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The Mystical Chakra Mantras

Updated on February 13, 2015

Hot Tip: The chakras are found in the energy body (the astral body), not the physical body.


What Are The Chakras?

The chakras are often defined as the seven energy centers that lie along the spine. Serving as energy transmitting and receiving stations, they distribute their particular type of energy through channels called nadis in yoga, or meridians in acupuncture. Prana (life force energy, or Chi) flows from the chakras through the meridians (nadis).

Each chakra has it's own characteristic energy. For example, the first chakra, at the base of the spine, is home to the energy of survival. The second (or sacral) chakra, is home to the energy of sexuality and reproduction. In the third (solar plexus) chakra we find the energy of willpower.

The first chakra, the root, is our point of connection with the Earth.The seventh chakra, at the crown, is our point of connection with the Divine.

The chakras may seem foreign at first because they are not found in the physical body. They are found in the energy body, also called the astral body, or the acupuncture body. The chakras (literally “wheels” in Sanskrit) are like multicolored spinning pinwheels of energy.

The energy (astral) body surrounds us like a cloak made of light. Also called the Soul or the Atman, it is the the part of our body-mind-Spirit that survives death. We know the physical body will eventually decay. The energy (astral) body remains.

Stairway to AUM

AUM: The Chakra Mantra for the Third Eye
AUM: The Chakra Mantra for the Third Eye | Source

The Chakra Mantras

Each chakra has it's own mystical mantra, or word of power, that can activate (energize and balance) its corresponding chakra. For example, AUM, the best known chakra mantra, activates the sixth chakra, the third eye, the eye of intuition. Chanting LAM, the mantra for the first chakra, creates groundedness, stability and good instincts.

The chakra mantras have three things in common:

Each activates and balances its corresponding chakra.

Each has one syllable.

Each ends with “m”.

They are also called bija (seed) mantras. Just like the seed of an orange tree contains the stored energy needed to create the tree, so it is with the bija mantras. Each seed sound contains all the vibrational energy needed to tune (activate and balance) its corresponding chakra.

To better understand the chakra system, let's start with two chakras that sound most familiar…the heart center and the sex center.

The Most Important Chakra
The Most Important Chakra | Source

Heart Chakra

The Heart Center

Perhaps the best known chakra is the heart center. It contains one of the the most powerful energies of all, the energy of loving kindness...the power of love. It is the energy that nourishes and a mother’s love.

On the physical level, the heart chakra corresponds to the heart and lungs. The energy heart, however, is the feeling heart, the heart full of compassion. The energy heart can send out an electromagnetic wave of loving kindness so strong it can be felt across a room.

Choose where to put your energy


Sex Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is perhaps the most glamorized of energy centers..... from Cosmo magazine to MTV.

Sometimes called the Sex Chakra, it is simply home to the organs of reproduction in the physical body and home of the sexual energy in the energy body.

In Indian philosophy, sex is not “good, bad, right or wrong.” On the contrary, sexual love (Kama) is celebrated as one of the four goals of life: Kama (love), Artha (wealth), Dharma (compassionate service) and Moksha (immortality).

However, sometimes the sex chakra train goes off the track. What are the signs of a Sacral Chakra out of balance, a sex chakra out of tune?

An imbalance here can manifest as a life that is either too promiscuous or too puritanical.

Balanced chakras help keep us on the right track. With a little practice, it is possible to play the chakras like a xylophone, to choose where we wish to put our energies. Then it becomes possible for the sexual energy to be used, consciously, for one of three purposes: procreation, recreation or higher consciousness.

According to Yogi Ravi Singh, one of the goals of yoga is to use energy wisely, like an energy-saving “use energy consciously, not compulsively.”


Some yogis make a conscious choice to practice brahmacharya, the foregoing of sex, either for short or long periods of time. Brahmacharya is more than simple abstinence, however. Its purpose is to sublimate the sexual energies to the higher chakras.

Chakra Energy and Chakra Mantra

Chakra Energy
Chakra Mantra
Sexual Energy
Solar Plexus
Energy of Love
Energy of Creativity
Third Eye
Connection with the Divine

A Journey Through the Chakras

Now let's take a look at each chakra mantra in more detail. Then we will chant each mantra in sequence from Lam to AUM, using a link to the OM Channel on YouTube.

First Chakra: Energy of Survival

Chant Lam for groundedness
Chant Lam for groundedness | Source

Root Chakra: Earth Element

Chakra Mantra Lam: Groundedness

Let’s start our sound journey at the base, the root, of the spine with the first chakra.The mantra here is Lam (Lahm), the mantra for groundedness. As you chant this mantra, think:

I am grounded.

I am stable.

I trust my instincts.

Hot tip: The chakra mantras have no literal meaning. The important thing is the effect of the sound vibration on each chakra.

The root chakra is associated with the earth element and the color red.

Chakra Mantra Vam: Sexual Balance

Balancing the sex chakra in modern society can be challenging, especially for men.

What’s the mantric way to tune the sacral chakra, to balance the sexual energy? Chanting Vam (Vahm).

When this chakra is finely tuned, the sexual energy can be used consciously, with awareness. New possibilities arise. Chant Vam and become master of your universe.

Sacral Chakra: Sexual Energy


Solar Chakra: Fire in the Belly


Chakra Mantra Ram: Willpower

The third chakra, the solar plexus is all about willpower. With enough willpower, all things become possible.The mantric way to stoke up the fire of will is to chant Ram (Rahm).

Mahatma Gandhi chanted Ram with every breath, and created enough iccha shakti, enough willpower, to defeat the British Empire...not with weapons.....with mantra.

Fourth Chakra: Energy of Love


Chakra Mantra Yam: Open the Heart to Love

The heart chakra is the home of loving kindness, like the love of a mother or a father for a child.

Some hearts are open to giving and receiving love, others are not. Open your heart right now by chanting Yam (Yahm). Chant Yam today as you visualize yourself connected, heart to heart, with all other beings.

Chakras 5, 6 and 7

Chakra Mantra Ham: Creativity

As we move up the chakra ladder, everything becomes more subtle. So it is with the energy of the fifth chakra, the throat center. Here we find the energy of creativity and expression...the arts, music and mantra.

How well developed is your throat chakra?

Do you love to sing? To dance? To paint?

To play drums?

Have you found your artistic talent, your way of expressing yourself? Are you a writer, a poet, an inventor? These are all throat chakra energies.

The chakra mantra for the throat center is HAM (Hahm) as in “humming.” Chanting Ham creates space, energy and movement for new possibilities.

Start unlocking your creative genius today with the bija mantra Ham.

Book: The Mystical Chakra Mantras

The Mystical Chakra Mantras: How To Balance Your Own Chakras With The Yoga of Sound
The Mystical Chakra Mantras: How To Balance Your Own Chakras With The Yoga of Sound

For more information on chakras and mantras, please see my interactive ebook:


AUM Symbol

AUM the Cosmic Sound
AUM the Cosmic Sound | Source

Chakra Mantra AUM

The most direct yogic method for opening the third eye is to chant AUM.

We know that AUM chanting can calm the thought waves of the mind.....the worries and the hurries. When the mind is calmed, the eye of intuition can open spontaneously.

One doesn’t have to “do” anything.....but chant.

One can’t “make” it can, however, let it happen.

Chant AUM today....and feel more calm, harmonious and connected.

Crown Chakra: The Sound of Silence

What about the crown chakra, the culmination of our chakra journey and our point of connection with the Divine? Does it have a bija mantra, a seed sound?


The sound of the crown is silence.

It is a space beyond sound. It is the abode of Sat-Chit-Ananda.....truth, consciousness and bliss. The true chakra journey consists of connecting with that highest bliss and bringing it back down to the heart.

Note: In some traditions, AUM is the chakra mantra for the crown, and Ksham the mantra for the third eye.

Next you are invited to chant your way through the chakras with author Harrison Graves.

A Journey Through The Chakras

Chakra Balance

It is important that each chakra not only be energized, but balanced, as illustrated in the following table:

Out of Balance
Groundedness, stability
Feeling Un-grounded
Sexual Balance
Too Puritanical or Too Promiscuous
Willpower Strong
Lack of Willpower
Open to Love
Walled Off From Love
Boundless Creativity
Creativity Stiffled
Third Eye
Highly Intuitive
Low Intuition
Feelings of Universal Connection
Feelings of Disconnection


In this blog I introduced the chakra bija mantras and how the mantra system works on the chakra system. We journeyed through the chakras from the root to the crown, by chanting each bija mantra from Lam to AUM. We discovered how balanced chakras can lead to a balanced life.

My next blog is all about The Yoga of Sound, the complete system of sound healing from India, of which the chakra mantras are a small yet important part.


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