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The Milwaukee Cannibal (Discretion strongly advised)

Updated on November 25, 2014

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer's was a serial killer whose death was due to being beaten to death by a fellow inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution, by inmateChristopher Scarver, This is where Jeffery Dahmer was incarcerated for 15 of the 16 Murders he’d committed. He was serving an initial 15 term- life imprisonment sentence, however he was given an additional life sentence in an additional murder he’d committed in Ohio in 1978.

His crime spree spread out for 14 years – from 1978 to 1991

Most of his crimes took place in Wisconsin, with one taking place in Ohio.

He had raped, murdered, and dismembered. He also participated in necrophilia and Cannibalism in the later years. He’d frozen body parts to preserve them,and all or part of the skeleton as well.

Jeffery Dahmer grew up in Ohio, where he attended Revere High School. He was known to abuse alcohol from the age of 14, even doing it in school, one of his friends asked “what are you doing?” He replied “its my medicine”. He was also known to be polite and highly intelligent. He was a good tennis player and participated in band, despite the fact that he was also a clown and would fake seizures, pull pranks, and do characteristic walks. He did these so often that the pranks were called “Doing a Dahmer.”

In his teen years, during puberty, he knew that he was homosexual, but he didn’t tell anyone. He’d have thoughts of sexual relationships where he was dominate and in control of the subservient partner, but somehow in this thought process, he was curious about dissection. Once these thoughts manifested into wanting to put them into action, he had a particular jogger in mind. To set out his plan, he hid in the bushes with a bat, waiting for the jogger to pass by him, though the jogger had not taken that route that day and he didn’t get to implement his plan and didn’t try to go after the jogger again, but it was his first attempt to commit murder at the age of about 16.

In 1977, when he was 17 years old, his grades had quickly gone down and he withdrew socially. His parents got a divorce and his father moved out of the family home in 1978, after a lot of arguing between his parents which took place in front of him. That May, a few weeks before his graduation from high school, a teacher saw him drinking a lot of beer and threatened to report him, he confided to her that he had a lot going on at home and the counselor was aware of it.

After the divorce, his mother was awarded custody of his younger brother and left the family home to move in with family members in Wisconsin, he was 18 at the time and remained in the family home, while his father lived in a nearby hotel.

On June 18, 1978, he come upon a hitchhiker and offered to bring him to his house for a few beers, and the offer was accepted. After a few hours of drinking and listening to music, the hitchhiker, Steven Mark Hicks, who had been on his way to a concert, wanted to leave, and he didn’t want him to so he attacked him with a 10 pound (5 kilo) dumbbell from behind, as he sat in a chair. When Mr. Hicks was unconscious, he strangled him with the dumbbell and stripped him naked and masturbated over his corpse. The next day, he dissected Mr. Hicks in the crawl space of the home. Weeks later he dug the remains up and with a paring knife, removed the flesh from the bone. He put the flesh in acid and flushed it in the toilet, and crushed the bones with a sledgehammer and scattered them in the woods.

Six weeks after the murder, his father returned to the family home with his fiancée, and that is when he discovered that his son had been living there, he hadn’t even known. Jeffery Dahmer had decided to enroll on Ohio State University to get a degree in business, but he did not do well, mainly because of his drinking and despite his father paying for the second term in advance, he quit college after three months.

Jeffrey Dahmer



January 1979, he enlisted in the Army after his father had pressed him to. He had a good record and was considered a good soldier. His training to be a combat medic was in Houston. On July 13, 1979 he was deployed to West Germany, where he served as combat medic. During that time, there was one soldier who had complained to his commander that Dahmer had raped him repeatedly over a 17-month time span, but nothing was done about it, as he was not believed.

In March 1981, he was honorable discharged from the Army, even though he had been considered unfit to stay enlisted in the Army because of his drinking problem. He was given a plane ticket in Fort Jackson, after a briefing, to travel anywhere in the USA, he couldn’t face his dad, so he decided that he would go to Miami Beach, Florida. He found employment at a sandwich shop and rented a room at a hotel nearby, but because he spent all of his money on alcohol, he was eventually evicted, so he slept on the beach while he kept working at the sandwich shop, but finally in September, 1981, he called his father and asked if he could return home to Ohio.

Once back in Ohio, living with his father and step-mother, he asked for chores to do so that he was busy while he looked for a job, but he was still drinking heavily and eventually got a drunk driving arrest, where he was given a fine and a suspended jail sentence. While his father tried to get him off the drinking, he was unable to, and since he did show affection to his grandmother, his father and stepmother sent him to live with her in West Allis.

The change of scenery at his grandmothers had done him well, he went to church with her, and he helped with household chores, looked for work and abided by rules, while he did continue to drink. During this time he was arrested for indecent exposure, for exposing himself to a crowd of over 25 people, he was fined. He landed a job as a phlebotomist at a blood plasma center and held the job for 10 months before he was laid off, after that he relied heavily on his grandmother for financial support, which lasted about 2 years.

Finally, in January 1985, he found employment as mixer at a Milwaukee Ambrosia Chocolate Factory, soon after he was at a public library and was propositioned by another man who’d passed him a note and wanted fellatio performed on him, he didn’t respond to the note but it had stirred those emotions in him. He began hanging out at gay bars and bathhouses, he had also stolen a male mannequin from a store and took it home to perform sexual acts on it, until his grandmother found it in his closet and made him dispose of it. During his time at the bathhouses, he was frustrated with men moving about during sex, so he started spiking their drinks with sleeping pills and having sex with their unconscious bodies. He’d heard that there was a funeral for an 18-year-old male and had decided he was going to dig up the body, but the soil proved to be too hard to shovel through and did not follow through it. He eventually was barred from the bathhouse, due to complaints, and took the idea to hotel rooms at the Ambassador Hotel. Meanwhile, in August 1986, he was seen masturbating in front of two 12 year old boys by the Kinnickinnic River, he admitted it at first and then changed his story to say he was merely urinating, he got a year probation and was told to he had to attend counseling.

Jeffrey Dahmer



Jeffery met a 25-year-old man, Steven Tuomi, from Michigan, at a bar and convinced him to go back to his room at the Ambassador Hotel, even though at the time, he was still living with his grandmother. Jeffery claims that his intention was not to murder him, but to drug him and have sex with him while he was unconscious, but he’d woken the next morning to the victim’s body having a crushed chest, while he also had brusing injuries. He said that was shocked to see that and realize it had occurred, because he didn’t remember any of it, nonetheless, he took the body in a suitcase to his grandmothers house where he again dissected the body, removing the flesh from the bone, crushing the bone, and putting them all in the garbage. He kept the skull for sexual pleasure, it eventually deteriorated due to the bleaching mix that he used to clean it with. It was then hammered and discarded.

After the murder of Steven Tuomi, he started to look for victims, mainly in gay bars, he would lure them to his grandmother’s house and drug them to have intercourse with them and then murder them. Such incidents include:

1.) James Doxtator, a14 Year old Male prostitute - offered $50.00 to pose for nude photos, after they had sexual relations, the victim was drugged and murdered by strangulation. His body was kept in the cellar for a week before he was also dismembered, having his flesh removed with a pairing knife and the bones crushed and thrown into the trash. However, his skull was retained for the same purpose as Mr. Tuomi’s, which also was eventually hammered for the same reasons.

2.) Richard Guerreo, a 22-year old bisexual met Jeffery on March 24, 1988 at a bar where he was offered $50.00 just to spend the night with him. He was drugged with sleeping pills. Jeffery then strangled him using a leather belt and performed fellatio on the corpse. His body was disposed of within a day and done the same way as the previous victims, with also retaining the skull until it eventually gave way due to the bleaching process and was then discarded.

3.) April 23, 1988 another young boy, 13 year old to his grandmother’s house using the same offer to pose for nude photos with the same amount of money, $50.00, and sexually fondled him while he was drugged with a laced coffee of sleeping pills. During this encounter, Jeffery heard his heard his grandmother call out for him, as did the victim, it was then he decided not to kill him, but instead take him to hospital.

Jeffery’s grandmother, in September, had asked that he move out due to the fact he was brining home men late at night and because of the foul smells emitting through the house, he complied and moved out on the 25th of September into his own apartment on North Twenty-Fifth Street.

September 26, 1988, Jeffery was arrested for the fondling of the 13-year-old boy that he had brought to the hospital.

November 1988, a mixed race, aspiring 24-year-old model, Anthony Sears met Jeffery at a gay bar. Jeffery claimed that he was not there looking for a victim, but that Sears was talking to him a lot before closing time and took the opportunity to bring him back to his grandmother’s house where they engaged in oral sex before he drugged him and murdered him by strangulation. He dismembered the body in his grandmother’s bathtub, but this time he retained the victim’s genitalia as well as his scalp and skull. He kept the genitalia and scalp in a jar of acetone, and stored it in his work locker with the skull. When he would later move again, he took them with him. He had expressed in interview that he had found his victim to be exceptional attractive.

On January 1989, he was convicted of Second Degree Sexual assault and of enticing a minor for immoral purposes. On May 23, 1989, Jeffery was sentenced for the convictions received relating to the 13-year-old boy. He got 5 years probation, one year in the house of correction with work release, and he was required to register as a sex offender. During this time, Jeffery had moved back in his grandmother’s house. Two months before his sentence was fulfilled with work camp, he was paroled, upon release he moved back in with his grandmother in West Allis.

In May 1990, he moved into apartment #213, at the Oxford Apartments in Milwaukee and brought the jar of body parts of Anthony Sears with him. After living in his own apartment for only a week, another victim would fall prey to Jeffery. A male prostitute named Raymond Smith was lured to Jeffery’s apartment with the promise of $50.00 for sex; he was drugged with several sleeping pills and murdered by strangulation. This time, Jeffery purchased a Polaroid camera and took photographs of his victims corpse posed in suggestive positions. His body was dismembered and all but the skull, which he spray painted and placed next to Mr. Sears, were thrown into the garbage in the same manner he had with his other victims.

About May 1990, Jeffery lured another potential victim to his apartment, but he had mistakenly drunk the beverage laced with sedatives and woke to find that he was robbed of $300.00 and a watch. While he did not report this incident to the police, he had told his probation officer that he had been robbed.

June 1990, he lured an acquaintance to his apartment, 27-year-old Edward Smith, which he would later be upset about, stating he felt “rotten” about it.

On a side note here, to be clear, it was not because of what he did to him, but because he bungled the preservation of body parts and was upset he was unable to retain them. He had drugged and strangled Mr. Smith, and instead of putting the body parts in solutions, he had decided that he would freeze them, after several months in the freezer, he realized that freezing wouldn’t remove moisture so he took the parts and carried out his normal way of doing things, in doing so, he had placed the skull in the oven to dry and it exploded.

About September 1990, a 22-year-old young man from Chicago, Earnest Miller, would cross paths with Jeffery on North 27th Street. Once back to Jeffery’s apartment, with the promise of $50.00 and an opportunity from the victim to listen to his heart and stomach, Jeffery tried to perform fellatio and Mr. Miller stopped him stating that would cost more money. With that Jeffery laced a drink with the only two sleeping pills he had left, knowing that it was enough to render him completely unconscious, he cut his throat with the same knife he used to dismember his victims bodies with. And so it was, he took suggestive photographs with his camera and then he was dismembered in the bathtub, but while doing so, he told investigators that he repeatedly kissed and talked to the victim while dismembering him. Jeffery decided to keep Mr. Millers heart, biceps and portions of flesh from his legs to consume later, so he wrapped them in plastic and refrigerated them. The severed head, intact with scalp was placed on top of the fridge; the rest was put into the bleaching solution and boiled to be able remove the flesh from bone and preserve the skeleton, this time he let the Skelton dry on cloth. He eventually took the head and stripped it of flesh, painted it and then enameled it.

22 Year old, father of one, David Thomas, met Jeffery at the Mall, on September 24, 1990 and went back to his apartment with the lure of a few drinks and some money to pose nude for photographs. Mr. Thomas was served a drink laced with drugs, but once he had passed out, Jeffery decided that he was not attracted to him and only killed him because he was worried that the victim would be upset about being drugged. In this case, he did strangle him and take suggestive photographs, but he did not retain any body parts at all.

Between October 1990 and February of 1991, Jeffery did not kill anyone else, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying, he was simply unsuccessful in luring anyone

Jeffrey Dahmer



February 1991, 17-year-old Curtis Staughter, met Jeffery Dahmer at a bus stop near the university, and took him up on his offer of money to pose nude for photographs and sexual intercourse. Once in the apartment, Jeffery laced his drink with sedatives, strangled and dismembered. The dismembering process was photographed. His skull was kept along with his hands and genitals.

April 7th, 19991, walking to a store, the 19-year-old heterosexual named Errol Lindsey, was lured to Jeffery’s apartment where he was drugged, once drugged, Jeffery used a drill to bore a hole in the victims scalp and poured muriatic acid into it. Jeffery had told investigators that during this experiment, Mr. Lindsey had woken and said, “I have a headache, what time is it?” He also stated that his reason for doing this was to “induce a permanent, unresisting, submissive state.”

Jeffery stated that he drugged Mr. Lindsey again after waking and strangled him. He was then decapitated like the others, but his skin was placed in a solution of salt water to retain it, however he ended up throwing it away as it had become too brittle.

Throughout this period, neighbors had been complaining about the smell emitting from his apartment, but at each inquest, he had an excuse, once was that his refrigerator had broken and all of the contents had spoiled and another it was that his fish had died.

May 26, 1991, remember the 13 year old from 1988, who was lucky enough to end up in the hospital, instead of fellated? His younger brother, 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone, met Jeffery on Wisconsin Avenue where he was offered money to pose for photographs, initially the boy was hesitant, but relented and went to the apartment with Jeffery where he was drugged. Jeffery drilled a hole into his skull and injected muriatic acid into the frontal lobe. Before he was unconscious, he was brought into his bedroom where another victim was laying on the floor, 31 year old, Tony Hughes who was murdered three days prior and was naked and bloated. Jeffery had told investigators that he believed the boy saw the body but was unable to react due to the drugs. Once he was unconscious, Jeffery drank some beers laying next to him before going to a bar and then later purchasing more alcohol. Upon his return to the apartment, he noticed the boy sitting naked outside near 3 women who were in hysterics, the boy was speaking in Laotian, which is often spoken in Thailand. Jeffery approached and tried to take the boy telling the women that it was his lover, who is 19 and that he always acts like this when he had had too much to drink, the women refused to let the boy go with him, stating they had called police, and the police showed up, where they were given the same story, the police informed the women, as much as they argued, to mind their own business, this was a domestic issue, despite the fact that the women complained to police that the boy was bleeding from the buttocks and seemed uncomfortable around Jeffery. Nonetheless, the police covered the boy in a blanket and asked for proof of the relationship, so Jeffery showed them the naked photos he had taken, this was enough for the police and they handed the boy back to a serial killer, even though they noted a strange smell in the apartment. When the police left, he again injected the boy, but he ended up dying from it. Jeffery had to take some time off work to deal with the two bodies that he now had lying in his apartment. He dismembered them both while keeping their skulls.

June 30th, 1991, in Chicago Illinois. Jeffery traveled there and met his next victim at a bus station, 20-year-old Matt Turner, who agreed to travel back to Milwaukee with him for a photo shoot. Once back at “the Apartment” he was drugged, dismembered, and disposed of, with the exclusion of his skull and internal organs, which were kept in a bag in the freezer. Matt Turner was not reported missing.

July 5th, 1991, back in Chicago, 23-year-old Jeremiah Weinberger who also had the misfortune of meeting Jeffery (at a Chicago bar). He went back to Milwaukee with Jeffery to spend the weekend with him. He too was drugged, on two occasions. Jeffery injected boiling water into his skull, which put his victim in a coma that he died of in 48 hours.

July 15th, 1991, in Milwaukee, 23-year-old Oliver Lacy met Jeffery on a corner and agreed to go back to his apartment for a nude photo shoot. Once there they had sexual relations, and then Lacy was drugged, for some reason, Jeffery had wanted to spend more time with his victim while alive and unsuccessfully tried to chloroform him, therefore he had to call into work and the time was grated to him but he was suspended the next day. He ended up strangling and having sex with his body before he dismembering him. He put Mr. Lacy’s head, and heart into the refrigerator and the skeleton in the freezer.

July 19, 1991, Jeffery was informed he was fired from his job. Upon hearing this, he set out for his next victim, 25-year-old Joseph Bradehoft, who was strangled an left on his bed, covered with a sheet for a couple of days, maggots began to form around the head, so Jeffery decapitated the body, cleaned and stored the head in the refrigerator. The torso was later acidified along with those of two other victims he had murdered and stored in the previous months.


July 22, 1991, the best mistake that Jeffrey Dahmer made was encountering three men of whom he offered $100.00 to merely drink beer with him and keep him company, only one of three, 32-year-old Tracy Edwards agreed to go with him. Once in the apartment, Mr. Edwards immediately noticed the foul smell and the boxes of muriatic acid on the floor, which Jeffery was quick to explain that it was used to clean bricks. After some small talk in the living room, Mr. Edwards turned his head to look at the tropical fish as requested and Jeffrey quickly placed a handcuff on his wrist, while trying to cuff them together, he failed at doing so. He then led Mr. Edwards into his bedroom as Mr. Edwards asked, “What is happening?” Jeffrey informed him he intended to take some photos and eat his heart. Mr. Edwards would later tell investigators that the exorcist 111 was playing on the television and during the time in which he was trying to negotiate with Dahmer, he would notice him watching the TV and momentarily ricking back and forth and chanting, it is also where he noticed the large drum which is where the strong odor throughout the apartment was coming from. Mr. Edwards tried saying he was his friend, assuring that he would not run away, asking to use the bathroom, and then finally asking if they could go in the living room where it was air-conditioned an drink some beers. Jeffrey consented to this and they went into the living room, while on the couch, Mr. Edwards asked to use the bathroom again and noticed that he was no longer holding onto the handcuff, with that he rose and punched Jeffrey in the face, knocking him off balance and ran out of the front door. At 11:30 p.m. Mr. Edwards was able to flag down two police officers and tell them what had occurred, the police tried to uncuff Mr. Edwards but their key would not work, they requested Mr. Edwards to accompany them back to the apartment where he had told them he had been held the last five hours.

Once in the apartment they questioned Jeffrey and he admitted to cuffing Mr. Edwards without any explanation as to why, but told them where the key was, when he attempted to get it himself, officer Robert Rauth, stopped him from following officer Rolf Mueller, who was retrieving the key. Once in the room, the officer noted the foul smell and found several polaroid’s of bodies in different stages of decomposing, he took them and showed officer Rauth, who called for back up, but not before Jeffrey notices they have his pictures and attempts to attack the officers, where he is quickly overpowered and placed in handcuffs.

Upon further inspection of the apartment, this is what they uncovered:

  • 4 severed heads in the kitchen
  • 7 skulls, some painted and some bleached in the closet of his bedroom.
  • Collected blood drippings on a tray in the bottom of the refrigerator
  • Two human heads
  • Portion of arm muscle wrapped in plastic sitting on the refrigerator shelf
  • Two human hearts
  • In the freezer, an entire torso
  • A bag of human organs and flesh that was stuck to the ice of the bottom of freezer
  • Elsewhere in the apartment, they found two entire skeletons
  • Two severed hands
  • Two severed and preserved penises
  • A mummified scalp
  • And in the 57 gallon drum, three further dismembered torsos dissolving in acid
  • A total of 75 Polaroid photographs showing the dismemberment of his victims.

Jeffrey Dahmer



July 23, 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer waived his right to have an attorney present during questioning stating that “ I wish to confess all because I created this horror and it only makes sense I do everything to put an end to it.” Detective Patrick Kennedy then questioned him as to the murders and evidence collected at his apartment.

A total of 60 hours of questioning by Detective Kennedy and Detective Murphy took place over a two week time period

He admitted to killing a total of young men in Wisconsin in 1987, with another victim, Steven Hicks, who was killed in Ohio in 1978.

Most victims were unconscious or otherwise rendered incapacitated by muriatic acid or boiling water being injected into their skulls, but he could not recall if Mr. Toumi was unconscious when he beat him to death.

He further admitted:

  • Performing necrophilia with several victims bodies
  • Consuming hearts, livers, biceps, and portions of thighs
  • Performing sexual acts with their organs as he dismembered them
  • Preserving skeletons and skulls
  • Acidifying what he wanted to dispose of.

Jeffrey Dahmer stated that with the rate of his murders, he was “completely swept along” with his desire to kill. Adding “ it was an incessant and never-ending desire to be with someone at whatever cost. Someone good looking, really nice looking. It just filled my thoughts all day long”.

  • Dahmer then described an alter in which he was going to build for the skulls and skeletons, where the alter would be black table in his living room, because that is where many of his victims were photographed. The alter would be placed in front of a window and he’d cover it with a black opaque shower curtain, it would be adorned with skulls and the complete skeletons of Ernest Miller and Oliver Lacy and at least one future victim. He would add a blue lamp with extending blue globe lights. Jeffrey Dahmer intended to place a black leather chair near it so he could sit in the chair and view it, as he said he would dedicate it to himself because it was place where he could feel at home and that it would a place for meditation.

    He had asked Detective Murphy for a copy of the bible and was given one.

Jeffrey Dahmer



July 25th, 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer was charged with four counts of murder. By August 22nd, he was charged with 11 more committed in the state of Wisconsin. September 14th, 1991, investigators in Ohio who had found the remains scattered behind the “family home” identified the body belonging to Mr. Steven Hicks, and charged him with a count of murder. He was not charged with attempted murder of Mr. Tracy Edwards, nor was he charged with the murder of Mr. Steven Tuomi as he could not recall killing him and there was no evidence the crime existed.

January 13th, 1992, Jeffrey Dahmer pleaded guilty, but insane to 15 counts of murder.


Judge Laurence Gram presided over the trial that began in Milwaukee on January 13th, 1992 for 15 counts of murder.

One of the things that was in question and needed to be established was sanity, via a personality disorder. Due to this, there were expert witnesses who had evaluated Dahmer that went as follows:


Defense Expert Dr. Fred berlin testified that Dahmer “was unable to conform his conduct at the time that he committed the crimes as he was suffering from paraphilia, which is necrophilia.”

Dr. Judith Becker, a professor of psychiatry and psychology, also testifying for the defense, also diagnosed him with necrophilia.

Dr. Carl Whalstrom, a forensic psychiatrist, and final expert witness for the defense, diagnosed him with borderline personality disorder.


Dr. Phillip Resnick, a forensic psychiatrist, testified, “Dahmer did not suffer from primary necrophilia because he preferred live sexual partners as evidenced by his efforts to create unresisting, submissive sexual partners devoid of rational thought and to whose needs he did not have to cater.” Dr. Resnick diagnosed Dahmer with borderline personality disorder.

Dr. Fred Fostell, testified that Dahmer “was without mental disease or defect at the time he committed the murders, describing Jeffrey Dahmer as calculating, and cunning individual, adding that he did not believe he was a sadist.” He diagnosed Dahmer with borderline personality disorder.

Dr. Patrick Dietz, forensic psychiatrist, and final expert witness for the prosecution, testified on February 12, 1992, that it was his belief “Jeffrey Dahmer did not suffer from any mental disease or defect at the time he committed the crimes, adding that he went to great lengths to be alone with his victims and to have no witnesses.” He explained that there was ample evidence that he planned ahead for each of the murders therefore his crimes were not impulsive. He also felt that Dahmer’s habit of “becoming intoxicated prior to the murders was significant because if he had a compulsion to kill, he would not have to drink alcohol. He had to drink alcohol to overcome his inhibition, to do the crime that he would rather not do. “ He diagnosed Dahmer with Substance use disorder, paraphilia, and personality disorder not otherwise specified, with borderline schizotypal features. To define schizotypal, I went to and this is what it said “adjective Pertaining to actual or potential borderline schizophrenia, a condition characterized by cold aloof feelings, eccentric behavior, hallucinations, illusions, and delusions; also called schizotypal.”


Dr. George Palmero, forensic psychiatrist – he testified it was his belief that the murders were a result of a “pent up aggression within himself”. Stating that “he killed men because he wanted to kill the source of his homosexual attraction to them, in killing them, he killed what he hated in himself.” Dr. Palmero diagnosed Dahmer with borderline personality disorder.

Dr. Samuel Friedman, clinical psychologist, testified, “It was a longing for companionship that caused Dahmer to kill, adding he is not psychotic.” Dr. Palmero spoke kindly of Dahmer, describing him as “amiable, pleasant to be with, courteous, with a sense of humor, conventionally handsome and charming in manner.” Further stating ”He was and still is a bright young man.” Dr. Friedman also diagnosed Dahmer with borderline personality disorder.

Closing arguments commenced on February 14th, 1992

Jeffrey Dahmer interview with Stone phillips.


Dahmer was ruled to be sane and not suffering from a mental disorder at the time the 15 murders took place; in each count, two of the 12 jurors signified their dissent. One the first two counts, he was sentenced to life in prison plus 10 years, with the remaining 13 counts carrying a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment plus 70 years. The death penalty was abolished in Wisconsin in 1853.

Jeffery’s mother and father asked to spend 10 minutes with their son, and did so before he was extradited to Ohio for sentencing there, where he pleaded guilty to the murder of Steven Hicks and sentenced to a 16th term of life imprisonment on May1, 1992.

Columbia Correctional Facility 1992-1994

Jeffrey Dahmer was sent to the Columbia Correctional Facility where he was placed in solitary confinement for one year due to fears for his safety. He was eventually transferred to a less secure area and worked a two hours a day cleaning the toilet block.

May, 1994, using the bible he had been granted by Detective Patrick Murphy, he was baptized by minister Roy Ratcliff, in the prison whirlpool. During the weekly visits from the minister, Dahmer would ask him if he was sinning against God by continuing to live.

July 1994, an attempted murder against Dahmer was foiled when prisoner Osvoldo Durruthy, attempted to slash his throat with a toothbrush that had an embedded razor in it, however he only received superficial wounds.

When his mother would contact him in prison, he once told her over her concerns for his safety “it doesn’t matter mom, I don’t care if something happens to me.”

November 28, 1994 while doing his work detail in the prison toilet block, Dahmer was assaulted with a 20 inch metal bar and left laying on the bathroom floor, also bludgeoned was Jesse Anderson, both were attacked by Christopher Scarver, who insists he had not planned to it before doing so. Dahmer was rushed to a nearby hospital, still alive, but was pronounced dead one hour later.

Quotes by Jeffrey Dahmer

Your honor, it is over now. This has never been a case of trying to get free. I didn't ever want freedom. Frankly, I wanted death for myself. This was a case to tell the world that I did what I did not for reasons of hate, I hated no one. I know I was sick or evil, or both. Now I believe I was sick. The doctors have told me about my sickness and now I have some peace.

  • Closing statement after trial sentencing.
  • I had these obsessive desires and thoughts wanting to control them [victims], to–I don't know how to put it–possess them permanently.
  • It's a process, it doesn't happen overnight, when you depersonalize another person and view them as just an object. An object for pleasure and not a living breathing human being. It seems to make it easier to do things you shouldn't do.
  • To this day I don't know what started it [the killings]. The person to blame is sitting right across from you. It's the only person. Not parents, not society, not pornography. I mean, those are just excuses.
  • If a person doesn’t think there is a God to be accountable to, then—then what's the point of trying to modify your behaviour to keep it within acceptable ranges? That's how I thought anyway. I always believed the theory of evolution as truth, that we all just came from the slime. When we, when we died, you know, that was it, there is nothing ...
  • The killing was a means to an end. That was the least satisfactory part. I didn't enjoy doing that. That's why I tried to create living zombies with uric acid in the drill [to the head], but it never worked. No, the killing was not the objective. I just wanted to have the person under my complete control, not having to consider their wishes, being able to keep them there as long as I wanted.

Full Trial

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