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The Myobrace Is A Good Alternative to Traditional Braces

Updated on July 19, 2011

An Alternative to Braces

There is an alternative to the traditional braces. The myobrace has a lot of advantages if you catch the problem early in your life.

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When you were growing up you may remember other kids that had braces on their teeth. You, in fact, may have had braces on your teeth. This is a common thing for many children and teenagers because of the fact that so many of them have teeth that grow in crowded and crooked. There are many reasons for this, but in the past, no matter the reason., the answer has always been to use braces. However, there are more options available now. One of those options is called the myobrace.

Traditional braces worked because they straightened and aligned each tooth as it grew into place. In some cases, it was necessary to extract some teeth to make room for the other teeth to align properly. However, many people were left wearing retainers after the braces for years on end because once the braces were off, it was very easy for the teeth to kind of “fall” back into their original pattern of growth and become crooked and crowded again.

The difference between the myobrace and traditional braces is that traditional braces attack the symptoms, not the root of the problem. By using this brace alternative, the root of the problem, which is the arch of the mouth and alignment of the jaws, is being corrected. This allows the teeth to grow in straight and stay that way once they have done so because the root of the problem has been fixed.

The downfall of this alternative is that the timing is critical. It is best to catch kids when they are between the ages of six and twelve in order to properly use this new system. After that time frame, it is less effective generally and it is more likely that your teenager would have to use traditional braces. But knowledge is the key to making this work, right. If you pay close attention to your kids teeth and at the first sign of problems, take them to the dentist and confirm that they may need braces in the future, you can suggest that the myobrace would be a good option for them.

Some dentists will be in favor of this and some are going to be a little more traditional in thought and want to send them off for braces. However, it is your child and your decision to make. If you prefer the alternatives over the braces, then you need to speak up and put your foot down.

Having braces in school is something that some kids got teased about. You may remember the chants of , “brace face”, or “metal mouth”. Maybe you were the one chanting it to a fellow student or maybe you were the one being chanted at. If you were really lucky, you were neither and just an innocent bystander. However, there is no question that it can hurt feelings and cause a whirlwind of problems for a child when they have braces.

As an adult and a parent, we only want what is best for our children. Sometimes though, we tend to think like adults and we forget what it is like from the child’s perspective. It is good in things like this to get down on our hands and knees, if you will, and see the world from their perspective. Having braces is a long term thing and not a short term cast for a broken arm, which many kids think is cool anyway. It is always cool to be hurt at school, because the other kids care and they want to sign your cast, and they want to know how it happened. Essentially, when you have been injured and you go to school with some visual sign that you have been injured, you become a popular kid in school. This is not the case with braces. Most often, you are not popular, you are teased and braces are not a two or three week thing either. They are a two or three year ordeal. Then the retainer will come after that. Remember the kids that lost their retainer because they took it out to eat at school and then forgot it on the tray and threw it away at lunch time? This is just another big advantage to some of the alternatives out there. Some of these problems just go away.

With the myobrace, kids have to wear it a few hours a day and through the night. This means that they can go to school and not worry about being teased or losing retainers. They are just one of the other kids in the school and can worry about the other things that the rest of the students have to worry about. They can worry about straightening their teeth in the comfort of their own home and with the people who they love and know will not tease them about wearing something in their mouth.

As a child, a nice smile may be one of the least of their concerns. However, as they get older and start to date, they will thank you for the efforts you have made to help them have a better smile, with straight teeth. Another side benefit of using this alternative is that, because it is correcting the root of the problem, and actually aligns the jaws, the face of your child will also look better. It is amazing to realize how much is impacted by crooked and crowded teeth. Having a nice smile is just one of the benefits of using this system. Jaws aligned on the inside will make for a nicer appearing face as well.

The key to all of this is to catch the problem early. If you are taking your kids for regular checkups to the dentist, you are more than likely going to catch problems soon enough. It is also important that your children realize that most of the time, the problems with their teeth in crowding and growing in crooked have nothing to do with their hygiene in brushing their teeth. This is important so that they know they have done what they are supposed to in regards to taking care of their teeth.

Looking for an Alternative to Braces?

  • Providers of a Brace Alternative
    They offer alternatives to traditional braces to help straighten your teeth.


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    • profile image

      Dr. Barry Raphael 6 years ago

      As a provider of the myobrace system, I want to thank you for your article and make a couple of important additions. The "root of the problem", which the myobrace does address, is not just the "arch" or "jaws" but the muscular habits that made the arches and jaws deform. These habits deal with the tongue posture and breathing. Open mouth postures, mouth breathing and tongue thrusting habits need to be corrected to set the growth of the arches and jaws aright. It's more of a training process than a mechanical process like braces. It is a healthier, better way to correct bad bites but it does take cooperation and discipline from patients and parents.

      Secondly, you may have to bend down a little lower to see things from a kids perspective. Didn't you know that braces are cool now? Kids ask for the colors. They wear bracelets made of elastic chain and brackets. Not all kids prefer to have to do the work of myobrace.

      When kids and parents understand that PREVENTING crooked teeth is a better alternative to fixing them, then the myobrace will be as cools as braces.

      Again, thanks for the article.