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The Mamushi Book of Life: 7. Avoiding injuries

Updated on June 18, 2011

Thinking a bit like "U.S. Navy Seals" surviving to see another day

Nobody knows how to avoid injuries better than a Navy Seal. When I was practicing medicine, for a time, in a military setting, I had the opportunity (only rarely, however) to provide health care to a U.S. Navy Seal. I was always honored to help a Seal because the Seal always helped me more that I helped him by teaching me something that I did not know about "Life." Navy Seals are masters of "Life" and "Nature" and know more me, who is just a simple doctor, surviving to see another day. A Navy Seal cannot afford to sustain an injury. I am not saying that they do not injure themselves on occasion, but more often than not, they avoid injuries extremely well.

So, I am telling you to behave like a Navy Seal to avoid being injuried, when you drive your car, fly your airplane, or navigate your boat. Ride your bicycle with care. Walk with care. Run carefully. Live carefully. I know that you are not a Navy Seal. Neither am I. But their example of living carefully, even though they are masters at the art of warfare, stands as proof that we can do it also (live more carefully, that is).


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