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The Many ways to deal with diaper rash

Updated on May 31, 2013

How we came to Bowel Management


My name is Lisa. I am a parent of 3 and have many years experience dealing with diaper rash. My youngest daughter was born with some serious complications and one of her disabilities was severe incontinence. In the last few years we have learned about Bowel Management and no longer suffer from the constant diaper rash. Although we are not having the severe problems we have had in the past it is never far from our minds. At one point my daughter was getting her diaper changed 20 plus times a day. She would break down so bad that her skin would bleed. We saw many doctors and each would have a different remedy. I will list some a little later. We saw skin specialists, wound care specialists, pediatricians, pediatric surgery and many other medical professionals as well as quite a few parents all tried to come up with the best case scenario for my daughter. We worked with different kinds of diapers and wipes and different creams and ointments. In all honesty it was impossible to heal her skin as she was constantly pooping and there was no way to keep her clean and keep her from having skin breakdown. It was heartbreaking to say the least.

So I feel like I am a bit of an expert on this subject as many of the medical professionals where my daughter receives her dialysis treatments come to me for advice on bowel management and diaper rashes. So I have decided that I should share this information for the world as a diaper rash can make for a cranky baby but there are many older children and adults who suffer with skin break down from incontinence.

Here are some things that worked for us.


No Sting barrier wipes(these are used for colostomy bags) they are like an adhesive but it forms a barrier between the skin and the ointments, make sure you let it dry all the way before you apply your cream or it will not adhere to the skin

Moisture Barrier Cream. There are many different companies that sell this product under different labels. They all seem to be the same best I can figure. This goes on kind of dry. Its not as easy to wipe off as the zinc but if there are a few hours in between bowel movements this really protects the skin

If the skin is totally broken down. You will need a medical professional to get this product. its called Stomahesive powder, its used in wound care and ostomy care.. You want to use the smallest amount you can but if you just pouf a little bit of the powder onto the open area until it looks like a very lite coating this will allow the ointments or creams you are using to actually stick to the wound and allow it to coat and start to heal.

There is a product called udder care. You can buy it in a feed store and some of the drug stores carry it. They use it for the cows udders. Its like a vaseline type product with some other ingredients and it acts as a really great barrier keeps moisture off the skin.

If you must use an over the counter diaper rash ointment try to get one the has the most amount of Zinc.

My daughter Angel

This is my daughter Angel the one who has endured everything I write about
This is my daughter Angel the one who has endured everything I write about

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