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Dream Interpretation; Are You Getting the Message? Part 2

Updated on March 1, 2018
Shirl Urso-Farmer profile image

Shirley is a freelance writer who studies legitimate dream interpretations, and how to use dreams for personal growth.


The Importance of Interpreting Your Dreams

Jung and Cayce agreed that all facets of your total being - what makes you, you - are shown to you in dreams in order to guide you to a greater place spiritually, mentally and physically. Dreams will not only reveal your positive and negative qualities, but also your good and bad deeds, in effort to help you change and grow. They exist only to help you have a richer, more fulfilling life, and dream symbol interpretation is the one of the most important tools for unlocking your limitless potential.

Dreaming of ice indicates that you're stifling your true emotions
Dreaming of ice indicates that you're stifling your true emotions | Source

“A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read.”

— The Talmud


Ice - Represents your frozen emotion, emotions that you're ignoring

Immaturity - Symbolizes your childishness

Intruder - Represents a side of yourself you try to ignore

Ivory - Indicates that something is less than pure in your life

So Who Are All Those People In Your Dreams?

Surprisingly, no matter how many people are in your dream, all of them are you. Because your dream is solely for your benefit, all the people in your dream are just different aspects of your personality, for better or worse. In order for you to focus on your self-improvement, your life-enrichment and your progression, you need look at all your negative and positive traits, and change what needs to be changed,

A woman will have a dream that her short-tempered, angry boss is putting unreasonable demands on his children to sit down, and be quiet at Chuck E. Cheese's, because the woman identifies with him about how she's been inpatient, impractical, and angry with her own children. A man will dream that his older, financially reckless brother has lost everything in order to warn himself about the consequences of being irresponsible with money, too.

Dreaming of a jungle symbolizes your confusion
Dreaming of a jungle symbolizes your confusion | Source

If you think you don't dream, you're wrong...everyone dreams, but some people immediately start thinking about their day when they wake up, and they forget having dreamed anything.


Jewels (Gold, Money, Valuables) - Symbolizes spiritual and moral graces in your life or; your love or; your patience, generosity or forgiveness or; that you're losing your spiritual values (losing money or valuables) or; may be a warning to you about theft (losing valuables)

Jungle - Indicates that you're confused or; that you're being uncivilized and rude

Dreaming of a key indicates that you've found the answer to something
Dreaming of a key indicates that you've found the answer to something | Source

Dreams say what they mean, but they don't say it in daytime language."

— Gail Godwin


Key - Symbolizes the answer to your problem

King - Represents a high goal that you've met or; symbolizes your father or; symbolizes God or; represents the highest ideal you have in your mind

Kitchen - Symbolizes love in your life or; your diet (Who or what else was in the kitchen?)

Kneeling - Indicates your humility and humbleness

Knees (bended) - Indicates that you're bowing to someone's will

Knife - Indicates that you need cut something out of your life, to stop doing something

Dreaming of a ladder indicates that you're going up or down in a situation
Dreaming of a ladder indicates that you're going up or down in a situation | Source

"Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions."

— Edgar Cayce


Ladder - Indicates that you're going up (positive) or down (negative) in different levels of consciousness

Lake - Represents peace in your life, or; your mirrored image (looking into lake)

Lamb - Symbolizes your innocence, purity or meekness, or; can represent The Christ

Lamp - Represents your knowledge, or; you need to 'shed some light' on a situation

Leaves - Symbolizes something unhelpful to you that you've left behind (blowing leaves) or; your represents your growth, i.e. 'turning over a new leaf

Left Side - Represents the wrong way, always a negative symbol

Legs - Symbolizes your principles or belief system or; your support system

Letter - Indicates that a message on the way for you

Lice - Represents uncleanliness of your body, mind and/or spirit

Light - Symbolizes spiritual truths in your life, or; God’s presence, or; hope, or; a new idea

Light Bulb - Indicates that you have a new idea, or; your intuition

Lightening - Represents an emotional outburst, or; a 'flash' of insight, or; could be a coming urgent message to you

Lily - Symbolizes your transformation into something better

Lion - Unpleasantness in your life, or; your feelings of power ('king' of the jungle)

Lip - Represents the words you've been speaking, or; an indication to ‘Button your lip!’ (button on lip) or; the beauty of your words (beautiful lips)

Liquor - Symbolizes relaxation, or; your desire to escape reality, or represents 'The Spirit'

Living Room - Represents your daily activities or your current situation (is the room tidy or messy?)

Lizard - The importance of your dreams

Lotus - Symbolizes your enlightenment

Luggage - Represents your 'baggage' (problems, feelings) or; your thoughts about traveling, or; your memory of something, someone

Connect the Dots

One dream symbol can't stand alone in dream interpretation; you need to connect all the symbols in the dream rather than focus on a single object.

Mandalas represent your higher self
Mandalas represent your higher self | Source

"Dreams are free therapy. Consult your inner Freud."

— Terri Guillemets


Mandalas - Symbolizes your higher self

Marriage - Represents your relationship with someone

Maroon - Indicates poor health, a negative symbol

Maze - Symbolizes your confusion in life

Mirror - Represents how you see yourself or your situation, or; how others see you

Mockingbird - Symbolizes someone mocking you, or; you mocking yourself or someone else

Money - Represents something valuable to you (money, power, energy, talent)

Monkey - Indicates that you're making a monkey out of yourself

Monster - Symbolizes something fearful and/or terrible in yourself, another person, or a situation.

Moon - Represents romance and passion in your life

Moose - Symbolizes your self-esteem

Morning Glory - Represents your rebirth

Mother - Symbolizes a female higher power in your life

Mountain - Represents your accomplishments, or; your difficulties in life to overcome

Mouse - Symbolizes Irritations in your life

Mouth/Lips - Your words

Movie - The story of your life, or; the attitude of a mass of people

Mud - Symbolizes a difficult situation in your life

Music - Represents the divine influences in your life, or; the harmony you feel with others in your life

Dreaming of a clown nose indicates that you're making a clown out of yourself
Dreaming of a clown nose indicates that you're making a clown out of yourself | Source

Paul McCartney dreamed the entire melody for 'Yesterday' and wrote the lyrics immediately after waking.


Nail File - Indicates that you need to trim the rough edges of your character traits

Neck - Represents the flexibility of your thoughts (is it stiff or limber?)

Newspaper - Symbolizes facts that everyone knows, or; information that is coming to you, or; indicates that you've had a vision

Nine - Represents the completion of a cycle and reaching wholeness in your physical, spiritual or mental life

Non-Functioning Grocery Store - Symbolizes your meals that lack nutrition

Nose - Symbolizes your identity or situation, i.e. clown nose indicates someone is making a clown out of you, brown nose indicates that you're 'brown-nosing' someone, a nose where it shouldn't be indicates that you're being nosey

Nude - Indicates that you're feeling vulnerable, or; that you're shedding your old identity; can also represent your feelings of humility

Repetition Means Emergency!

Have you ever had a dream repeat itself? Chances are like everyone else, you have. Jung explained, “…recurring dreams show up repeatedly to demand attention, suggesting that the dreamer is neglecting an issue related to the dream.“

If you're dreaming the same thing over and over again, it's an urgent warning that shouts out for you to take notice and take care of a critical situation. And, you'll keep dreaming it until you do something about it. Take it as a direct message from God to do something about the situation quickly!

Dreaming of an owl can symbolizes your need to use more wisdom in a situation
Dreaming of an owl can symbolizes your need to use more wisdom in a situation | Source

"Dreams... the true interpreters of our inclinations, is required to sort and understand them."

— - Michel de Montaigne


Oak Tree - Symbolizes your strength and wisdom (is it healthy or diseased?)

Ocean - Represents your subconscious, or; your spiritual journey

Oil - Indicates your need or want to eliminate friction in a relationship

One - Represents God and the oneness of all things

Open Abdomen - Indicates that you're opening yourself up to something

Orange (Color) - Represents your health and energy level

Orchard - Symbolizes your spiritual qualities (is it overflowing with fruit or barely thriving?)

Orchestra - Represents your agreement or synchronization with someone or something in your life

Owl - Symbolizes your wisdom, or; a warning to you to use more judgement in a situation

'So Real' Dreams Are Real!

Extremely vivid and life-like dreams are rare and particularly important. You’re shocked after waking from this type of dream because you're convinced you were already awake during it, but you have a feeling of realism much stronger than your usual dreams. These dreams consist of premonitions (usually warnings about the future) or actual contact with loved ones who have passed on. If you were stunned upon waking and felt compelled to tell someone about your ‘so real’ dream, then it was a dream of unquestionable significance.If you can’t relate to the strange feeling that accompanies this kind of dream, then you haven’t had one - yet.

Dreaming of a peacock symbolizes pride and self-love
Dreaming of a peacock symbolizes pride and self-love | Source

"Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity."

— - Kahlil Gibran


Palm Trees - Symbolizes your victory over a situation and ensuing peace

Pansy - Represents your feelings of being walked on or cowardly

Parakeet - Indicates your love for someone that's 'caged in'.

Party - Represents a celebration along your life's journey, or; symbolizes a meaningless situation

Pawn Shop - Symbolizes that you're carelessly trading your important assets for something of lesser value

Peacock - Represents your self-pride and self-love

Pen - Symbolizes what you're thinking about, or; indicates your want or need to communicate

Perfume - Represents the way you express yourself (do you wear strong, soft or light perfume?) or; can symbolize a sweet-smelling experience you've had, or; indicates that you want to cover something up with something that seems better

Phoenix - Indicates that you've had a spiritual rebirth

Phone Ringing - Represents a message that's coming to you

Picture of Self - Indicates that you need to examine yourself more

Pig - Symbolizes that you're making a ‘pig’ of yourself

Pine Tree - Represents your longing for someone, or; you're need for peace

Pink - Pale pink is a negative symbol and represents weakness in the area it appears, and; rosey pink represents love and joy, or; that you're health is 'in the pink'.

Planets - Symbolizes your spiritual ideals, what you'd like to be spiritually

Platform - Represents the condition of your physical body (shaky or stable?) or; How you appear to other people

Pocket - Indicates that you're keeping something for yourself, or; symbolizes the . female sex organ

Poison - Indicates some type of danger to you; can indicate a deadly situation

Police - Represents universal laws and spiritual laws

Porch - Symbolizes your feelings of insecurity in a situation

Prisoner - Represents your feelings of being restricted and controlled in a situation

Priest - Symbolizes the safety and strength in spiritual forces

Pulling - Represents a strong influence in your life

"Dreams are necessary to life."

— - Anais Nin

The Reason for Dreams

Good or bad, you probably know that dreams can have a powerful influence on your daily mood and outlook. However, they haven’t been placed in your psyche to entertain you or torture you (even though it seems like it at times). They’re here to help; self-improvement is the intention, your ‘ultimate self’ is the reward.

Click here to see the list of interpretations from A to H in Part 1, and click here to see the Q to Z list of interpretations in Part 3.


'Dreams Your Magic Mirror' by Elsie Sechrist

Have you ever had a lucid dream (you knew you were dreaming while you were dreaming)?

See results

Do you remember your most frightening childhood dream?

© 2016 Shirley Urso-Farmer


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    • Shirl Urso-Farmer profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Urso-Farmer 

      3 years ago from Michigan

      That is a little odd.. I know that a house represents your total 'being' and your life (vehicles represent your physical body).. If you don't mind me saying, I wonder if you don't know yourself very well, (different houses, strange settings).. I dream about houses that I'm familiar with; i.e.. house I grew up in, homes that I've lived in.. and sometimes houses & places that I'm not familiar with.. I think maybe you should try to figure out what else is similar about the places in your dreams in order to understand the message.. are the houses in disrepair or are they beautiful.. are they all painted the same color, is the roof caving in.. that sort of thing.. That will help you figure out what the symbolization is & then you can translate the dreams better.

    • profile image

      Anita Hasch 

      3 years ago

      Shirley what I hate about dreaming is that I never dream in the same setting. Meaning the dream normally always has a different setting. Different houses and always in a strange place. I never dream about a place that I know?


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