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The Master & Grasshopper - A Lesson In The Moment

Updated on February 3, 2012

The other day, I got an email from a friend wanting me to clarify "what the heck this present moment thing" is. He was obviously interested but could not quite grasp the concept of being in the present moment. I thought "hmmm ... great, a teaching moment".

It's funny, but there are individuals that think "this present moment thing" is some kind of deep spiritual state of being or some hocus pocus deal, however, it's a rather simple concept but at times hard to comprehend and follow. I guess one of the reasons why is due to today's socially complex society, and the fact that we have a non-stop chattering mind! Don't you think a lot of us have too much conversations with our mind?

Back to my friend's email ...

So I proceeded to explain the concept of "being in the present moment" to my friend using an example in my response to him. I illustrated a situation, telling him to imagine having two coffee cups filled pretty much to the brim, and he had to walk from the kitchen to the dining table without spilling one drop of coffee on the pristine floor. The last sentence on my reply email was this ... "Knowing the situation, what would you be thinking about"?

Rather than email me back, he called me back saying, "That's obvious! You better be darn sure not to spill any coffee on the floor"! "Exactly!", I blurted out. Then there was an instance of silence and he said, "Oh, I get it"!

The "aha" moment ...

After my friend's "aha" moment, he went on to say ... or maybe a better word would be lectured to me, saying that a lot of people are just out of touch today and that they should get with the program. Then he started talking about restaurants and waiters! But it was an interesting conversation because he brought it back and mentioned that if some waiters will just think about serving their customers and focus on giving them a good restaurant experience, they'll get bigger tips, repeat customers and maybe even a nice word from the customer to the manager.

I couldn't resist, so asked him whether he had an interesting experience at a restaurant, and it appeared that he did. All he mentioned was that it involved a waitress who was much more concerned about her break period and meeting her boyfriend, rather than taking down the correct order and not being hasty about things. I didn't want to push the issue since it appeared that he understood the concept.

In conclusion ...

And so it is with how we run our lives, our business, etc. If we focus on being in the present moment, our priorities should be clear, and we can use our energies efficiently to function more effectively and optimally in that moment. In the case of the waitress, the task at hand was to serve her customer. Unfortunately, future events took precedence over what was occurring at the moment, and thus, she provided less than desirable customer service. If she was in presence, than she would have served her customer with excellence, resulting in a happy customer, a good name for the restaurant, and perhaps a nice tip to top it off!

As my friend and I were concluding our phone call, he thanked me for clarifying "this present moment thing" and for making it simple to understand, and said, "Thanks master sensei". I echoed back, saying, "Well done, Grasshopper. Live long and prosper". We laughed and hung up.

Carpe Diem!


Okay, I'm no "master sensei" or a "goo-roo" of any kind. I'm just blessed to be able to share the awesomeness of life with all of you!


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    • glenns profile image

      glenns 5 years ago

      Hi KevinC9988:

      Thanks a million for dropping by and for your comments!

      Have a Super weekend!


    • KevinC9998 profile image

      KevinC9998 5 years ago

      Thanks for an interesting and ejoyable hub. Votes up, Kevin