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Dream Interpretation; Are You Getting The Message? Part 1

Updated on August 26, 2018
Shirl Urso-Farmer profile image

Shirley is a freelance writer who studies legitimate dream interpretations, and how to use dreams for personal growth.

You have a message!
You have a message!

Why Did I Dream That?

You wake up and scratch your head, and wonder what your crazy dream meant. You've googled one of the hundreds of supposed 'dream dictionaries' that include old wives tale nonsense, like; "dreaming of money means your going to get pregnant" and "dreaming of frogs means your marriage will end soon"... Anyone can make up any interpretation, so they do.

But there is a basis in dream interpretation that the rest of the dream dictionary websites don't know about, and that is; dream interpretation is like playing a game of 'Reverse Charades'. Your subconscious shows you an image, which is a clue, and you have to guess what the 'clue' means to you. It's that simple, and it can be that complicated, too.

Dreaming of an arrow indicates a message is coming to you
Dreaming of an arrow indicates a message is coming to you | Source


Air - Your mental functioning, or your mind is overworked (windy, tornado conditions)

Airplane - Your hopes and ideals

Airport - Your many high ideals

Alarm Clock - Time for you to literally ‘wake up’; figuratively wake up and see the reality of something, or 'hurry' (hands of clock speeding around)

Ambulance - Help for your body, or a warning of a coming crisis

Anchor - You're not progressing in understanding, you're feeling ‘tied down’, your determination and resolve from deep within is 'anchored', or you desire to settle down

Angel - Signifies truth, wisdom and guidance, or a coming birth or death (literally or figuratively)

Animal - You have negative, undeveloped, improper attitude or activities or you're debasing yourself (baby animal) or, you have uncontrolled emotion (animal chasing you)

Armadillo - You need to set personal boundaries

Armor - Symbolizes protection for you

Arrow - You'll have a coming message

Attic - Your mind (Is it cluttered with useless objects, vacant, or tidy?)

"All visions, and dreams are given for the benefit of the individual, would we but interpret them correctly."

— - Edgar Cayce

Everything is a Symbol for Something Else

Everything in your dreams take the form of symbols, signs, metaphors and puns. Much like reading and interpreting parts of the Bible where symbolic and metaphorical references are made throughout the book, especially the book of Revelation, you need to think about what certain symbols mean in general, and what certain symbols mean to you, personally. Not every symbol means the same thing to everyone.

For instance, if you hate coconut and you dream that your spouse gives you a coconut cake, it probably means that your spouse will, or has, disappointed you. But, for someone who loves coconut to dream that their spouse surprises them with a coconut cake would mean that their spouse has or will do something 'sweet' to show them their affection.

Then there are the universal symbols that mean pretty much the same thing to everyone. If you see a red octagon shape, you and everyone else on the planet will interpret that as a stop sign. When you or anyone else dreams of that red octagon, it means 'Stop doing what you're doing!' Universal symbols are the easiest to interpret; it's the personal meaning symbols that stump you sometimes.

Dreaming of birds represents a message from your unconscious
Dreaming of birds represents a message from your unconscious | Source


Baby - You have a new undertaking or adventure

Back - Courage or Support

Back Door - Something isn't out in the open, it's hidden, or; you have a desire to lock out unpleasantness (locking back door)

Badger - Aggression, anger and/or willing to fight

Bald Head - You need to do more thinking

Ball - You're feeling whole and complete

Bank - Your spiritual treasures and/or financial security

Basement - Your subconscious

Bat - You're going forward and trusting intuition

Bath - You're cleaning yourself from old ideas or ways; getting 'fresh' ideas

Bathmat - You need to be careful of slipping morally, physically or verbally

Bathroom - The state of your spirit (dirty or clean?)

Bear - You're being overbearing, grumpy, or overprotective

Beautiful Ground Floor - Your day to day activities are in good shape

Beautiful Upper Floor - Your mind is good and you're properly orientated

Beautiful Furnishings - You have a beautiful spiritual life

Beaver - You've been working hard

Bed/Bedroom - Symbolizes your sex life, or; time to rest, or; an hidden activity

Bees - You've had a life experience that ‘stings’

Bible - Symbolizes God’s law and the history of man and his relationship with God

Bicycle - Symbolizes balance in your life

Bird - Symbolizes a message from your soul; the type of bird represents the message

Black - Symbolizes something mysterious, or; an obstruction, o;r ignorance, or; your unconscious

Black and White - Symbolizes good and evil and right and wrong

Bladder - You need to 'let go' of something

Blanket/Quilt - You're covering your conduct or a situation

Blood - Your ideals, or; kinship (your blood relative) or; your will to live

Blue (Color)- Symbolizes truth, peace, and healing, and/or your higher wisdom

Bluebird - You have or want happiness, and joy

Boat - Symbolizes the voyage of your life

Book - Symbolizes knowledge

Box - You're holding something in, or; you're protecting something, or; you're feeling boxed in

Boxing Match - You're fighting with yourself about something

Brakes - Your use of free will, and your ability to 'put the brakes' on your behavior

Bread - Symbolizes the ‘bread of life’ through Christ

Breast - Symbolizes nurturing and motherly love

Brick - Symbolizes words or acts than can build up with time

Bridge - Symbolizes a transition in your life

Broom - You need to clean a situation or flaw

Brown - You're down-to-earth, or; very practical, or; you're depressed or; a negative situation in you life

Brushing Teeth - You need to clean your language up

Bugs - Symbolizes the irritations of your life

Buildings - Symbolizes your personality or character i.e., unkindness or pessimism is symbolized by a dark and dirty building

Bull - Symbolizes your stubbornness or your sex life

Bulls-eye - You're focusing on your ideal

Bus - You're overweight

Butterfly - You're beginning a transformation or change

A car in your dreams symbolizes your physical body
A car in your dreams symbolizes your physical body | Source


Cake - There's something to celebrate in your life, or; there's something that's not practical

Calla Lily - Symbolizes majestic beauty

Candle - Symbolizes wisdom

Candy - Symbolizes self-indulgence

Cane - Your support system

Captain - The one who guides you

Car - Symbolizes your physical body, or; that you're eating luxuriously (driving luxurious car) or; that you need to exercise more willpower (inability to stop car) or; that you have a lack of stamina (running out of gas) or; that you're losing weight and energy (driving small car)

Carpet - You're being walked on, or; something's being covered up

Cat - Symbolizes sexuality, or; your independence, or; that you're being gossipy or; uncooperative

Caterpillar - Symbolizes a transition coming in you or your life

Cellar - Symbolizes the lower realms of consciousness in your subconscious

Cerise - Symbolizes passion

Chewing Gum - Symbolizes an idea or issue that you need to ‘chewed on’

Chicken - Symbolizes your lack of courage, you're 'chicken'

Children - Symbolizes hope, or; something/someone that’s immature in your life

Christmas Tree - Symbolizes the hope of life

Chrysanthemum - Symbolizes the season of autumn

Church - Symbolizes the spiritual forces in your life

Circle - Symbolizes God

Cliff - You're in physical danger of something or someone

Clock - Symbolizes time, or; that time's running out (hands racing) or; death (literally or figuratively) or; an end of something in your life

Closet - Your inner-self, the self you show to no one

Clothing - Symbolizes the personality you show to the world, or; your showing the 'new you' (new clothing) or; symbolizes your 'dirty deeds' (dirty clothing) or; your unethical behavior (clothing too big) or; you're too mean in action or words (too tight) or; you're unstable at the moment (unpacking clothing)

Coat - Symbolizes your attitude (color gives clue to the type of attitude)

Coffee - Represents your, or a, marriage

Coffin - Represents your unconscious, or; you need spiritual insight

Coins - Represents a 'change' is coming in your life, the size of the coins indicates whether it will be a big change or small change (silver dollar, quarter, dime)

Colors (In General) - Symbolize emotions and/or shown to you to get your attention about a specific condition

Comet - Symbolizes your idea of spiritual perfection

Compass - Symbolizes your need for guidance, or represents your most fulfilling direction in life

Container - Symbolizes what’s held in your unconscious mind or soul

Court Trial - Represents criticism from yourself or others

Cow - Symbolizes your undesirable traits or habits

Crocodile/Alligator - Represents your destructive subconscious emotion (Are you angry at yourself?)

Curb - Restrain yourself (‘Curb it!’)

Curtains - Symbolizes that you're hiding something, or; symbolizes you're need for privacy

Cypress Tree - Represents hope

A dragon in your dreams symbolizes your fears
A dragon in your dreams symbolizes your fears | Source

"For what one has dwelt on by day, these things are seen in visions of the night."

— - Menander


Daffodil - Symbolizes a new beginning in your life

Daisy - Represents your, or someone else's youth

Dawn - Symbolizes an awakening or breakthrough in your life

Death - Literally or figuratively; represents a transition or change in your life; the end of something and a new beginning

Deer - Symbolizes gentleness, kindness, or; money

Den/Playroom - Represents relaxation and playtime

Dented Cooking Utensils - Symbolizes the poor preparation of food in your diet

Department Store - Represents the temptations in your life

Desk - Symbolizes your work

Diamond - Represents something of great value in your life, or; symbolizes something of great in your life that needs work or 'polishing' (unpolished diamond)

Dining Room/Table - Your physical diet, or; what you’ve been feeding your mind

Dirt/Dirty - Symbolizes something improper in your life that needs to be corrected

Diving - Symbolizes that you're diving right into something

Dog - Symbolizes that a situation in your life is going ‘to the dogs’ or; represents your instinct or; can symbolize obedience or; can mean friendliness and unfriendliness in a person

Dog Food - Eating or being served dog food symbolizes an improper diet

Dolphin - Represents your spiritual wisdom and intuition

Donkey - Symbolizes an honor, or; your humbleness, or your stubbornness, or; indicates that you're bearing a heavy load

Door - Represents your current or future activities that are ‘closing a door’ (closed door) or; the different levels of your mind that are opening (opening door) or; symbolizes that “sin lies at your door” (refuse and rubbish at your door)

Dove - Symbolizes The Holy Spirit and peace

Dragon - Represents your fears, or; your power

Drama - Your life situation being acted out

Drugstore - Symbolizes that you're relying on physical means to bring about desired change, or; can symbolize an addiction

Drums - Represents your basic urges

Duck - Symbolizes that you're 'ducking’ an issue; you're trying to avoid dealing with something

Duel - Represents a fight within yourself, or; you've had a verbal argument with someone else

Dummy - Symbolizes low intelligence, or; that you're being controlled

Dynamite - Represents your temper or other ‘explosive’ feelings

Dreaming of your eye symbolizes your outlook
Dreaming of your eye symbolizes your outlook | Source


Eagle - Represents love

Ears - Symbolizes something that you need to hear and pay attention to

Earth - You're down to earth, or; symbolizes something that's degrading to you

Eight - Symbolizes your strengths and weaknesses, or; represents infinity

Electric - Your life force or your energy

Elevator - Situations or spiritual energy going up or down (depending on which way the elevator is moving)

Eleven - Indicates your mastery in the physical dimension (your grasp of courage, power, spirituality, enlightenment, spiritual healing,and intuition)

Eraser - Symbolizes your need to erase something (faults, ect.) or; that you already have erased something

Explosion - Indicates a warning of an ‘explosive’ change

Eye - Symbolizes your outlook; the way you see things

Eyeglasses - Represents something that helps you understand better or to ‘see’ better

Dreaming of a beautiful fish indicates that you're searching for the spiritual life
Dreaming of a beautiful fish indicates that you're searching for the spiritual life | Source


Falcon - Symbolizes that you or someone is taking advantage of someone or something

Falling - Represents you feel that your situation is falling, or; that you're losing control, or that you're morals have 'fallen'

Father - Signifies the protective side of God

Feet - Symbolizes the pathway of life you’re on

Fence - Represents something that's constricting you, or; an obstacle in your life, or; boundaries in your life (is the fence in good or poor shape?)

Fire (Can be destructive or purifying) - Symbolizes your temper, jealous or vengeful feelings or; feelings of hatred, or; your sensuality and love, or your spiritual zeal, or; your patience, or; your enthusiasm (What else is happening in the dream to give you a clue?)

Fireplace - Represents comfort, or; purification

Fireworks - Symbolizes a time for you to celebrate

Fish - A beautiful fish symbolizes The Christ, an ugly fish symbolizes evil

Five - The number 5 symbolizes an immediate change in your life

Fleur-de-list - Symbolizes freedom from something that oppress you

Flood - Your uncontrolled emotions

Floor - Represents your principles, or; that you're falling away from your ideals (sinking floor) or; represents your poor eating habits (sinking floor in kitchen or dining room)

Flowers (In general) - Symbolizes your hope, or; something you find beautiful, or; your feelings of love, or; an aspect of growth in your life

Fly - Represents the irritations in your life

Flying - Symbolizes that you're overcoming something, or; you want to get away from a situation

Flying Feathers - Represents your feelings of confusion

Foghorn - Symbolizes danger in your life

Fork - Represents the need for you to pick something out carefully

Forrest - Symbolizes that you 'can't see the forest for the trees' (confusion in the details)

Fortress - Represents your defensive attitude in life

Fountain - Symbolizes the source of knowledge in your life

Four - Represents stability or the reality of your situation

Four Leaf Clover - Symbolizes God’s appreciation to you

Frog - Represents uncleanliness within yourself

Front Door - Indicates that you're receiving spiritual help

Fruit - Your spiritual state (is the condition of fruit, beautiful or rotten?)

Fruit Tree - Also represents the your spiritual state, or; your fruitful life

Furnace - Represents your digestive system

Dreaming of a ghost indicates that you're thinking of someone from your past
Dreaming of a ghost indicates that you're thinking of someone from your past | Source


Game - Represents your enjoyment

Garbage Disposal - Your elimination habits

Garlic - Symbolizes a higher world

Ghost - Something/someone in your past that your thinking about again

Giant - Symbolizes things or people that are overwhelming you

Giraffe - Indicates that your vision of yourself is warped

Glasses - Symbolizes your perception and understanding, i.e., poor understanding (putting on dark glasses) or; you have an awakening of spiritual insight (taking off dark glasses) or; you're losing your way (losing glasses)

Gloves - Symbolizes your need for protection

Gold - Represents the truth in your life, or; a spiritual reward for you

Goose - Symbolizes your foolish actions

Gorges/ Mud - Represents the loss of your morals through physical abuse of your body

Gorilla - Symbolizes your low and possibly dangerous mental state of health

Green (Color) - Represents your healing, or; your growth, or; your jealousy of someone or something (you're green with envy)

Grey (Color) - Indicates sickness, ill health

Grocery Store - Symbolizes your diet

Your hands symbolize your character traits
Your hands symbolize your character traits | Source

"Dreams give the better understanding of self"

— - Edgar Cayce


Hair - Symbolizes the way you think, or; you're depressed (dark, dull lifeless hair) or; that you need to straighten out your thinking (combing knotted hair) or; you have spiritual thoughts (golden hair) or; it's a warning of mental imbalance (unkempt hair) or; symbolizes your temper (red hair) or; shows your productive and active mind (red and gold hair) or; that you have a rigid mind (stiff hair) or; your wise thoughts (white hair)

Hallway - Symbolizes a transition or change in your life

Hammer - Represents a powerful force in your life or; that you're building up something in your life

Hands - Symbolizes your character traits or; the way you've 'handled' something or; Animal-like traits within yourself (claw-like hands) or; symbolizes your lack of gentleness (rough hands) or; your guilty conscious (dirty hands)

Hat - Represents your current conditions or; the nature of your thoughts or; your occupation

Hawk - Symbolizes the messenger of God and that it's time to heighten your awareness

Head - Represents your attitude (Is your head on straight?)

Headless - Indicates that you're 'losing your head’ over something

Heart - Symbolizes your love, energy and enthusiasm

Home - Represents your conscious awareness and your body or; your spiritual home

Hornets/Wasps - Symbolizes trouble you will have to triumph over

Horse - Represents a messenger of God, and; the need to balance male and female qualities within self (black horse) or your inability to express emotions (pale horse) or; your dangerous, negative emotion (red horse) or; the necessity to master and balance your sex drive (white horse)

Hospital - Indicates that you have a physical or mental imperfection that needs to be corrected

Hotel - Represents a temporary situation in your life

House - Symbolizes your current life situation and/or; you feel your life is ruined (burning house) or; you feel a lack of love (unfinished/without a kitchen) or; you have a growing state of consciousness and seeking beauty of character (beautiful rooms) or; that you have a poor spiritual foundation (rotting floors)

Hummingbird - Represents joy, harmony and energy

"Dreams...a secret code, different for each person, which we learn to decipher."

— - Anoynomous

Great! Now you've got the basics that give you a general idea of what kind of dream you're having, so let's get on to more fascinating dream interpretations from I to P in part 2 and Q to Z in part 3!


'Dreams, Your Magic Mirror' by Elsie Sechrist


Seeing the Future

Have you ever had a dream premonition?

See results

Edgar Cayce What Your Dreams Really Mean

© 2016 Shirley Urso-Farmer


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