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The Negative Calorie Diet - Part 2

Updated on May 9, 2014

Before we get into more of the nuts and bolts of how your bodies systems work and tie in with this program lets first take a look at some of the huge benefits it offers you.

Remember when it comes to weight loss and burning fat there is not a one size fits all plan. Yet this one is very easy to fit into most peoples busy lifestyles and tasty food choices.

The Negative Calorie Diet Benefits:

- See the fat disappear without the usual stresses of being on a diet and not having binge temptations.

- Be able to eat scrumptious foods you adore in the amounts you want

- Have improved heart health

- This will lower your unhealthy cholesterol levels

- Boost that ever important metabolism

- Burn off calories alot more effectively

- Feel fuller for longer

- Easy to maintain once you reach your ideal weight (No longer be part of the 95% who regain their weight within 5 years)

With the Negative Calorie Diet you now have an exciting opportunity to sample some new foods. It develops into new recipes, shopping lists and menus when you are eating out. The menu side of this plan is really key because research shows that we now eat out or away from our house 40% of the time. Just think about that for a second, because this is where the majority of people fail in their program, when they are eating out socially.

So please don't worry about that for now because once you find your routine with this plan you can have your slimmest body ever, and I 100% sincerely mean that. Ok, let's get your mindset right first of all. Forget about every other diet you have been on in the past, yesterday has gone and this is a brand new start.

To fully understand the negative calorie diet we'll take a look at how your body actually burns calories. The "metabolic rate" is the speed at which your individual body burns calories. Yes it is true there are some people who have a "fast metabolism" and burn up calories quickly. These are the ones who are most likely to stay on the slim side. Others with a "slow metabolism" are likely to gain weight faster and find it harder to lose it too.

Here's one of my favourite metabolism analogies. Your metabolism is just like the rate at which your car uses up its petrol (gas) supply. A slow moving car uses up petrol slowly then when it goes up a steep hill it uses alot more petrol faster. Your body happens to function in just the same way. We still burn calories when we are watching TV or even asleep. This is because it takes energy to maintain your body temperature and keep your organs functioning properly.

When we become energetic through physical activity we burn alot more calories. Important note : Your current metabolic rate can be changed. When you are starving yourself or cutting back too much on your calorie intake your bodies metabolism slows down. The car anology applies again here. Did you ever start to run out of petrol at some point? I'm sure you started to drive slower and even turn off the engine at the traffic lights on red.

This is what your bodies reaction is aswell when food is in short supply. It slows down your metabolic rate to hold on to the fat it has left, until the starvation period has finished.

The following equation is one you can use as a rule of thumb to make sure your metabolic rate never slows down:

Always ensure that your eating plan consists of a minimum of 10 calories per pound of your chosen bodyweight. For women this equates to daily consumption of 1400 calories if your chosen weight is 140 pounds (10 stones). For a man it would be approximately 1800 calories if your ideal weight is 180 pounds (12 stone 12 lbs) etc. By keeping to this formula your fat loss will be healthy and gradual yet you will not slow down your metabolic rate which is off high importance for consistent progress.

(The Negative Calorie Diet will be continued in Part 3)

The Negative Calorie Diet Video

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