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The Mind Within

Updated on June 19, 2013

It is a transparent fact that within every individual lies that significant part of him that makes up the person he is. It is undeniable that without this very piece, he is unable to do various tasks or specifically any at all. The science have made it known of the importance of this matter that have been a wide topic of history but it was only after a wide array of research was done that the society was cleared out of the speculations that lie behind its back. Pertaining to the brain, everyone would agree of the role it has in our lives. It is one of the most used components that make up anyone there was or have been.

The brain is considered as the center of the nervous system. It is the major part by which neurons inside a person focuses with. It serves as the control panel that governs daily tasks and activities. It regulates the senses whether it be sight, hearing, smell, taste or touch. All form of analyzing is done within it as well as to keeping memories.

So, you have a brain that can perform great things. Wonderful creations can be brought upon by an elusive use of it and you would inevitably be amaze how this sophisticated part of yours is able to step up the level of various fields. But the question is, how well do you know of it?

In the late 1960s and 70s, the brain was popularized by a major operation that have given rise to it as an interesting topic. Since then, many speculations were formed on how it functions in everyday tasks. People got intrigued how it works that assumptions were brought upon considering them to be most likely or close to what’s real. It gave rise to books which aims to explain its use and role for an individual. There arises among debates that one part of it does reason and the other part does emotion which were also the case for language and vision which were scientifically proven false on all four of these aspects.

The brain is divided into two hemisphere. It consists of the right and there is also the left. it is symmetrical in a way that the right front of the brain is broader as the left part is the same. Its proportionate and as we all know to be located inside every individual. It implies that the other mirrors its corresponding counterpart. These two corresponds well with one another that certain tasks cannot be done without the use of these two hemispheres. Examples of which is imagination and reason where you cannot do any of this stuff without the aid of both your hemispheres. These two works in harmony that each makes up the task to be done with a thumbs up.

The right hemisphere is described as sustained, broad, open, vigilant and where alertness comes in. it sees the big picture where possibilities are on the lookout. The things which opens one’s perspective into a more wide space resides in this part of the brain. Interaction with fellow friends is enable as with it, empathy, the ability to share another person’s feelings and emotions as if it were your own, is given emphasis. The social way of a person for the people around him rests upon this hemisphere. It deals with an embodied world. It understands what the other person is saying beyond the actual expressions where signs upon the real state of the fellow are seen. It yields in contrast to a world of beings described as individual, changing, evolving, growing, interconnected, implicit, incarnate and living.

The left hemisphere is described as narrow, sharply focused and attentive to detail. It brings it function to the little things that makes up the totality of the matter to view. It is upon a closed system that bears the advantage of perfection. It avoids errors and even tiny specks won’t do as such would cause further unwanted damage to the task being in the process. A misleading result can be the outcome if this hemisphere were not to be accounted for its role of searching for mislooked discrepancies in the system which means solutions on problems own a lot of their approval for this part of the brain. But, it brings upon the price of emptiness by which a rather down expression is noticeable.

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