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The Mind Body Connection - Understanding Body Symbolism

Updated on December 13, 2017

Body Symbolism and Alternative Healing

Many people who are into energy healing,Reiki and new age philosophies, believe that our bodily dysfunctions or dis-eases can help us understand our emotional and psychological problems through body symbolism. In other words it's a belief that our physical illnesses are a reflection of our emotional or psychological states and that through healing our emotions we can heal out bodies.

Energy healers work with a strong belief in the mind body connection and will work with individuals and sometimes groups to help restore energy balance in a holistic way. A holistic approach to health means that the whole person is taken into account and all systems are seen as interconnected - mind, body and spirit. Each aspect of the self impacts on every other, therefore symptoms are seen as part of a whole picture,

The basis for the belief in body symbolism is that emotions that are unexpressed and/or unacknowledged get stored in the body and then show themselves as an ailment or physical problem. To heal ourselves we need to get to the root of the emotional difficulty, deal with it and then the physical problem will disappear.

Mind Body Connection
Mind Body Connection

Examples of Body Symbolism

Here are some examples to show you how body symbolism works. As with all symbols and archetypes it's best to discover your own personal meanings (see below on how to do this), but these will give you an idea of the type of thinking that is required to understand body symbolism and the mind body connection.

Athletes Foot - itchy feet - would you like to be somewhere else?

Stomach Upsets - is there something in your life you just can't stomach?

Hemorrhoids - is someone in your life a pain in the butt?

Earache - is someone giving you earache by going on and on about something or is there something you don't want to hear?

Stroke - do you need physical or emotional stroking? Are you lonely or disconnected from others?

Arthritis - have you "stiffened up" mentally?

Back Problems - having difficulty holding yourself up and possibly overdependent on others?

Mouth Ulcers - gossiping

Sore Throat - feeling unable to speak your truth.

Constipation - fear of letting go

Eye Problems - not wanting to "look at" a problem

Urinary Infections - feeling angry and pissed off about something

Connect to Your Personal Body Symbolism

If you would like to take the time to connect to your physical problem and discover how it's reflecting your emotional or psychological state, find some quiet time when you won't be disturbed and ask yourself:

  • When was the first I felt this pain?
  • What was going in my life?
  • What emotions did I feel at the time?

Really try to connect to your emotions and thoughts, no matter how ridiculous or "out there" you may judge them to be. Experience the full force of the emotion - cry, laugh, be angry - do whatever you need to do.

Using body symbolism as a method to connect to old emotional pain can be an effective method for energy healing in a very personal and holistic way. It can also help you understand your mind body connection and strengthen your self knowledge. Give it a go and see what comes up - you may be surprised!

Legal Disclaimer
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