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The Natural Treatment Centre for Hay Fever and Allergic Rhinitis

Updated on June 13, 2010

What is Hayfever/Allergic Rhinitis?

Hayfever and allergic rhinitis are immune system disorders where the body over reacts to harmless substances in the environment such as pollen, dust, mold, danders and food. Allergy producing substances are called allergens.

What are the main causes?

Allergens cause the activation of a certain a type of antibody known as IgE. This antibody triggers the release of chemicals from the cells in your nose, throat and eyes such as histamine resulting in an extreme inflammatory response and the associated symptoms. The main cause of allergies are as follows;

  • hereditary (runs in the family)
  • race
  • sex (boys have a higher risk of developing an allergy than girls).
  • age
  • alteration in exposure to infectious diseases during early childhood
  • environmental pollutants
  • allergen levels
  • dietary changes

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms can include:

  • runny nose
  • nasal congestion
  • sneezing
  • nasal itching
  • itchy ears and throat
  • post nasal drip (mucous runs down the back of the throat)
  • headaches
  • itchy and/or sore puffy eyes
  • earache
  • sore throat
  • sleep disturbances and snoring
  • loss of taste and smell
  • poor concentration

The Natural Treatment Centre for Hay Fever and Allergic Rhinitis is a non-profit making organisation that provides a wealth of useful information to hay fever and allergic rhinitis sufferers and health physicians alike.

The Natural Treatment Centre for Hay Fever and Allergic Rhinitis have carried out extensive research on hay fever and allergic rhinitis and the various natural treatments available and it's main aims are to;

  • further educate people about these medical conditions.
  • provide information regarding the main types of natural treatment available.
  • make people aware that their symptoms can be relieved, it's just a matter of finding the treatment that's right for them.

For further information please visit


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