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The Mona Lisa Touch for Vaginal Atrophy

Updated on December 3, 2014
The tiny laser inserted into the vagina.
The tiny laser inserted into the vagina.

The FDA just approved this new technique called the Mona Lisa Touch (have no idea why) is the first intravaginal laser treatment for women suffering from vaginal atrophy. This condition occurs by menopause where the walls of the vagina are dry and thin causing painful intercourse. This condition occurs to 25-45% of middle aged women. Most women do little about it and just live with the problem. There has been little effective treatment to date. Many women might undergo estrogen therapy at a much higher risk caused by side effects.

The laser used is tiny, much like those a dentist might used. When used, it stimulates the collagen production inside the vagina and restores its mucosa and rehydrates the walls. The treatment requires no anesthesia and side effects are minimal last only 1-2 days. Few US hospitals offer it yet because it still is in clinical trials. It usually takes three treatments and costs $1500. The procedure consists of three three-minute laser hits, each six weeks apart. Each treatment requires a woman to assume the position customary for a pelvic exam. After the treatments, most are able to have normal sex for a full year before the treatment is done again. After each treatment, no sex is allowed for 48 hrs.

For the 75% of women who suffer during intercourse caused by this condition, it offers a nearly risk free solution to their sex problem.


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