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The Mortal Morality: Are Cancer & HIV-AIDS Antibodies?

Updated on June 29, 2009

The human body sends immunity cells to fight off cancers. These cells are not always successful, but they do serve to check the growth and spread of this or any other disease. Sometimes the immune system of the body can totally eradicate the disease and return to health. Some other times it cannot, and the body (along with the disease) dies.

Humanity is a cancer upon the body of the Earth. Like any other attacked organism the Earth is fighting this affliction by sending out its immunity cells to try and kill this disease.

We are the Earth's disease.

The Earth's immunity cells are cancer and HIV-AIDS.

The explosive growth of all of humanity's diseases, not just cancer and HIV-AIDS, can be taken to be the Earth's way of fighting us in order to minimize the damage to itself. It is the Earth's defense system: winnowing down our numbers in a Malthusian population control to try and save itself. The spread of cancer and HIV-AIDS are directly proportional to the amount of environmental damage we are wreaking. And when we as humans are able to fight off one type of these planetary immunity cells, the Earth just throws another one at us. We are completely at the mercy of nature.

The greatest medical efforts, chemotherapy, radical surgery, radiation treatment, has not significantly decreased the cancer death rate. It has always increased, virtually unchecked. We might even save single individuals from death by cancer, but we can be statistically sure that at the same time, another person, somewhere else, will be afflicted by it. To the disease mechanism, the individual is not of major consequence. But the overall numbers definitely are.

Why did HIV-AIDS just explode upon mankind? Because it was time to introduce another deadly factor upon us, to try valiantly to keep our numbers down. And even if we were to find some mysterious wonder drug to eradicate HIV-AIDS tomorrow morning, then we can be sure that some other new affliction, just as deadly and pervasive, would begin to strike us that same day.

The late Dr. Jonas Salk, creator of the Salk Polio Vaccines, formed a medical research institute to explore just such a scenario. They are trying to find a medical reason for why overall deaths don't diminish when a certain disease is eradicated, but that simply another, new disease pops up to take its place. To Dr. Salk's researchers we can only say that there is no medical reason: but there is a wholistic reason. Look at man as a disease on the face of the planet and everything suddenly becomes clear. Very clear.

Yet what is the solution? How can we possibly conquer these deadly diseases?

We cannot, as long as we maintain our present lifestyles.

Cancer and HIV-AIDS are lifestyle-selective. In other words they seek out certain groups of people who exhibit a particular lifestyle. Cancer most frequently hits people who have been in contact with unnatural environmental factors. These factors are not just limited to chemicals and pollutants, but even to such strictly personal matters such as sexual promiscuity and individual personality.

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