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The Mystery of Life

Updated on December 7, 2013


all rights reserved
all rights reserved

Is It a Mystery

What happens when each of us dies, a great mystery of the ages,

an explanation is so confounding, and dedicated, on all its pages?

Does our body stay behind, and our souls then to go someplace,

or is it then over, for all of us, with an ending to the human race?

What does lie on past the curtain, the transparent veil beyond,

do all the spirits leave their homes, and break an earthly bond?

Then traveling all the distances, so far beyond the realm of time,

to be united with the one light, and in it a reason with no rhyme?

An entity so marvelous to make, could we be left to turn as dust,

or would a worthy creation be saved, in understanding, we must.

We shall with the light unite as one, and never be left all alone,

with spirits, so pure and so wonderful, we most surely will live on.


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