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The Meaning of Your Dreams, Are You Getting the Messages? Part 3

Updated on August 22, 2016
Yes, dream big dreams!
Yes, dream big dreams! | Source

Yet it is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top.

— Virginia Woolf

Working with Your Dreams

Dreams evaporate quickly; you’ll remember the fuzzy scenes for seconds or minutes, maybe even parts of them will stay with you for a day, but then, they’re gone for good and so is the message that you were being sent. To make sure you get the lessons, there are some simple steps you can take to make your dreams more memorable, vivid, and understandable.

Keep a Journal

Keep a notebook within reach of your bedside specifically for recording your dreams every morning. As soon as you wake, jot down what you can remember - even if it’s only a couple of words or a description about how you felt - anything that will jog your memory about the dream later on. Alternatively, you can use it like a diary and write everything in journal form. When you look back at your entries days or weeks later, you’ll be surprised at what you remembered before you had that first sip of coffee.

Meditate to Enhance Your Dreams

Meditation will enhance your dreams, can be learned fairly quickly, and takes very little time to do. Set aside fifteen minutes to an hour a day to get away by yourself and meditate. You’ll progress to reaching a state of total relaxation within days or weeks of practice, but no matter how long it takes, it’s worth the every step. Your dreams will reflect your progressing spirituality and you’ll see positive symbols scattered about in them. You may dream that you have green eyes; indicating growing perception, or going up in an elevator; indicating progression. They’ll also be more vibrant and memorable quickly after beginning meditation. To learn how to start, click here.

Pray for Guidance

You might be thinking that something as ‘ordinary’ as praying won’t do much in the way of dreaming, but the Divine wants you to succeed in life more than you know. Even asking for something as simple as having your dreams to be made more understandable to you will yield results.The importance of asking for God to help you with interpreting and learning from your dreams shouldn’t be underestimated, and you’re effort will be rewarded.

Don't Give Up

You might have dreams that you can’t make heads or tails out of for days, weeks or years, but the meanings will come together for you eventually. With time, some symbols will become familiar to you and you’ll be able to tie them together with what’s happening in your life at certain moments. With practice, many interpretations will be obvious as soon as you wake.


Nail File - Trim the rough edges of self

Neck - Flexibility of thoughts

Newspaper - 1. Universal known facts 2. Public attention 3. New information 4. Prophecy

Nine - 1. Wholeness 2. Completion 3. A finish

Non-Functioning Grocery Store - 1. Meals that lack nutrition

Nude - 1. Desires 2. Vulnerability 3. Humility 4. Shedding of identity


Oak Tree - 1. Strength 2. Wisdom

Ocean - Limitless subconscious and super-conscious areas of the mind

Oil - Eliminate friction

One - 1. God 2. Life 3. The oneness of all things

Open Abdomen - Opening yourself up to something

Orange - 1. Health 2. Energy

Orchard - Spiritual qualities

Orchestra - 1. Synchronization, agreement 2. Your emotional nature

Owl - 1. Wisdom 2. Warning to use more judgement


Palm Trees - Unfolding of spiritual forces

Pansy - Humility

Parakeet - Caged in love that needs to be freed

Party - 1. Social life 2. Meaninglessness

Pawn Shop - Carelessly exchanging your important assets

Peacock - 1. Pride 2. Self-love

Pen - Communication

Perfume - The way you express yourself

Phoenix - Spiritual rebirth

Phone Ringing - A coming message

Picture of Self - Self-examination required

Pig - Making a ‘pig’ of yourself

Pine Tree - 1. Longing for someone 2. Peace

Pink - 1. Weakness (pale pink) 2. Love and joy (rosey pink)

Planets - Spiritual ideals

Platform - 1. Condition of your physical body (shaky or stable?) 2. Your appearance if front of others

Pocket - 1. Keeping something for yourself 2. Inner reserves 3. Female sex organ

Poison - Danger

Police - 1. Universal laws 2. Spiritual laws

Porch - Insecurity

Prisoner - Feeling restricted and controlled

Priest - Safety and strength in spiritual forces

Pulling - Strong influence

Who will be playing all the different sides of you tonight?
Who will be playing all the different sides of you tonight? | Source

Dreams are illustrations...from the book of your soul is writing about you

— Marsha Norman


Rabbit - 1. Sexual desire (growing or shrinking) 2. Can’t decide about having sex (rabbit on fence)

Radio - 1. ‘Tune in’ for an improved understanding 2. Public knowledge 3. Telepathy 4. Communication

Railroad Station - A trip or change (literal or symbolic)

Rain - Gifts from the Divine

Rainbow - God’s promises

Raincoat - Warning of physical danger

Rat - Gossiping

Raven - God’s love and ability to meet our needs

Red - 1. Passion 2. Life force 3.Sex 4. A ‘red flag,’ to get your attention to something

Red Wine - The Holy Spirit

Restaurant - 1. Seeking higher spiritual food 2. Sociability

Right Side - Correct way

Rings - Marriage

River - The way of life

Road - Your life’s journey

Robin - New beginning

Rocks - Difficulties to conquer

Roof - Highest ideals

Room - 1. Lack of development in spiritual or mental state (empty room) 2.Overweight (large room without people)

Rooster - Aggressiveness

Rose - Love

Runner - 1. Exerted force that gives strength 2. The want to get away 3. Desire to finish a goal


Scales - 1. Justice 2. Balance

Scar - Memory of pain

School - Education and preparation; lessons in life that are required

Scissors - 1. Desire to cut free 2. Cutting remarks 3. Feeling cut off

Scorpion - 1. Dangerous 2. Painful

Seed - 1. Offspring 2. New beginnings

Senior Citizen - Wisdom gained from experience

Servant - The need to be in service ("The greatest master will be servant to all")

Seven - Spiritual forces

Sexual Organs (Small Male) - Lack of maturity/manliness

Shack - Body or spiritual state in need of repair

Shamrock - Holy Trinity

Shark - Unexpected attack

Sheep - Seeking spiritual food

Shells - 1. Hardness 2. Beauty

Shepherd - Christ

Shirt - The attitude that you wear

Shoemaker - Assistance with your life

Shoes - Your foundation

Silhouette - Seeing things in an incomplete way

Six - 1. Beauty 2. Strength 3. The Diving in nature (six days of creation)

Skin (Wounds, Infections, ect.) - Warning about physical health

Skunk - Resentment to injustices

Sliding Down - Spiritual backsliding

Snake - 1. Wisdom 2. Temptation

Spider - A forewarning about getting trapped in someone’s ‘web’

Spoon - Reminder to do things in small doses

Spotted - Impure (negative)

Stage - 1. Making something public 2. Center of your own attention

Stairs 1. Reincarnation (circular or spiral) 2. Spiritual improvement (climbing up) 3. Spiritual backsliding (going down)

Stars - Spiritual ideals

Statue - 1. Something that will come alive 2. Physical product of a mental image

Stick - 1. Rod of life 2. Discipline 3. Male sex organ

Stripes - A change or variety

Stomach - ‘Stomaching’ something

Stone - 1. Core of self in need of light (dark, unpolished) 2. Inner spiritual progress (polished)

Store Shelves - Meals, your diet

Study/Library - Research and learn

Sun - 1.The Divine 2. Your son

Sunflower - 1. Joy 2. Fullness of life

Swan - 1. Tranquility 2. Graciousness

Sweeping - Spiritual cleaning process

Swimming - Submerged in the universal forces

Sword - 1. The Holy Spirit (can cut both ways) 2. Masculine sexuality


Teacher - Someone who helps you progress

Teeth - 1.The words you speak 2. Control you words (braces on teeth) 3. Ugly words (crooked teeth) 4. Careless words (loose teeth) 5. Lies (false teeth) 6. Talk to much (teeth falling out) 7. Speaking spiritual truths (gold teeth) 8. Sharp words (sharp teeth)

Telephone - 1. A message on the way 2. A way of getting information

Telescope - Ability to perceive things from a long distance

Ten - 1. Strength seldom found 2. Return to unity

Tent - 1. Insecure place 2. Changeability

Thermometer - 1. Warning regarding health 2. Measuring emotional state

Thistle - The fall of humanity

Throat - 1. Personal will 2. Creativity 3. Communication

Three - 1. Holy Trinity 2. Body, mind and spirit

Tiger - Overly severe nature

Toilet - Necessity of eliminating imperfections within self

Tools - 1. Implements needed for spiritual improvement 2. Unused abilities or knowledge within (unused tools)

Tower - Super-conscious

Train - Life’s journey

Traps - Pitfalls

Trash - 1. Disorder in life 2. Ideas of little value

Tree (In General) - Your spiritual state

Trip - A change coming

Truck - Health is hampering your work (beat up truck)

Tunnels - Deeper levels of the mind

Turban - Mystery of the mind

Turrets - Ears

Turtle - 1. Need to move slowly 2. Long life 3. Introverted

Twelve - 1. Spiritual perfection 2. Completion

Two - 1. Strength 2. Balance


Unclean Hands - Guilty Conscious

Uniform - 1. Common thought 2. Conformity


Vulture - 1. Overeating 2. Death


Wading - Being careful about new experiences

Wall - 1. Obstacle to overcome 2. Protection 3. Confinement

Washing Machine - Cleansing of flaw

Water - 1.The water of life, the source of all things 2. The journey of life

Waterfront - The Spirit

Wave - Unstable conditions

Web/Snares - 1. A pitfall 2. A trap

Weeds - Deserted, uncared for

Weeping Willow - Sorrow

Whistle Blowing - Stop!

White - Purity

Wig - False thinking

Windows - Perception, awareness

Wolf - Sexual aggression

Woods - Confusion

Worm - An activity or attitude that’s destructive to the dreamer


Yeast - Increase

Yellow - 1. Sunshine 2. Cowardice


Zero - Nothingness, void

Lastly, Don't Forget to Enjoy the Journey!

Take time to read through your past entries every few months and you’ll get a kick out of making connections with the creative symbols you saw and your life events at the time. Remember having an explosive situation in your life that eventually passed? You may see a dream symbol for a volcano that had erupted and then was dormant. Although dream interpretation is necessary for spiritual growth, it can also be interesting and enjoyable.

To read more information on dream meanings in Part 1, click here; to read the symbol list from A to M in Part 2, click here.


'Dreams Your Magic Mirror' by Elsie Sechrist

Sweet dreams!
Sweet dreams! | Source

If man desires to receive God's approval, it is his duty to try not only to understand himself, but also to understand his individual relationship to others. This he can do through the reception of messages from the higher forces themselves, as in dreams...

— Edgar Cayce

Do you remember most of your dreams after waking?

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    • Shirl Urso-Farmer profile image

      Shirley Urso-Farmer 10 months ago from Michigan

      Yes you're right, dreams can be scary & you want to forget them right away.. but I think that if you're having the same basic dream repeatedly, the Divine is trying to tell you something important that you're not getting. I've had this happen on multiple occasions & I tried to break it down by translating the symbols one by one, so that I finally get the message that's coming through. With your dream, I wonder if there's danger somewhere in your life that you need to get away from?

    • profile image

      Anita Hasch 10 months ago

      Interesting hub Shirley. Although I don't think I would want to meditate on two dreams that I had that were very similar. Same people in the dream and trying to get away from danger. Only the setting was different. Two different houses. Okay, if you have a nice dream.