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The Most Horrible Side Effects of Smoking While Pregnant.

Updated on September 10, 2009

The Most Horrible Side Effects of Smoking While Pregnant.

So I remember that I was watching the television and saw this commercial of this lady smoking while she was pregnant.  I thought she was out of her mind.  This push me into research mode.  I wanted to know the effects of smoking while pregnant?  Were they really bad or have we been secretly lied to this whole time?  I will tell you this, they were not really lying to us when they said we would do harm to the baby.  You will find out why soon.  Well, with no further delay here is what I learned about the effects of smoking while pregnant.

If you continue smoking while you are pregnant, you are putting a lot of stress on your baby's heart and lungs.  This happens because of all the nicotine in your system actually reduces the oxygen that the baby needs to survive.  Without oxygen your the lungs can function.  Without working lungs there is no working heart.  Therefore, if you choose to continue smoking while pregnant, you are increasing the chances of your childs death, or in more technical terms, the Miscarriage.

Overall the main effects of smoking while pregnant are...

You will increase the baby's heart rate
You will starve the child of the necessary oxygen it needs to survive with
You will heighten your chances of having a miscarriage

Basically, if you smoke while you are pregnant, your baby might die.  The end.

There are a ton more effects of smoking while pregnant.  These were just the ones that jumped out at me the most.  It is a scary thing and I thought I should let the world know. Therefore, if you really care about having a child and you want that child to grow up to be nice and healthy, you will not smoke while you are pregnant.  Simple enough.


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