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The Miracle Of The Oxford Knee

Updated on August 4, 2017

The Oxford Knee Replacement

I am a 57 year old young lady, that never, knock on wood three times, ever had to have any surgery. The doctors look at my medical records and all have that same strange look on their faces, because there was nothing there. I started having some issues with the right knee back in 2002, when I fell on the knee on a hard tile floor. Actually both knees starting doing some strange things, there was popping, swelling, grinding, it felt like the knee was snapping in and out of place.

I had gone to a Doctor that was a primary workman's compensation doctor, and he suggested a total knee replacement, that was about five years ago. What I did not like about this doctor was that he had too many patients, never knew who you were when you came back, and I was not comfortable with him.

 I let it go until 2008. My knees had become so bad, that the bone was on bone, the pain never stopped, unless I was laying down. The limping became very severe. Walking in general became almost impossible. I avoided walking, steps, and stores. In 2008 I had a good job, with Insurance that covered surgery 100 percent. I found out that the company was closing down my workplace, I had little time to fool around with my decision. It got to a point that you just did not care any longer, the pain had become to great.

I had heard great things about a Doctor in my area that had done many partial knee replacements. He was also a teacher of The Oxford Knee. I met woman that would rave about him. I went to my first appointment. I did not know that the first set of x-rays would be stress x-rays so the doctor could better judge between using a partial knee or a full knee replacement. At that time, I was trying to resist any one touching my knees and had to allow the x-rays to be completed. It caused more pain to the knees.

I met with the doctor and the first thing he asked me was how long was I trying to walk, the way I was? I told him years. My both knees were bad. I amazed myself because I really liked him. I could sense his honesty, his experience, his knowledge and his great bedside manner. He sat in front of me and said real seriously, I will not do any operation if you do not trust me. Do you trust me? I said yes, lets do it. I did not want to see the model of the partial knee, nor would I read about the risks.

In early June of 2008, I went to the hospital, my first time ever, and I pretended that this was a fun adventure. The pre-testing had been done prior, so I was ready. They get you ready and they take you to a room where you wait for the doctor to mark your leg, and give you the medication to knock you out. Later, its over and you wake up, the first thing I asked was if it was a partial or a full knee. I was told partial. That was a good answer, and when I get to my room, I know that my leg is bandaged and swollen, no pain.

They want you to have help getting up, and you have a walker, and no pain. I found out that my doctor uses a pain block in the knee so you will not have pain right away. They have you walking right away, teach you your exercises, and my stay was only 1 1/2 days. You are not suppose to go home if you have no help, but you do what you have to do. Remember I never read the oxford website or I would have known what to expect. You have to keep those elastic stockings on, can not shower, and it is very important to keep the wound clean. It took awhile for me to get the courage to look at the wound. It was not bad though.

The first day you are home, any time you have to stand up, there is great pain. If you do not have a toilet seat with handles, you may have a problem. Once you sit down anywhere you do not want to get up. I would say that the pain lasted a week. I would tell myself that it was going to end soon, so keep going. The pain was not the same pain as before , the bone on bone pain, but a burning pain. I would tell everyone that I would never do it again, it was agony doing the exercises, not being able to sleep. It all passed within a short time, I drove 3 days later, and the knee was feeling better and stronger. I could not believe the difference, when all the pain was gone.

However, the left knee was swelling and hurting. and I started limping again. I thought to myself, I did not suffer to fix the right, and still be an invalid. Six weeks later, I did the left knee. I knew after the left was done that something was really different, no swelling, same burning pain as before, but a tighter feeling. I read the papers and saw that this time the doctor used a extra small knee, and before he used a small knee. I thought it was funny because that was the only small thing about me, since I am over weight. I questioned the doctor, and he told me to wait and I would be very happy with the left knee. The left knee was harder to deal with than the right, even though that knee did not have as much damage. I did loose some weight because you could not walk to get much food, so that was a good thing. Today, one year later, I can not believe that I waited that long to fix the knees.

There is no pain, there is walking as much and as long as I want. Climbing steps, no stiffness after driving a car, no horrible limping. I can go into Walmart and just walk the entire store. I just had my yearly check up, and the doctor still knows who I am. I thank God every day for giving me the miracle of the oxford knees. Sometimes when things are not going right, I remember that I have the knees.

The company that I worked for closed down, there were no jobs, I lost just about everything, but I had my knees. I found a job 7 months ago, and was happy until they changed the job to a 8-10 hour standing job on hard concrete floors. I tried, it was not the knees that stopped me, it was a fall to the tailbone, and the muscles would not support me standing for that amount of time. i asked for some time in a different job and they said no because they are not nice Indians. I resigned. But, I have my knees.

This was a two time miracle that my insurance would pay for both knees at 100 percent. Only God could make that happen. So, I will walk around and find another job in this poor economy, and then I want to go dancing. When you have had enough of the pain, and only if you find the right doctor you will not be sorry to have your oxford knees.


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  • Gigi2 profile image

    Gigi2 7 years ago from UK

    I am so relieved to find you and read this hub. I have just had an arthroscopy which determined I need an oxford knee replacement, this hub gives me hope. Thanks for sharing.