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The Mystical World of Death

Updated on February 12, 2012
Lady on the Track
Lady on the Track
Brown Lady
Brown Lady

The Mystic World of Death

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

I have long been a believer in the existence of God, but my concept of God may be different from yours. God to me is not in any way associated with religion, that is man-made, and therefore a flawed belief structure based on myth and human need. If God came to earth and handed me a book and said these are my words for you to follow and find peace and happiness on earth, I would take it and do just that. But of course that hasn’t happened.

My idea of God comes from the understanding that our universe can’t just appear, it had to have a beginning, a purposeful beginning. Infinity is a term hard to deal with. The more you think about it, the more it puzzles, because we live in a finite would have beginnings and ends. So to my mind there has to be a creator, who or whatever that is I do not know. I associate all that hold life together, that energy that spark, down to atomic particles, to be an expression of God. Our lives, indeed everything: solid, liquid, gas, every organism is made from the same particles assembled in different ways. This miracle comes from my concept of God, a source rather than a person as religion often assumes. Why should we lowly, unevolved beings be privy to this understanding? That’s why the conjecture.

Another concept that I adhere to is the existence of the soul; a part of us that is not of physical makeup and that is individual and I believe indestructible. Again I believe this to be a part of Gods work and design for our evolution as beings. When I was young I was trained as a psychic and medium and I entered a different world and learned a great deal about life after death. From what I have experienced, I know that people live on after their physical life; I have seen and discussed this matter with many people who are dead. These people usually have a great deal of confusion to sort out, many having come to an end quickly by accidents and the like. Others have unfinished business in the physical world and by their own focus, attach themselves to the physical life, caught halfway between here and where they must end. We commonly call these people ghosts and there continues a great debate about their existence.

During my time in this unique world of mediums and psychics I worked with a group of about eight like souls who performed what was know as ‘rescue work’. It was organised through a Spiritualist church and usually involved haunting negative entities, many poltergeists and less frequent, sexual assaults and attempted transmutation back to physical reality. Over the years I saw just about everything and I feel certain that our souls do live on in whatever form. I’ve seen furniture move by itself, objects thrown around rooms, screaming voices, physical rape, bruises and injury, and have been there at an exorcism.

I remember one night in particular, we got a call about a young woman living in a flat who had a very unwanted guest. This particular entity was furious that someone was living in his fat and was creating havoc for the young girl. He was continually throwing objects around the room, moving furniture in strange places and generally making the girl feel completely unwelcome to say the least. We were given the address and five of us squeezed into one car and headed off.

The front seat passenger was directing from a street directory and five minutes from the flat we realised we were in the wrong suburb. After blaming our navigator rather half-heartedly we referred to the directory again and made the correction. After another five minutes we again realised that we ended in the same place. ‘Stop the car,’ said Margaret, the group leader. ‘They’re playing a game with us,’ she suggested, and we all suddenly felt this oppressive feeling. I’d thought the feeling was stuffiness in the car but once I realised what it was, Margaret was right. It felt like someone had dipped you in cement and you were bending from the weight of it.

Margaret took some steps that only she understood and within another five minutes we were parked at the front of the flat. It was on the second floor and walking up those stairs was so damned difficult, all our legs felt like we had just climbed Mount Everest. As we turned into the last flight we saw an old man abusing us from the top of the stairs on the landing. He was wearing a flannelette checks shirt, light-coloured trousers and was glowing from anger, his arms flailing and head thrashing back and forth so much it was blurred. From behind him the terrified girl stood with her door half opened.

It was comical in a way, this old man like the Tasmanian devil from the cartoon, a miniature tornado. As we continued up the stairs he disappeared inside. The young girl was in tears, having had enough of all this strange activity and some invisible freak telling her to get out of his house.

To cut a very long story short, clearing an entity usually is determined by firstly trying to reason with them, explaining that they have passed on and need to go. Often relatives who have passed appear to take their relative over and that of course makes it easier. The passage is created by a circle and a light that takes the soul away. Even if they struggle, if you can get them into the light, they are taken. In this case, old George wasn’t going without a fight, and it wasn’t until his mother appeared in the circle and talked him into joining her that our work was completed.

The poor girl just couldn’t deal with the whole debacle and soon after left the fat. George too had gone to a much better place.

This is not work for the faint-hearted and I wouldn’t do it now if you paid me. I made a decision a long time ago to leave that world alone and work on my physical and spiritual life, which I have done and found happiness. I have great respect for people able to do this work, but for me it was an experience that helped my own understanding of life. I now use my knowledge quietly in my everyday affairs and I believe that’s the way it should be for me. For the doubters, most experience gives substance to our truth and I would simply say, having an opened mind about everything is a good start. We humans know little about the truth of our existence, I believe, and right now that’s not going to change. We’re not capable of knowing the whole truth until we are more open and have developed some level of spiritual growth. What will happen next is up to all of us.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks for your comment Marsha. Take care

    • profile image

      Marsha 6 years ago

      Tony, This is a very interesting, thought-provoking hub. I tend to share a lot of your beliefs...I definitely believe that the world of the Divine is beyond our scope, and try always to keep an open mind, especially in matters of the spirit. And I also believe that the Truth will be revealed to each of us, in the end, when we meet our Maker, in fact, I count on it. Thank you for writing and sharing this.