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The Meaning of Your Dreams, Are You Getting the Messages? Part 2

Updated on March 27, 2017
Dream! | Source

“A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read.”

— The Talmud

Reasons to Interpret the Symbols

Jung and Cayce agreed that all facets of your total being - what makes you, you - are shown to you in dreams in order to guide you to a greater place spiritually, mentally and physically. Dreams will not only reveal your positive and negative qualities, but also your good and bad deeds, in effort to help you change and grow. They exist only to help you have a richer, more fulfilling life, and dream symbol interpretation is the one of the most important tools for unlocking your limitless potential.

How to Interpret the Symbols Correctly

One dream symbol can't stand alone in dream interpretation; you need to connect all the symbols in the dream rather than focus on a single object. For example: you dream that you hear your wedding song playing and your spouse is smiling at you with silver dollars in their eyes. This would probably mean your relationship is harmonious (song playing), your spouse is happy with you (smiling), and their perception (eye) of you has underwent a ‘big change’ (silver dollars). If you only focus on the silver dollars, your interpretation might be that you ‘see dollar signs’ when you look at your significant other. Always keep in mind that symbols can have many different translations, depending on what symbols you saw in the rest of the dream.

List of Symbols and Their Meanings


Air - 1. Mental functioning 2. Overwrought mind (blustery, unstable air)

Airplane - Hopes and ideals

Airport - High ideals

Alarm Clock - 1. Time to ‘wake up’ (ringing clock)

Ambulance - 1. Help for the body 2. A coming crisis

Anchor -1. Not progressing in understanding 2. Feeling ‘tied down’ 3. Determination and resolve from deep within 4. Desire to settle down

Angel - 1. Truth 2.Wisdom 3.Guidance 4. Coming birth or death (literally or figuratively)

Animal - 1. Negative, undeveloped, improper attitude or activities 2. Debasing self (baby animal) 3. Uncontrolled emotion (animal chasing)

Armadillo - The need to set personal boundaries

Armor - The ‘armor’ of the Lord, protection

Arrow - A coming message

Attic - The mind


Baby - A new undertaking or adventure

Back - 1. Courage 2. Support

Back Door -1. Not in the open, hidden 2. Desire to lock out unpleasantness (locking back door)

Badger - 1. Aggressiveness 2. Anger 3. Willing to fight

Bald Head - Need to do more thinking

Ball - 1.Wholeness and completeness

Bank - 1. Spiritual treasures 2. Financial security

Basement - Subconscious

Bat - 1. Rebirth 2. Going forward and trusting intuition

Bath - Cleaning from old ideas or ways

Bathmat - Be careful of slipping morally, physically or verbally

Bathroom - Appearance denotes spiritual state (dirty or clean?)

Bear - 1. Overbearing 2. Grumpy 3. Overprotective

Beautiful Ground Floor - Good daily activities

Beautiful Upper Floor - Good mind, properly orientated

Beautiful Furnishings - Beautiful spiritual life

Beaver - Hard working

Bed/Bedroom - 1. Sex 2. Rest 3. Hidden activity

Bees - Life experience that ‘stings’

Bible - 1. God’s law 2. History of man and his relationship with God

Bicycle - Balance

Bird - Messenger, symbol of your soul

Black - 1. Mystery 2. Obstructions 3. Ignorance 4. Your unconscious

Black and White - 1. Good and evil 2. Right and wrong

Bladder - Need to let go of something

Blanket/Quilt - Covering your conduct or a situation

Blood - 1. Ideals 2. Kinship 3. Life-force

Blue - 1. Truth 2. Peace 3. Healing

Bluebird - Happiness, joy

Boat - The voyage of life

Book - Knowledge

Box - 1. Holding 2. Protecting 3. Feeling ‘boxed in’

Boxing Match - ‘Sparring’ with yourself

Brakes - Use of free will

Bread - The ‘bread of life’ through Christ

Breast - 1. Nurturing 2. Motherly love

Brick - Words or acts than can build up with time

Bridge - A transition

Broom - Need to clean a situation or flaw

Brown - 1. Earthy 2. Practical 3. Depression 4. Negative

Brushing Teeth - Clean your language

Bugs - Irritations of life

Buildings - 1. Activities within yourself 2. Unkindness (dark and untidy building) 3. Pessimism (dark and untidy building)

Bull - 1. Stubbornness 2. Sex

Bulls-eye - Focusing on ideal

Bus - Overweight

Butterfly - Transformation, change


Cake - 1. Celebration 2. Something not practical

Calla Lily - Majestic beauty

Candle - Wisdom

Candy - Self-indulgence

Cane - Provides support

Captain - One who guides

Car - 1. Physical body 2. Eating luxuriously (driving luxurious car) 3. More willpower needed (inability to stop car) 4. Lack of stamina (running out of gas) 5. Lack of weight and energy (driving small car)

Carpet - 1. Being walked on 2. Covering something up

Cat - 1. Sexuality 2. Independence 3. Gossipy 4. Uncooperativeness

Caterpillar - A transition coming

Cellar - Lower realms of consciousness

Cerise - Passion

Chewing Gum - An idea or issue that needs to be ‘chewed on’

Chicken - Lack of courage

Children - 1. Hope 2. Something that’s undeveloped

Christmas Tree - Hope of life

Chrysanthemum - Autumn

Church - Spiritual forces

Circle - God

Cliff - Physical danger

Clock - 1.Time 2. Time running out (hands racing) 3. Death 4. An end to something

Closet - Inner-self

Clothing - 1. The persona you show to the world 2. New Ideals (new clothing) 3. Impure actions (dirty clothing) 4. Unethical behavior (clothing too big) 5. Too mean in action or words (too tight) 6. Unsettled state (unpacking clothing)

Coat - Your attitude (color gives clue to the type of attitude)

Coffin - 1. Unawakened state of consciousness 2. Lacking in spiritual insight

Colors (In General) - Associated with emotions or used to get your attention about a specific condition

Comet - Spiritual ideals

Compass - 1. Guidance 2. Most fulfilling direction

Container - What’s held in the unconscious mind or soul

Court Trial - Criticism from yourself or others

Cow - Undesirable traits or habits

Crocodile/Alligator - Destructive subconscious emotion

Curb - Restrain (‘Curb it!’)

Curtains - 1. Hiding something 2. Adornment 3. Privacy

Cypress Tree - Hope


Daffodil - New beginnings

Daisy - Youth

Dawn - An awakening or breakthrough

Death - Transition or change

Deer - 1. Gentleness, kindness 2. Money

Den/Playroom - Relaxation

Dented Cooking Utensils - Poor preparation of food

Department Store - Temptations

Desk - Your work

Diamond - 1. Something of great value 2. Diamond in the rough (unpolished diamond)

Dining Room/Table - 1. Physical diet 2. What you’re feeding your mind

Dirt/Dirty - Something improper that needs to be corrected

Diving - Jumping into something

Dog - 1. Things going ‘to the dogs’ 2. Instinct 3. Obedience 4. Friendliness and unfriendliness

Dog Food - Eating or being served dog food symbolizes improper diet

Dolphin - Spiritual wisdom and intuition

Donkey - 1. An honor 2. Humbleness 3. Stubbornness 4. Bearing a heavy load

Door - 1. Current or future activities that will or are ‘closing a door’ (closed door) 2. Different levels of mind that are revealing themselves or ‘opening” (opening door) 3. “Sin lies at the door” (refuse at door)

Dove - 1. The Holy Spirit 2. Peace

Dragon - 1.Fear 2. Power

Drama - Own life’s situations being acted out

Drugstore - Relying on physical means to bring about desired change

Drums - Primitive urges

Duck - ‘Ducking’ an issue

Duel - 1. Fight within yourself 2. Verbal argument with someone else

Dummy - 1. Low intelligence 2. Being controlled

Dynamite - Temper or other ‘explosive’ feelings.

Which symbols will you see tonight?
Which symbols will you see tonight? | Source

Dreams say what they mean, but they don't say it in daytime language."

— Gail Godwin


Eagle - Love

Ears - Listen, hear this

Earth - 1. Down to Earth 2. Debasement of character

Eight - Attributes of strength and weakness

Electric - Force or energy

Elevator - Things going up or down (depending on which way it’s moving)

Eleven - Mastery on the physical plane (courage, power, spirituality, enlightenment, spiritual healing, intuition)

Eraser - Erase something (faults, ect.)

Explosion - Warning of an ‘explosive’ change

Eye - Your outlook

Eyeglasses - Helps you understand or to ‘see’ better


Falcon - Taking advantage of someone or something

Falling - 1. Conditions falling 2. Losing control 3. Decline in morals

Father 1. Protective side of God

Feet - The pathway you’re on

Fence - 1. Constricting 2. Obstacle 3. Divider

Fire (Destructive or Purifying) - 1. Temper 2. Jealousy 3. Vengeance 4. Hatred 5. Unbridled sensuality 6. Love 7. Spiritual zeal 8. Patience 9. Enthusiasm

Fireplace - 1. Comfort 2. Purification

Fireworks - Celebration

Fish - 1. Christ (beautiful fish) 2. Good (beautiful fish) 3. Evil (ugly fish)

Five - An immediate change

Fleur-de-list - Freedom from oppression

Flood - Uncontrolled emotions

Floor - 1. Principles 2. Falling away from ideals (sinking floor) 3. Poor nutritional habits (sinking floor in kitchen or dining room)

Flowers (In General) - 1. Hope 2. Beauty 3. Love 4. Growth

Fly - Irritations of life

Flying - 1. Overcoming 2. Wish to get away

Flying Feathers - Confusion

Foghorn - Danger

Fork - Pick out carefully

Forrest - Confusion

Fortress - Defensive attitude in life

Fountain - Source of knowledge and life

Four - 1. Stability 2. Materiality

Four Leaf Clover - God’s expression of appreciation to you, expressed in material manifestation

Frog - All matters of uncleanliness within self

Front Door - Receiving spiritual help

Fruit - Your spiritual state (condition of fruit, beautiful or rotten?)

Fruit Tree - 1.The state of your spirit 2. Fruitful life (tree bearing fruit)

Furnace - Digestion


Game - Enjoyment

Garbage Disposal - Elimination

Garlic - The higher world

Ghost - Something/someone in your past that your thinking about again

Giant - Things or people that are overwhelming you

Giraffe - Distortion of self

Glasses - 1. Perception and understanding 2. Poor perception and understanding (putting on dark glasses) 3. Awakening of spiritual insight (taking off dark glasses) 4. Losing your way (losing glasses)

Gloves - Protection

Gold - 1. Truth 2. Spiritual reward

Goose - Foolish actions

Gorges/ Mud, - Departure of moral way through physical abuse of the body

Gorilla - Low, possibly dangerous mental state

Green - 1. Healing 2. Growth 3. Jealousy (‘green’ with envy)

Grey - Ill health

Grocery Store - Diet


Hair - 1. Your thinking process 2.Mental depression (dark, dull lifeless hair) 3.Need to straighten out thinking (combing knotted hair) 4. Spiritual thoughts (golden hair) 5. Warning of mental imbalance (unkempt hair) 6. Temper (red hair) 7. Constructively active mind (red and gold hair) 8. rigidity of the mind (stiff hair) 9. Wise thoughts (white hair)

Hallway - Transition, change

Hammer - 1. Force 2. Power 3. Building something

Hands - 1. Your character traits 2. The way you've 'handled' something 3. Animalistic traits within yourself (claw-like hands) 4. Lack of gentleness (rough hands) 5. Guilty conscious (dirty hands)

Hat - 1. Current conditions 2. Nature of your thoughts 3. Your occupation

Hawk - 1. Messenger of God 2. Time to heighten awareness

Head - Attitude

Headless - ‘Losing your head’

Heart - 1. Love 2. Energy 3. Enthusiasm

Home - 1. Conscious awareness 2. The body 3. Spiritual home

Hornets/Wasps - Trouble you will have to triumph over

Horse - 1. Messenger of God 2. Need to balance male and female qualities within self (black horse) 3. Inability to express emotions (pale horse) 4. Dangerous, negative emotion (red horse) 5. Necessity to master and balance sex drive (white horse)

Hospital - 1. Physical imperfection 2. Necessity to correct an emotional or mental ailment

Hotel - Temporary state

House - 1. Your life 2. Ruined life (burning house) 2. Lack of love (unfinished/Without a kitchen) 3.Growing state of consciousness or seeking beauty of character (beautiful rooms) 4. Poor spiritual foundation (rotting floors)

Hummingbird - 1. Joy 2. Harmony 3. Energy


Immaturity - Childishness

Intruder - Avoided side of yourself

Ivory - Less than pure

Discover yourself in dreams
Discover yourself in dreams | Source

"Dreams are free therapy. Consult your inner Freud."

— Terri Guillemets


Jewels (Gold, Money, Valuables) - 1. Spiritual and moral graces 2. Love 3. Patience 4. Generosity 5. Forgiveness 6. Losing spiritual values (losing valuables) 7. A warning about theft (losing valuables)

Jungle - 1. Confusion 2. Uncivilized state of being


Key - The answer to a problem

King - 1. High goal met 2. Your father 3. God 4. Highest ideal in your mind

Kitchen - 1. Love 2. Diet

Kneeling - Humility, humbleness

Knees - Bowing to Divine will

Knife - ‘Cut it out’


Ladder - The Way

Lake - 1. Peace 2. Mirrored image

Lamb - Christ

Lamp - Knowledge

Leaves - 1. Waste sloughed off 2. Life 3. Growth 4. Easily scattered

Left Side - Wrong way

Legs - 1. Principles 2. Foundations

Letter - A message on the way

Lice - Uncleanliness of body, mind and spirit

Light - 1. Great truths 2. God’s presence 3. Hope

Light Bulb - Understanding

Lightening - 1. Higher forces 2. Sudden realization 3. Release of tension 4. Revenge

Lily - 1. Transformation 2. Life and rebirth 3. Easter 4. Purity

Lion - Unpleasantness

Lip - 1. Talking, speech 2. ‘Button your lip’ (buttoning lip)

Liquor - 1. Lowered inhibitions 2. The Spirit 3. Desire to escape reality

Living Room - Daily activities

Lizard - The importance of dreaming

Lotus - 1. Enlightenment 2. Higher-self 3. Blossoming

Luggage - 1. Your assets 2. Burdens


Mandalas - Higher self

Marriage - Inner spiritual union

Maroon - Poor health

Maze - Confusion

Mirror - 1. How others see you 2. Self examination

Mockingbird - Mockery

Money - The profit from your endeavor

Monkey - Making a monkey out of yourself

Moon - Romance, passion

Moose - 1. Self-esteem 2. Strength 3. Pride

Morning Glory - Resurrection

Mother - Nurturing side of God

Mountain - 1. Higher mental development 2. Difficulties in life

Mouse - Irritations of life

Mouth/Lips - Your words

Movie - The story of your life

Mud - An obstacle

Music - 1. Divine influences in life 2. Harmony

"Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions."

— Edgar Cayce

The Bottom Line

Good or bad, you probably know that dreams can have a powerful influence on your daily mood and outlook. However, they haven’t been placed in your psyche to entertain you or torture you (even though it seems like it at times). They’re here to help; self-improvement is the intention, your ‘ultimate self’ is the reward.

Click here to see the list of symbol definitions from N to Z in Part 3. To read more information for interpreting your dreams in part 1, click here.


'Dreams Your Magic Mirror' by Elsie Sechrist

Have you ever had a lucid dream (you knew you were dreaming while you were dreaming)?

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    • Shirl Urso-Farmer profile image

      Shirley Urso-Farmer 9 months ago from Michigan

      That is a little odd.. I know that a house represents your total 'being' and your life (vehicles represent your physical body).. If you don't mind me saying, I wonder if you don't know yourself very well, (different houses, strange settings).. I dream about houses that I'm familiar with; i.e.. house I grew up in, homes that I've lived in.. and sometimes houses & places that I'm not familiar with.. I think maybe you should try to figure out what else is similar about the places in your dreams in order to understand the message.. are the houses in disrepair or are they beautiful.. are they all painted the same color, is the roof caving in.. that sort of thing.. That will help you figure out what the symbolization is & then you can translate the dreams better.

    • profile image

      Anita Hasch 9 months ago

      Shirley what I hate about dreaming is that I never dream in the same setting. Meaning the dream normally always has a different setting. Different houses and always in a strange place. I never dream about a place that I know?