly eighty bottle-nosed dolphins, are currently helping in the duties in the United States Navy. A few of these taught mammals have learned to track down mines and flag their position by laying a sound wave device transponder. Once this is accomplished, human divers are sent in to demolish the explosive mine. The exercise managed by the United States Navy marine mammal program, established greater than 40 years ago in San Diego, California, dolphins as well as sea lions aid in the military operations. The Navy enacted a program with the use of dolphins and sea lions to bring about actions of defense. Also, dolphins take place in helping with the plot of new submarines along with submerged weapons.

A well-loved pastime of people of all ages is swimming with dolphins. The human-dolphin interaction experience is sensational. When dolphins socialize in their natural surroundings, they frolic, propel, flip and dive-bomb. It is such a thrill to touch them, swim with them and get a dolphin kiss.

The thrill of swimming with these comical, loveable intelligent mammals. There is such a connection between people and dolphins. An exciting encounter, one that you will always remember.
The thrill of swimming with these comical, loveable intelligent mammals. There is such a connection between people and dolphins. An exciting encounter, one that you will always remember.


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    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 3 weeks ago from Cicero, New York

      Thank you Sourav I really appreciate all your comments. Dolphins are truly amazing mammals. Great post and thank you again. so glad that you enjoyed it. I look forward to reading your hubs as well. :) Linda

    • hubber8893 profile image

      Sourav Rana 19 months ago

      Very interesting information, I am amazed by the exceptional brain of Dolphins. They can learn, detect mines and help the human beings. I have just seen them in movies diving up and down in water like a rider of marry-go-round.