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Dream Interpretation; Are You Getting the Message? Part 3

Updated on March 1, 2018
Shirl Urso-Farmer profile image

Shirley is a freelance writer who studies legitimate dream interpretations, and how to use dreams for personal growth.

Working with Your Dreams

Dreams evaporate quickly; you’ll remember the fuzzy scenes for seconds or minutes, maybe even parts of them will stay with you for a day, but then, they’re gone for good and so is the message that you were being sent. To make sure you get the lessons, there are some simple steps you can take to make your dreams more memorable, vivid, and understandable.

Within five minutes of waking, you've forgotten 50% of your dream; within ten minutes, you've forgotten 90%, if not all of it.

Dreams are illustrations...from the book of your soul is writing about you

— Marsha Norman
Dreaming of quicksand symbolizes a dangerous situation in your life
Dreaming of quicksand symbolizes a dangerous situation in your life | Source

"The dream provides the answer through the symbol, which one must understand."

— - Carl Jung


Quarter - Indicates a 'change' is coming in your life soon, or, can be symbolic of one part of four

Queen - Represents your higher power, or, your wife, or the 'diva' side of another female family member or friend

Quicksand - Symbolizes a dangerous situation that's difficult for you to get out of without help

Quadruplets - Represents your fear of something quadrupling in your life, or, your want of something to quadruple

Quarrel - Usually symbolizes your want or need to confront someone in your life, or can symbolize your fear of arguing with someone

Queasiness - Represents something in your life, or something you've done that is making you 'sick'.

Quiz - Indicates there's a test in life that you need to pass

Keep a Journal

Keep a notebook within reach of your bedside specifically for recording your dreams every morning. As soon as you wake, jot down what you can remember - even if it’s only a couple of words or a description about how you felt - anything that will jog your memory about the dream later on. Alternatively, you can use it like a diary and write everything in journal form. When you look back at your entries days or weeks later, you’ll be surprised at what you remembered before you had that first sip of coffee.

Dreaming of an empty room indicates your lack of spiritual and mental development
Dreaming of an empty room indicates your lack of spiritual and mental development | Source

"Dreams are the guiding words of the soul."

— - Carl Jung


Rabbit - Represents your sexual desire (is it large or small?) or; indicates that you can't decide about having sex (rabbit on fence)

Radio - Indicates that you need to 'tune in’ to get a better understanding of something, or; represents that something is public knowledge, or; symbolizes your telepathy, or; something needs to be communicated to you (what was being said on the radio?)

Railroad Station - Represents a trip or that a situation will change (literal or symbolic)

Rain - Symbolizes gifts from God for you, or; an emotional release, or; your spiritual, physical or mental cleansing

Rainbow - Represents God’s promises, or; indicates the end of a bad situation

Raincoat - Symbolizes a warning of physical danger; a negative symbol

Rat - Indicates that you or someone you know is gossiping

Raven - Represents God’s love and His ability to meet your needs

Red - Represents your passion, or; your life force, or; your sex life, or; is a ‘red flag,’ to get your attention to something important

Red Wine - The Holy Spirit, always a positive symbol

Restaurant - Indicates that you're seeking higher spiritual 'food' or; symbolizes your sociability

Right Side - Indicates the right and correct way, always a positive symbol

Rings - Represents marriage

River - Symbolizes your life's journey

Road - Also symbolizes your life’s journey; being at a crossroads represents a choice you have to make

Robin - Indicates a new beginning for you

Rocks - Represents difficulties that you have to conquer

Roof - Symbolizes your highest ideals

Room - An empty room symbolizes lack of your development in the spiritual or mental state, a very large, empty room indicates that you're overweight

Rooster - Represents your, or someone else's aggressiveness

Rose - Symbolizes love

Runner - Represents your exerted force that gives you strength, or; indicates that you want to get away, or; symbolizes your desire to finish a goal

Dreaming of snakes can represent wisdom, temptation, or evil
Dreaming of snakes can represent wisdom, temptation, or evil | Source

Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his own funeral just three days before he was assassinated


Scales (Balance Scales) - Represents justice and balance in your life

Scar - Symbolizes your memory of something painful

School - Indicates that more lessons in your life are required, you have to learn more in order to move up

Scissors - Represents your desire to cut free from something, or; your cutting remarks, or; indicates that you're feeling cut off from someone or something

Scorpion - Symbolizes something dangerous in your life, or something painful to you

Seed - Represents your children or grandchildren, or; your new beginnings

Senior Citizen - Symbolizes wisdom gained from your experience (were the seniors frail or healthy?)

Servant - Represents your need to be in service, i.e., to always help others

Seven - Symbolizes the spiritual forces in your life, also, completeness, sacredness, or; your seven chakras. Also, seeing 777 represents the threefold perfection of the Trinity - Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Always a positive symbol.

Sexual Organs (Small Male) - Represents your or someone's lack of maturity and manliness

Shack - Indicates that either your body or spiritual state is in need of repair

Shamrock - Symbolizes the Holy Trinity - Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, or; your good fortune (now or in the future). Always a positive symbol

Shark - Represents an unexpected attack on you

Sheep - Indicates that you're seeking spirituality

Shells - Symbolizes your strength of backbone, or; your beauty

Shepherd - Represents Jesus Christ, always a positive symbol

Shirt - Symbolizes the attitude that you 'wear' in front of others

Shoemaker - Indicates that you need assistance with your life

Shoes - Symbolizes your foundation and your life (were they in good shape or were you missing a shoe?)

Silhouette - Indicates that you're seeing things in an incomplete way

Six - Represents your beauty and strength, or; you need to see The Divine in nature (six days of creation)

Skin (Wounds, Infections, ect.) - Symbolizes a warning about your physical health (wounds on skin is always a negative symbol)

Skunk - Represents your resentment to injustices done to you

Sliding Down - Indicates that you're backsliding spiritually

Snake - Symbolizes your wisdom, or; your temptation, or; evil in your life, or; your sexuality, or; your creative energy (what else was happening in the dream?)

Spider - Represents a warning to you about getting trapped in someone’s ‘web’ (always a negative symbol)

Spoon - Symbolizes a reminder to you to do things in small doses

Spotted - Indicates something impure in you or your life (always a negative symbol)

Stage - Indicates that you're making something public, or; symbolizes what the center of your attention is

Stairs - Represents your reincarnation (circular or spiral stairs) or; your spiritual improvement (climbing up stairs) or; symbolizes that you're backsliding in spirituality (going down stairs)

Stars - Symbolizes your spiritual ideals

Statue - Indicates something in your life that will come alive

Stick - Represents discipline needed for you or someone else, or; symbolizes a male sex organ

Stripes - Symbolizes a change in your life

Stomach - Indicates that you're having a hard time ‘stomaching’ something; you're having trouble dealing with a situation

Stone - Represents your inner-self that needs light (dark, unpolished stone) or; that you have progressed spiritually (a polished stone)

Store Shelves - Symbolizes your meals and your diet (what kind of food was on the shelves?)

Study/Library - Indicates that you need to research and learn about something

Sun - Symbolizes God, or; represents your own son; always a positive symbol

Sunflower - Represents your joy and the fullness of your life

Swan - Symbolizes your tranquility and/or your graciousness

Sweeping - Indicates that you need a spiritual cleaning

Swimming - Indicates that you're in an emotional or spiritual journey

Sword - Represents the Holy Spirit (can cut you both ways) or; your or someone's masculine sexuality

Meditate to Enhance Your Dreams

Meditation will enhance your dreams, can be learned fairly quickly, and takes very little time to do. Set aside fifteen minutes to an hour a day to get away by yourself and meditate. You’ll progress to reaching a state of total relaxation within days or weeks of practice, but no matter how long it takes, it’s worth the every step. Your dreams will reflect your progressing spirituality and you’ll see positive symbols scattered about in them. You may dream that you have green eyes; indicating growing perception, or going up in an elevator; indicating progression. They’ll also be more vibrant and memorable quickly after beginning meditation. To learn how to start, click here.

Dreaming of having sharp teeth symbolizes your sharp or cutting words
Dreaming of having sharp teeth symbolizes your sharp or cutting words | Source

On two different nights, an English businessman dreamed of the Titanic sinking shortly before he was scheduled to take a trip on the luxurious ship.


Teacher - Represents someone that helps you go forward in life

Teeth - Symbolizes the words you speak; braced on your teeth indicate that yo need to control you words; crooked teeth symbolize your ugly words; loose teeth represent your careless words; false teeth represent the lies you've told; your teeth falling out indicates that you're talking too much; gold teeth symbolize that you're speaking the spiritual truth; sharp teeth represent your sharp words during an argument

Telephone - Indicates that there's a message for you on the way or; represents a way of getting information

Telescope - Represents your ability to perceive things from a long distance

Ten - Symbolizes your rare strength or; represents your individuality

Tent - Represents that you're feeling insecure or; that you're in a very unstable situation

Thermometer - Symbolizes a warning regarding your health or; represents a measurement of your emotional state (was the temperature hot, cool or a healthy normal?)

Thistle - Represents the fall of humanity (separation from God)

Throat - Symbolizes your personal will or; your creativity or; your communication skills

Three - Represents the Holy Trinity and/or body, mind and spirit

Tiger - Symbolizes your overly severe, harsh and/or cruel nature

Toilet - Represents the need to eliminate faults within yourself

Tools - Indicates that you need to look for the tools for your spiritual improvement (meditation, prayer, ect.) or; unused tools represent your abilities and/or knowledge that you're not using

Tower - Symbolizes your super-conscious; your higher-self

Train/Train Tracks - Represents the journey of life that you're on

Traps - Symbolizes pitfalls in your life

Trash - Represents disorder in your life or; your ideas that have no value

Trees (In general) - Indicates what spiritual state you're in (was the tree healthy and bearing fruit or diseased?)

Trip - Indicates that a change is coming in your life

Truck - Represents your physical body at your job, a beat-up truck indicates that your health is disrupting your work

Tunnels - Symbolizes deeper levels of your mind

Turban - Represents the mysteries of your mind

Turrets - Represent your ears (were they closed off, or open and in working order?)

Turtle - Symbolizes the need for you to move slowly in a situation or; represents a long life or; indicates that you or someone else is introverted; shy

Twelve - Represents spiritual perfection and completion

Two - Symbolizes strength and balance

Dreaming of an umbrella symbolizes your need of emotional help
Dreaming of an umbrella symbolizes your need of emotional help | Source

John Lennon dreamed of the '#9 Dream' song before writing it, and it reached it's peak at #9 on the Billboard charts


Umbrella - Symbolizes your need or want for emotional protection

Unclean Hands - Represents your guilty conscious

Uniform - Symbolizes common thought that you have with someone and/or your willingness to conform

Dreaming of a vulture can symbolize overeating, or death
Dreaming of a vulture can symbolize overeating, or death | Source

"Dreams... A translation of waking life."

— - Rene Magritte


Vulture - Indicates that you're overeating or; symbolizes the death or end of something

Dreaming of a  wolf symbolizes your sexual boldness
Dreaming of a wolf symbolizes your sexual boldness | Source

Yet it is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top.

— Virginia Woolf


Wading - An indication for you to be careful about new experiences

Wall - Represents an obstacle that you need to overcome or; a source of protection for you or; indicates your feeling of being trapped in a situation

Washing Machine - Represents that you need to clean a flaw in yourself or in a situation

Water - Symbolizes the water of life, the source of all things or; represents the journey of your life

Waterfront - Represents your spirit

Wave - Symbolizes unstable conditions in your life

Web/Snares - Represents a pitfall or a trap in your life; always a negative symbol

Weeds - Symbolizes that you feel deserted and uncared for

Weeping Willow - Represents your feelings of sorrow and grief

Whistle Blowing - An strong indication for you to stop what you're doing

White - Symbolizes purity in your life; always a positive symbol

Wig - Represents your false thinking

Windows - Symbolizes your perception and awareness

Wolf - Represents your sexual aggression

Woods - Symbolizes confusion in your life

Worm - A strong symbol of something that’s destructive to the dreamer; always a negative symbol

Dreaming of the color yellow indicates sunshine in your life, or cowardice
Dreaming of the color yellow indicates sunshine in your life, or cowardice | Source

Don't Give Up!

You might have dreams that you can’t make heads or tails out of for days, weeks or years, but after looking back, you'll be able to tie some dreams together with certain life situations that you went through. With time, some symbols will become familiar to you, and with practice, many interpretations will be obvious as soon as you wake.


Yeast - Indicates your need to increase something in you or your life

Yellow - Represents sunshine in your life or; symbolizes your cowardice

Dreaming of zero symbolizes a void in your life
Dreaming of zero symbolizes a void in your life | Source


Zero - Represents nothingness, a void in your life

Lastly, Don't Forget to Enjoy the Journey!

Take time to read through your past entries every few months and you’ll get a kick out of making connections with the creative symbols you saw and your life events at the time. Remember having an explosive situation in your life that eventually passed? You may see a dream symbol for a volcano that had erupted and then was longer an 'explosive' situation. Although dream interpretation is necessary for spiritual growth, it's also fascinating!

To read more information on dream meanings in Part 1, click here; to read interpretations in Part 2, click here.


'Dreams Your Magic Mirror' by Elsie Sechrist

Sweet dreams!
Sweet dreams! | Source

If man desires to receive God's approval, it is his duty to try not only to understand himself, but also to understand his individual relationship to others. This he can do through the reception of messages from the higher forces themselves, as in dreams...

— Edgar Cayce

© 2016 Shirley Urso-Farmer

Tell me about a dream that has stuck with you for years..

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    • Shirl Urso-Farmer profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Urso-Farmer 

      3 years ago from Michigan

      Yes you're right, dreams can be scary & you want to forget them right away.. but I think that if you're having the same basic dream repeatedly, the Divine is trying to tell you something important that you're not getting. I've had this happen on multiple occasions & I tried to break it down by translating the symbols one by one, so that I finally get the message that's coming through. With your dream, I wonder if there's danger somewhere in your life that you need to get away from?

    • profile image

      Anita Hasch 

      3 years ago

      Interesting hub Shirley. Although I don't think I would want to meditate on two dreams that I had that were very similar. Same people in the dream and trying to get away from danger. Only the setting was different. Two different houses. Okay, if you have a nice dream.


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