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The Miracle Machine versus Fat Burning Foods

Updated on March 26, 2014

“Buy it!” they said. “You’ll lose inches from your waist and hips in a matter of weeks!“ they said. But when they said, “…no dieting necessary”, I pulled out my credit card and submitted my online order.

My elliptical machine was delivered ten days later. I was chomping at the bit to begin my high-intensity, fat burning workout, and to watch the inches melt away. I imagined myself on the cover of Sports Illustrated, the swim suit edition. No more baggy pants and over-sized sweat shirts covering my flabby thighs and tummy. The advertisements for my miracle machine promised immediate results….and I believed everything they said.

Following the directions, I started my first workout, which consisted of short bursts of exertion followed by a rest period, the next morning. After about five minutes of excruciating “exertion” and about twenty minutes of rest, I forced myself to continue, I lasted another three minutes and then collapsed, semiconscious, on my sofa.

Resolved to live the rest of my life wearing clothing with elastic bands and vertical stripes, I came across an article on fat burning foods. I was still a bit skeptical of the claims that I could lose inches by adding these foods to my weekly menu. But after my disastrous experience on the elliptical machine from Hell, I was willing to try.

I was surprised to find that many of the so-called fat burning foods were actually foods that I enjoyed eating. So the very next day I drove to my neighborhood supermarket and loading my cart with lean turkey breast, cans of wild Alaskan salmon, chile peppers, heads of leafy green cabbage and a container of fragrant ground cinnamon. I searched my cookbooks for recipes that included these ingredients and found several that sounded delicious.

At the end of the week, I ventured into my bathroom and stepped on the scale. I was delighted to find that I had lost six pounds without starving myself or limiting my diet to grapefruit or cottage cheese. “Wow,” I thought, “these fat burning foods really work”

When another week had passed, and my clothing started to feel somewhat loose, I measured my waist and hips. I couldn’t believe how many inches that I’d lost. “These fat burning foods are truly amazing,” I exclaimed. But then I questioned the health factors involved in eating these foods. If they were enabling me to lose weight and inches more easily than any other diet I’d ever been on, perhaps I was putting my health at risk. So I began doing some research on fat burning foods on the Internet,

Much to my surprise, I discovered that all the fat burning foods that I’d been consuming were actually good for me. Turkey, for example, stimulates the liver to eliminate toxins and fats in the body. Salmon is a lean protein that contains vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids; Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of some forms of cancer. By adding chile peppers to salads and stews, I was stimulating my metabolism which was increasing my energy and burning my belly fat. Cabbage is a natural diuretic which contains Vitamin C, which in turn acts as an anti-oxidant. By sprinkling some cinnamon on my oatmeal or cereal at breakfast, not only was I making my morning meal more tasty, I was lowering blood sugar levels and controlling insulin levels. In short, I’ll take my fat burning foods over that devilish fat burning machine, which can now be found covered by cobwebs in the corner of my garage.


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