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The Night Owl post

Updated on May 30, 2017
The Night owl for the night owl post
The Night owl for the night owl post

The Night Owl Post

Limitless hours without sleep is what a night owl is. It is also doing a limitless number of things during the night instead of during the day like people are supposed too.

It’s officially five thirty on a Thursday morning and I can’t sleep, I feel as though I have been limitlessly tossing and turning for hours my brain won’t shut off. Why is that? Maybe it is because I wrote so late last night rather than earlier in the day I don’t know. Although this seems to be a normal occurrence now, not that I get up and do anything about it, but still. I have never been much of a night owl unless it is to read, so why is it happening all of a sudden?

What is being a night owl, well that is easy to explain being a night owl is staying up for what feels like limitless hours of the night or until all hours of the night doing limitless things because your brain won’t shut off. That is what is happening to me, do I like it? No, I hate it in fact, because I do like my sleep at night, but for some reason, I haven’t been able to do that recently and I have decided hey if I am going to toss and turn all night long I might as well get up and write.

I know a number of people who are night owls, they stay up watching television all night or playing video games, how can they do it I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t know how I am doing this right now, but when Ideas strike they strike. Maybe it is a writer in me that can’t shut her brain off, but I need to figure it out. I think my best bet is to try to write earlier in the day so that by two o’clock in the afternoon I can relax and let my brain rest. I was doing that before, this week actually so I am trying to figure out what changed.

I am not the type of night owl who watches television at night or plays video games I am the type of night owl who will read at night or just toss and turn. This is the first time that I am writing this early in the morning because I can’t sleep. What time is it do you ask, well considering I was up until after one am and it is 5:46 so hey I did pretty good on the sleep front wouldn’t you say? If you can call tossing and turning sleeping.

I just kept thinking of things but nothing made sense, my mind just kept going. Usually when that happens to me which it doesn’t happen often I will get up and read a book, or listen to music, I tried the whole listening to music to get me back to sleep approach but this time it didn’t work in the slightest. So I am writing this post, my poor sister though I feel for her, she probably knows that I am up right now, because we are twins she can feel stuff like that. I am going to have to apologize later today.

When you can't sleep figure out what can help
When you can't sleep figure out what can help

Why are people night owls?

The question on my mind though is why am I a night owl all of a sudden? I have never been like this at all. The only logical answer that I can come up with, is that I have been writing later in the day. I usually write from the hours of nine am until two pm so that I can relax my brain for the rest of the afternoon and sleep at night. It worked before and now I just can’t seem to get going. I think it is because two weeks ago when I was coming up with ideas, I decided that writing in the afternoon was good. I guess that it wasn’t really good if I am up now.

Not that me being a night owl affects anyone but, me and my sister perhaps. It’s not like I am walking around my house making noise or anything, I am staying in my room in front of my computer writing. If I am not doing that when I can’t sleep I am listening to my iPod or reading a book, I would never think of turning on my television in my room when I can’t sleep because it would wake up everyone else in the house.

You would think though being a night owl you would be doing random things, for me, that is not the case. I am not one of those people who night eat, and yes I have heard of them, people who get up in the middle of the night go into the kitchen and eat food out of the fridge, or the nightly channel flippers, no I am not one of those either. I will either listen to music to get me to fall back to sleep or read a book. Listening to music and reading a book when I can’t sleep I call mindless things so that my brain will realize hey it’s late it is time for sleep. So why I am I up writing?

Why am I up writing is the question that is nagging, me. Although Ask any writer and they would say when an idea strikes why not write about no matter what time it is. Sure I would write the idea down, and figure it out in the morning but I couldn’t do that with this one. It just kept nagging at me and nagging at me, so I got up and started writing. To be honest I am wide awake right now, without coffee. Can you believe it I am wide awake without coffee, that is why previously I said I feel for my sister because she knows that I am awake right now and I know that she doesn’t need to be, hey I don’t even need to be awake right now but I am?

There are many different types of night owls who I have listed, which one am I well I am the working night owl. I like to say because my brain won’t shut off so Instead of fighting with it I decided that the best thing to do is work on my blog, which I am doing now. How can you be a working night owl, well when you work for yourself, or from home and can come up with your own ideas when an Idea strikes what do you do? You go with the idea that strikes and see where it leads.

If you are a night owl, though, I would advise not waking anyone else up in your house. You might have issues with that, later. So have things to do at night that don’t disturb anyone else. Although everyone knows that turning technology off is better for your brain at night, because it shuts it down, sometimes music and being on the computer is what puts you to sleep. So if you have tried everything under the sun to put you back to sleep when you can’t try something out of the ordinary, it might help. Although when ideas strike they strike it's best not to let them go to waste.With that said I am finished with my night owl post and I think that I am going to try and get some more sleep. Have you had the sense of being a night owl? I don't really like it all that much but sometimes I do.

The Night Owl Post

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Are Night owls Limitless

Some people are more night people than they are day people which mean they get more done at night then they do during the day. If you are night owl you stay up at night and get things done and you sleep during the day or sometimes you don't it just depends on who you are what job you have I guess. If you are a night owl do you feel that it is limitless?

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