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The Patient Advocate Foundation Offers Free Help To Patients In Need! Consider Putting Them On Your Charity List!

Updated on February 13, 2011

PAF Has Helped Over 55,000 This Year!

The Patient Advocate Foundation sent me my annual Christmas card. They are one of the few organizations dear to my heart. Their mission statement tells it all. They are a non-profit agency that fights the barriers to health care and they help thousands of patients by giving them not only a voice, but direct assistance. The Patient Advocate Foundation offers assistance with copays, they negotiate medical bills and help those with chronic and disabling medical illnesses obtain free medications. The Patient Advocate Foundation offers their services for free. They have done an amazing job this year, helping 55,384 patients!

Their are many independent patient advocates across our nation. Most charge a fee for their services, and rightfully so. Everyone has to make a living, but as a profession, patient advocates always discount their services. They are dedicated to helping others and they are faced daily with patients who have been devastated by illness and financial ruin. Because of the horrors they see, they feel guilty when they charge even a nominal amount for their services. The last thing an advocate wants is to add more financial difficulty when helping clients. But the Patient Advocate Foundation helps many for free.

The PAF is NOT the patient advocate that you see when admitted to the hospital. Those advocates are employees of the hospital and paid by the hospital. As an independent patient advocate, I cringe everytime I think that the hospital-employed patient advocate may be the face of patient advocacy that most people see. That is not representative of the profession. It is representative of the hospital and in all cases, represents hospital interests.

The Patient Advocate Foundation membership consists of professional patient advocate case managers, volunteers and medical professionals. Last year they were successful in obtaining over $12 million dollars in debt relief to the people they helped. That does not even count the money they saved patients through their copay relief program or their program that offers access to free medications. PAF is busy year round communicating with state and federal legislators, advocating on behalf of patients and trying to break through the barriers to health care access.

Put PAF On Your Christmas List!

This year has been a mixed bag for me. I have been faced with an extended disability and consequently, my income has been limited. I am unable to send PAF a gift this year, but I am able to tell you about the work that they do and maybe you will do some research and if you have something left in your charity budget this year, you will send them something to help with their invaluable work. Go to their website at:

They do far more than what I have outlined for you. They cut through the red tape and explain what benefits your insurance policy offers, they have live chats available with professional case managers, they assist patients who have terminal illnesses that are faced with job discrimination. They help people to partner with possible life-saving clinical trials. The list goes on and on.

Next year, I look forward to making and following through with my annual charity budget. For this year, maybe you will see it in your hearts to fill the void I am creating. I know there are others out there this year that have given in the past and are unable to do so this year. This organization is worthwhile and above board. They actually help!

I am never comfortable promoting my own pet causes to other people. Charitable contributions are an extremely personal issue. More often, you will see me indicting organizations that seek support, pointing out their gimmickry and greed, their misappropriation of funds, their abuse of the elderly who live on limited incomes, etc. In this one case, I make a rare exception! And I make that exception without hesitation! PAF is a worthy organization and their work is so needed! 


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    htodd 6 years ago from United States

    Thanks Jillian for the nice post ..This is really nice post