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The Many Uses of Purple Cone Flower Or Echinacea

Updated on September 20, 2012

The Purple Cone Flower


Purple Cone Flower Seeds


Purple Cone Flower Roots


Purple Cone Flower Or Echinacea

One of the many benefits of country living is the fact that if you look around you, you will find many plants that are edible or have medicinal uses, that most people turn their nose up as being a weed, or at best, admire as pretty, never realizing their many uses. One such plant is the Purple Cone Flower, also known as Echinacea. Many people have heard of Echinacea, and how it is good for boosting the immune system, and they have taken it when they have a cold, but this little wonder has so many more uses than just an immune system booster, as I discovered recently.

My step dad is diabetic, and he got a nasty scratch on his leg, which became infected. Since our truck is, shall we say, experiencing technical difficulties, we decided to see what types of plants my be useful to use on it and that we had growing here. The first thing I found was the Purple Cone Flower, which is a flower we have growing wild here, all over the place. In doing research on it, I learned this lovely little flower packs a real punch.

Here are some of its known uses:

Painkiller, was used for toothaches, on colds (coughs, sore throat), on snake bites (as an antidote), it was used as an analgesic, against poisons, the root was chewed to increase saliva, on burns, anti-convulsant, gastro-intestinal aid, on headaches, as an anesthetic, against large glands, to treat the mumps, to cure tonsillitis, it was put in animal feed to stimulate the appetite, was used as an antibiotic against strep and staph and even has certain properties that inhibit certain types of cancer.

That is an amazing remedy for such a little plant. So I went right out to dig up some root. Had no clue what I was getting myself into. Those roots are long. It made it harder to dig as we have a clay soil that becomes butte rock in as little as a foot deep. Backhoes have difficulty digging through butte rock. I finally got my root out though, and I took it in and washed it, then I cut it into sections and put those in a small chopper we have. Then we put a small amount on the cut and wrapped it. Each time the dressing was changed, fresh root was applied. It worked great. In few days it had healed nicely. ,

So next time you are wondering what you can use at some research and see what native wild plants might be growing in your back yard and what they might be useful for.


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  • tlmcgaa70 profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    hello Kashmir, yes, natural is the better way to go, though sadly we dont always have that choice. thank you for coming by, reading, commenting, voting and for SHARING...have an awesome day. =)

    hello ignugent17..i am glad you enjoyed this hub and thank you, we are aslo, with diabetes such wounds can become life threatening. thank you for coming by and commenting, have a wonderful day.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Very interesting and useful. Thanks for sharing your story. I am glad that your step dad is doing okay.

    Voted up and more. :-)

  • kashmir56 profile image

    Thomas Silvia 

    6 years ago from Massachusetts

    Great hub my friend and i do agree that most of the time we should search for these natural remedies and not be so quick to take some drugs. Well done !

    Vote up and more !!! SHARING !


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